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Devblog: Account Entity and Cosmetics Inventory

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - February 16, 2022, 12:00:00
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Several months ago, we conducted a poll about features in the game to better understand your expectations. The majority said that game ergonomics were important to you. For that reason, we focused on several areas to improve the user-friendliness of the game interface.

Among these areas, we decided to adapt how cosmetics function in the game in 1.75.


Cosmetics are centralized in a specific interface and inventory, called the cosmetics inventory.
These cosmetic elements are stored on account level rather than on character level. Several characters on the same account can therefore all use the same cosmetic. We call this method of handling things "the account entity". For example, kamas are currently stored on account level and you have the same amount of kamas no matter which character you are playing.


  • Free up space in the main inventory.
  • Link cosmetics to accounts.
  • Share cosmetics on account level.
  • Make it easier to see and use cosmetics.
  • In time, share certain progress elements on account scale.

General Functionality

  • Cosmetics are distributed in the form of items.
  • Using one of these items lets you learn the cosmetic and puts it in the cosmetics inventory tab.
  • Learned cosmetics cannot be removed and are therefore permanently linked to the account.
  • A single cosmetic (a single purchase) can be used by all characters simultaneously.

General Cosmetics Interface

The cosmetics inventory is a tab available in your regular inventory. There, you will find all your cosmetics in several categories. In addition, a search bar lets you filter all your items in the various cosmetic categories.

A single click on one of your cosmetics will show you a preview, and a double-click will equip it on or remove it from your current character.


Your characters' cosmetics will automatically be grouped together in the cosmetics inventory during the update. For doubles (cosmetics that you have bought several copies of and that you have equipped on several characters on the same account), the transition will be as follows:
  • The double will be transformed into tokens, the number of which will be equivalent to the most recent value of the product.
  • There is a "costume" token and a "creature skin" token.
  • Two machines in Astrub let you trade tokens for the cosmetics associated with the tokens that are present in the shop when the update is rolled out.
    • "Costume" Machine
    • "Creature Skin" Machine
  • Costumes on dummies can still be recovered/equipped, as there is no transition to the new system for them.
  • Costumes, mount skins and pet skins that are not equipped maintain their current linking system.
  • Since mount skins and pet skins are linked items, you can also convert them into the equivalent tokens at the "creature machine".
  • Costumes obtained without the spending of either Ogrines or real money are not compensated. For example, Nowel gifts will not be compensated.
  • Cosmetics are account-bound and linked to the server: cosmetics unlocked on Rubilax are not made available on Pandora.
Important: Once the update is rolled out, your equipped costumes won't be able to be removed from the account, including costumes obtained during events.

Next Steps

We would like to give the account entity more importance in future updates, but this area of work has many consequences and very diverse knock-on effects. For this reason, we can't provide a definitive list of what will be on the account entity.

We can, however, share some of the elements that might be moved to account level in the medium or long term. This list is not definitive.
  • Titles
  • Auras (disassociated from relics and obtained based on achievements)
  • Emotes
  • Runs
  • Finishers
  • Professions
  • Progress in exploration (artifacts, transport)
However, we have already determined what will be impossible to transfer to the account entity:
  • Achievements
  • Quests
  • Experience
  • Resources, items and equipment

Even though the account entity is an important system, we will continue to work on many other improvements likely to have a big impact on how you play.
First Ankama intervention

Replying to Shenbatu


You will still be able to put costumes on dummies as long as you haven't learned them.

You will still be able to exchange costumes that haven't been learned yet, so it will still be okay to acquire most cosmetic items through trades (the conversion token also exists for that purpose).

See message in context
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Much appreciation for this massive changes on the wakfu team. Very well done. Looking forward to this going live and all the possible future steps as well in that direction.

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I just got 1 question: when you say "Cosmetics", does it also includes Mimisymbics? Would it be possible to unlock the cosmetic version of an item when you put a Mimi on them? If not, please consider reworking Mimisymbics or make them work with this new feature, they'd provide such a big benefit to the customization process of the characters considering the big variety of items that the game has to offer. For me, it would truly be the cherry on top of the cake.

