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Devblog: Dungeons 2.0

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - May 27, 2022, 16:00:00
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In Update 1.76, we're improving all the dungeons in the game with a number of different changes. These changes will enable us to provide a more balanced and accessible gameplay experience, while also adding new challenges.

Dungeon Types

In the Osamosa and Shhhudoku Kingdom content expansions back in 2020, we decided to reduce the number of rooms in dungeons. Our goal was to provide a slightly faster experience than a traditional dungeon in order to give the level 201+ content a unique signature of its own. The traditional 4 rooms were therefore reduced to 3, and this change was fairly well received by the community.

In designing the dungeons for the Shustuft Crust, we tried to go even further with this "fast but tough" approach by reducing the dungeons to just two rooms. The most important thing was to have the first room use a mechanic a lot like the Boss's mechanic, in order to establish a higher level of difficulty than what you'd encounter outside of the dungeon.

In the player satisfaction survey for the Shustuft Crust update, we asked the community how many dungeons they'd like to see switch to this new format. Two of the options came out on top: "Several dungeons" finished first, and "All dungeons" in second place. So the overall trend was in favor of switching to the new format.

For this update, we decided to reduce about 40% of the dungeons in the game to 2 rooms, and another 40% to 3 rooms. We thought about each dungeon in terms of the monsters' specific mechanics and the dungeon's level (the higher its level, the more likely we were to change it to 2 rooms).

So at this point, the different dungeon types are as follows:

  • Unchanged dungeons
    • These are dungeons with 4 or more rooms that have a story, challenge or unique mechanic (like alternative paths).
    • A bonus of 40 Wisdom and Prospecting is applied when you play through these dungeons at your level.
  • Three-room dungeons
    • ​​​​​​​A bonus of 20 Wisdom and Prospecting is applied when you play through these dungeons at your level.
  • Two-room dungeons
    • ​​​​​​​These dungeons have a boss mechanic in the first room, making them harder than the 3-room dungeons.
  • Three-player dungeons
    • ​​​​​​​This type of dungeon can only be played with an adjusted level, and only has one room.
    • You need to have an incantation of the appropriate level in order to start the fight.
    • As with Ultimate Bosses, only one incantation is needed to start the dungeon for the whole group of players.
  • Ultimate Bosses
    • ​​​​​​​This type of dungeon can only be played with an adjusted level.
    • Each Ultimate Boss lair now requires a key. This key can be crafted from fragments dropped by Bosses in regular dungeons. Only one key is needed to start the fight against the Ultimate Boss.
    • As with Rushu and Ogrest, there is no longer any limit on the number of tries or amount of loot per week.
    • You can now fight Ultimate Bosses at Stasis 1, but you cannot obtain the boss's resource as loot at this level of difficulty.

A table summarizing the different dungeon types is available: click here.

Note: Certain Bosses, and Ultimate Bosses in particular, have had some changes to their mechanics, but we'll let you discover those in-game for yourself…

We hope that these changes will make WAKFU accessible to more players and groups. This update to the dungeon system allows us to vary the content available in the game. For example, some players prefer three-person dungeons because they are simple and dynamic, while others enjoy more immersive and extensive content.

In any case, this will make it less necessary to spend lots of time playing dungeons, which distinguishes this type of content from the Dimensional Rifts which are intended to be longer. The various PvE activities thus form a coherent whole in which each part has a newly strengthened identity to meet the needs of multiple player profiles.


We've been thinking for a while now about increasing the maximum for adjustable Stasis levels in the dungeons. However, since the curve is already divided into 50 brackets, the difficulty increases were not especially easy to understand.

Therefore, we decided to modify the Stasis difficulty curve to make it simpler. We think that the increase in simplicity makes up for losing the ability to micro-manage the difficulty.

  • New level 1 = Old level 1
  • New level 2 = Old level 11
  • New level 3 = Old level 21
  • New level 4 = Old level 31
  • etc., up to level 10 which is the highest level.

So epic, relic and legendary items can now be obtained starting at Level 3.

We're also making changes to the curve itself:

  • Mechanical archetypes are added starting at certain Stasis levels (5 and 8). These archetypes change the way you'll have to approach the fight.
  • Different difficulty and reward curves are applied, depending on the type of content.
    • A "normal" curve is used for most of the content, following the curve currently found in the 201+ dungeons.
    • A different curve specific to 2-room dungeons and 3-player dungeons offers faster progression.
    • A curve specific to the Ultimate Bosses incorporates a Stasis level 1 that doesn't compromise on the spirit of these fights, and uses values that fall between the other two curves.


The competition system adds a social aspect to the dungeons by pushing players to try and perform better than others. However, it has a few problems that we wanted to resolve.

The upcoming changes are as follows:

  • What chests you obtain will now depend on what Stasis level you reach, not on your ranking. Everyone can pick up a chest at the end of the month, regardless of their placement in the rankings.
  • The contents of the chests will change. Each dungeon has its own chest with resources or equipment from that dungeon, along with a few shared items. The amount will vary based on the Stasis level you've reached over the course of the season.
  • Epic and relic sublimations are removed from the chests. Recipes will now be the main way of obtaining these. It will still be possible to acquire Stasis fragments in chests, but they will be rare.
  • The top three teams have a rank (gold, silver, bronze) that will grant them a significant number of shards as a reward for their ranking.
  • Teams are still sorted by Stasis level, then number of turns, then "first team signed up" (i.e. the same way as before).

The value of epic and relic sublimations is too high, which was driving players to enter competition in an unfair way. Therefore, we've changed the way they are obtained to be a simple crafting recipe. Note: the main ingredient in an epic or relic sublimation is a "dungeon stone". These stones are very rare rewards which can only be obtained from bosses when playing at the same level as the dungeon (e.g. by adjusting your level). These dungeon stones will allow us to maintain the spirit of the previous system while encouraging level-adjusted play with a unique reward.

To promote interactions between all players, each dungeon type will offer a different stone.

  • Unchanged dungeon → Stone of Adventure
  • Three-room dungeon → Stone of Balance
  • Two-room dungeon → Stone of Speed
  • Three-player dungeon → Stone of Companionship
  • Ultimate Boss → Ultimate Stone

We're also taking this opportunity to revise and enhance certain epic and relic sublimations, while also adding new sublimations to increase the variety of available options.


Can we expect a reset of the Dungeon leaderboard?

  • All entries in all leaderboards, including the permanent one, will be deleted when the update is rolled out.

If the leaderboard entries are deleted, then what happens to the rewards from the month when the update comes out?

  • When we deploy this update, we will end the season currently in progress. We will not inject the rewards (still in the old format).
  • The leaderboard will be closed at the start of the month when the update is scheduled, and will then open normally when the update is actually rolled out.

What happens to my chests and Stasis purses?

  • All items, chests, purses etc. will stay the same. There are no changes, so you can open them whenever you want without losing anything.

Are there any changes on the way for the Ultimate Bosses' gameplay mechanics?

  • We will be making major changes to the oldest of the Ultimate Bosses. We can't say anything more about this for now, and they won't be testable in the beta… Start sharpening your blades for the update!

Are you planning any changes to the challenges?

  • For this update, we wanted to concentrate on the developments we've presented here.
  • Challenges are an interesting game mechanic that we hope to develop further at some point. But for the time being, we don't have any specific plans in mind.

How will we know which dungeon uses which format?

  • Because the dungeon formats are all very different, with each format also being associated with a specific stone, we decided it was important to make it clear which format each dungeon uses.
  • A small icon will be shown in the dungeon interface, on the world map, and in the entrance interface.

Are there any changes coming for Dimensional Rifts?

  • No changes are planned for the Rifts in this update.

Are you planning to improve the level adjustment mechanics?

  • We aren't planning any ergonomic improvements to the level adjustment system in this patch. Although we'd like to simplify the approach to level adjustment at some point in the long term, this is a major technical issue that will take time to address.
  • Nevertheless, we definitely want to give players more ways to compete in the dungeons. So when this update is released, the total initial number of equipment, spell and ability pages for all of your characters will be increased from 5 to 15.
  • It will still be possible to increase this number through the shop, up to a maximum of 25. We won't be compensating players for purchases made beforehand: the shop items will remain available to provide even greater convenience and flexibility. If you've already bought pages, they will automatically be added to your new initial total.
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Score : 6854

I like these changes very much, especially sublimations being craftable, and shorter dungeons, but i have a question.

If the 3 player dungeon only have 1 room, why do they have 1 room icon before the boss like the 2 room dungeons?

Also will there be any updates to the group finder since it's a dungeon rework?

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Score : 295

That all sounds like a breath of fresh air, thank you.

3 0
Score : 2290

You've outdone yourself now with this update. Very exciting changes overall. thank you and well done.

5 0
Score : 3950

Much needed update. I like it very much. 

2 0
Score : 865

I really like everything about this update. However, I assume that to obtain the chests at the end you will still need to adjust your level, correct?

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Score : 7
    [*]The contents of the chests will change. Each dungeon has its own chest with resources or equipment from that dungeon, along with a few shared items. The amount will vary based on the Stasis level you've reached over the course of the season.

    That's what it says, so I assume it just gives you equipment from that dungeon and maybe the lvl 1 equipment that you change for stasis fragments
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Score : 9522

What a banger of a devblog, You guys pulled it off.
Very impressed and looking forward to them hitting live game. 
Thank you!

1 0
Score : 212

Awesome update. Talking about dungeons, could you tone down Grand Orrok a little bit. That dungeon is insanely difficult in comparison to the other ones in it's lvl bracket.