Interesting changes, I love it when you guys take your time to add those little big details that make the game a better place, this is looking amazing happy

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Score : 9771

These are some big changes to the game, good move, appreciate this direction and looking forward to where it leads to.

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Score : 6105

This is definitely a big quality of life change. Especially professions and artifacts.

Wil there be a way to sort the titles tho? Once you reach lategame, they can get quite overwhelming, making it hard to find the one you are looking for.

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Score : 2456

This is amazing news!!!

2 -1
Score : 9715

Looks like a major quality of life improvement, and not just for what's presented, but for could be possible in the future too.

A negative i'm seeing is that every costume in the game becoming untradeable once worn once.
But this may be a positive change due to the nature of the saturated market.

However that's my only major grievance, everything else seems to be an improvement.
the mimi community will be happy with the aura usage im sure.

Professions and Progress in exploration is also a HUGE thing if possible, and would be the most impactful if implemented.


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This only make all your costumes linked, you won't be able to trade them between accounts, not recover them to item, this will prevent trades of fashion items.

Very player unfriendly update, just take care to limit people freedom between sharing cosmetics, now if you change account, you will have to buy new costumes... And people does it daily, changing swaping accounts, - GG Ankama. Probably they decide to get rid of last existing players.

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Score : 4189

This will definitely make a lot of long-term players quit. Cosmetics are a very valuable trade because they serve as status symbols. 

Clockmaker Costume was worth 800 MILLION KAMAS. Nox Costume was worth 400 MILLION KAMAS.

Congratulations, you just ruined the game for a significant amount of people. 

If you wanted more money from sales, just create more cosmetics... People like me who collect cosmetics were loyal customers who bought every single promo they could buy. In my case, I tried to buy every flash sale I could get my hands on, even during periods where I was less active.

I've spent thousands of dollars in your Ankama Shop and Wakfu Boutique. I've been a loyal customer. Please give us clarification...

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Score : 1088
Regarding the duplicate costumes, will it be possible to exchange them for tokens, which will be possible to exchange for other cosmetic items in the croupier, yes?

1 - Are these cosmetic items new or existing cosmetics/costumes? if it's cosmetics/pre-existing costumes, will it be items that have already been in the store for ogrines or will it be event/mission costumes?

2 - Will the learned auras be new auras or will it be possible to collect auras from relic items after gathering 100 fragments? Will consumable auras (shushu/pvp) be permanent?

3 - in relation to mimibiotics, will it be possible to store the appearance of any item for mimibiotics in the same way or will the current mechanics be maintained?

4 - will the dungeon tokens also be shared across the entire account or will it still remain individual per character? 
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Hi, sorry I couldn't answer you before.

1 - Are these cosmetic items new or existing cosmetics/costumes? if it's cosmetics/pre-existing costumes, will it be items that have already been in the store for ogrines or will it be event/mission costumes?

The costumes you're mentioning will only be items that are in the shop AT THE TIME of the update, at their current cost.

2 - Will the learned auras be new auras or will it be possible to collect auras from relic items after gathering 100 fragments? Will consumable auras (shushu/pvp) be permanent?

At this point we're not 100% sure about the aura system, but basically, we want to create new "aura items" that are obtained through the relic achievement (alongside the exclusive title).
These aura items should be distributed retroactively if you completed the related achievements.

3 - in relation to mimibiotics, will it be possible to store the appearance of any item for mimibiotics in the same way or will the current mechanics be maintained?

It's a pretty heavy topic : for now we can't discuss anything about mimisymbics as we are not sure of its possible evolution. We do have something cool in mind, but not for the near future.

4 - will the dungeon tokens also be shared across the entire account or will it still remain individual per character? 

We don't know yet but we will make sur that no one can miss out any token. It could be stored on ONE character that you choose through the rewards window for example.