2 0
Score : 432

I'm really looking forward to these changes, good job Ankama, game will definetely become more dynamic!

The only thing I'm not sure about is Kali becoming a 3 player dungeon, I make new teams real often and do all the main questline, which this dungeon is a part of, and, not gonna lie, it's probably one of my least favorite dungeons, and having to do it twice AND on adjusted level doesn't sound appealing to me,  but I guess it will be tweaked a bit?

1 0
Score : 6854

Well there will probably be less mobs in it since there will be half as many players, so I hope that means a bit less deaths from being shovd into lava on turn 1

2 0
Score : 62

I was thinking a lot yesterday about the devblog. And these are the things that worry me:

  • The current chest are my way of get shards. Knowing that i wont be at the first 18 places i hope we will get shards from stasis achieved too.
  • I really hope the sublimations dont become too easy to get/cheap. Not because i sold them but because i fear that without the sublimations on chest the people will lose all interest for classification.
  • Today i can rank in HL dungeons in good places with a not so high stasis. With this i wont be at 18 first places neither can rank at very high stasis, so i fear my rewards are going to lower so much.
  • There are a lot of people who rank at low levels (80 specially) and very few people at HL dungeons. I hope the loot of dungeon stones will take in account the level of the dungeon, otherwise we will see this situation bigger now.

I really love als gameplay, i came from Dofus just for the als update. I saw how the system evolved, very few people used to rank before the ogrest update (1.55 i think) where the epic/relic runes were introduced. I dont care too much about rewards but for incentives to play at that mode. ALS Is a way to give reusability to all pvm content (what Dofus really dont have), and second but more important it is a place where low level players can join with high level players very often and win good rewards for both. The social impact for the game have never been so much exploited. The mentorship was abandoned after Dy7 leaved, and this new update could make it harder because the race for very high stasis increase a lot and that could exclude low levels from the mode.
0 0
Score : 1555

when ultimate bosses got locked behind als - i stopped doing them, now extra lvl of annoyance - keys, is being added...awesome
i don't care about als or rankings or w/e, all i want is to jump in, get drops, weekly kamas and thats all<_

2 0
Score : 51

This is reallyyyy good, and I can't wait for it.

But please, try to update Incarnam and the whole tutorial. It is really old, it has some bugs, and it doesn't teach you more than "use spell to hit". The dungeon repeats the cinematics everytime someone enter the dungeon, even if the player only went to catch 1 of the incarnam set.
The tutorial, the begining of a game, is one of the most important parts of any online videogame. It is what keeps a new player interested in what's going on, and interested on playing more.
Also dear god thid Dungeon update is going to be fun for us, and hard to do for y'all

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Score : 6854

I think incarnam is fine for the "basic controlls" tutorial.
It should be the astrub main quest that should be updated in my oppinion, the whole thing doesn't really teach you much and don't get me started on the 1 timed puzzle in the whole game in the feca temple.

0 0
Score : 29

Actually a good update, takes away a lot of the negative things about this game's endgame, with the monopoly on epic/relic sublims effectively removed, especially since they make such a big impact to the game. The unlimited tries for ultimate bosses is also a great QoL, especially for newer players who can't possibly enjoy figuring out the mechanics at the pace of a couple attempts a month.

Honestly time-gated stuff in general should just be slowly removed/reworked, its a terrible system that doesn't work for keeping players around in the long-term as the game just starts feeling like a part time job. Anyways, good stuff, keep it up guys.

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Score : 6854

I have 2 questions:
1. Will it be 1 incantation for all the 3 player dungons, or 1 incanatation for each different dungeon, like in the emerald tower?
2. What will be the lore for the incantations? In the tower they protect you from Agony stealing your soul, so what role will they have in the other dungeons?

0 0
Score : 11206

Any update on the Sram and Foggernaut customizations?

1 -1
Score : 12582

in the beta discord there was an answer that there are difficulties, but work is still underway

1 -1
Score : 852

Can the dungeon "keys" not be "keys" made using handyman profession, but rather "food offerings" to enter the dungeon using chef products? Tiramisoups really need a purpose, and the whole chef branch is rather forgotten

0 -1
Score : 93

Out of curiosity, how will this affect the "completion" crowns, right now you get the golden "completed" crown at stasis 31 I believe, which is a little over halfway up the stasis progression - with this new stasis track of 1 to 10 where 6 = current stasis 50 will they be left at 4, or brought up to 5, 6, or something else?

0 0
Score : 6854

Oh so that's how it worked? I assumed it was just based on the ranking

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Score : 361

This update is looking pretty good.
Would be neat if the improvements to the Challenge system included a way to optionally lock yourself from breaking a challenge (like letting you gray out skills of an element you shouldn't use, or not letting you spend all your MP, etc), or a warning if you're about to break it. Sometimes remembering to obey the challenge rule is the harder challenge.

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