Score : 1590

while i appreciate the effort to make customization more convenient, costumes becoming linked once worn doesnt seem all that appealing. my alts on the same account usually wouldnt be wearing the same cosmetic, and now i am able to just pass a costume between characters/accs if need be. if linked, it just becomes a deadweight once i'm tired of seeing it on one particular chara, and i'd have to get duplicates (that would eventually become deadweights too) for every other account.

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Just a consideration.

If I understood correctly, doubles will be turned into Tokens which we will be able to use in a special machine to obtain other cosmetics, which will cost a specific amount of tokens (like the items from the Dungeon Machines)

If that's the case, please, consider making the tokens from doubles an account-linked tradeable item and put them in the inventory rather than the Tokens Interface. Right now it is impossible to make use of leftover tokens, it might be possible that we might end up having unusable tokens in some characters if the amount isn't enough to be traded on a Machine.

Does this means that we would need to concentrate all of our cosmetics in 1 character before the update to make sure they don't spread accross the others? 

4 -1

Suggestion noted.

I don't think you need to concentrate all of your cosmetics on 1 character. The conversion only occurs if there's a double. You can always remove any double you currently have to put it back in your inventory, in case you want to trade it (that is, until the update).

Score : 537

great change, what will happen about costumes like the new julith costume that can be changed between full and just hoodie whenever, when they arent linked ? are we gonna unlock both of them ?

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Score : 4189

It seems they didn't think of this? Can we have clarification please?

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Score : 4189

So in the future we can't put costumes on dummies? I demand clarification on this, please.

This is a poorly thought out system. If you're going to do this, at least make it possible to obtain ALL costumes that were ever released into the game. Now you can't buy costumes from other players.

5 -3


You will still be able to put costumes on dummies as long as you haven't learned them.

You will still be able to exchange costumes that haven't been learned yet, so it will still be okay to acquire most cosmetic items through trades (the conversion token also exists for that purpose).

Score : 6105

What will happen if you have 2 unequipped linked costumes?
Will 1 turn into tokens, will it be tradeable or will you just be unable to use or trade the second one?

3 -2
Score : 944

hello all...
it is definitely a strong change in the game and surely those who wanted very expensive things of the game per year will have the way to acquire it now. however, this leaves me more doubts about the intention of ankama to take veterans out of the game who have been helping to pay the game to run ,since all this benefits are focus for  new player and the old player who maybe collected for years and who had a reputation, this will be destroyed.

+ we need a clarification from the game about the list of untouchable items, since if they talk that all the costumes will be in this update, it is assumed that if the NOX costume , the CLOCKMAKER costume , will also be possible to acquire aswell, all the costumes of events including the BUFFALLO, PEVEPEE (the two of them ), the wakfunding costumes , mounts , decorations ,emotes ... etc.

This brings a world of questions  .... please make a list of what will remain the same for the sake of all players we deserve some respect.

Thank you Ankama for the hard work we all know is just to make game better but brings concerns to the playerbase that will be affected.

best regards ,


Note : to be precise , cosmetics involve : decoration, costumes , mimisymbics (old gears that was not erased), emotes , auras ..... so for example :
what will happen to those only 2 players in game that own the troma hat ?
such unique items will just be commonly gather via "learning"?
or for the square companion deco, or for the ultima emote ?
or for the clockmaker costume ? 

....i know you wont reply because thats the ankama mood for very long and is very sad easy to do .

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Sometimes, the manner in which dev posts are written prompts me to pick apart the words in an effort to better understand what is being said. I hope that there are some who may find my attempt to summarize this update helpful to them in some way.

For a MMO that offers a pleasantly surprising number of free cosmetics in-game, this is certainly a roundabout way of approaching the concept of MMO ergonomics.

Ergonomics: (noun)
- the study of people's efficiency in their working environment
- a science that deals with designing and arranging things so that people can use them easily and safely

The plan for this update can be conceived as follows.

First, an account-wide space to store and display a player's physical cosmetic items is created. To match the immediate example presented in the devblog above, the physical cosmetic items of concern here are: (1) character costumes, (2) familiar/pet skins, and (3) mount skins.
Second, the account's "linked" character costumes, familiar/pet skins, and mount skins are locked to the account.
Third, any duplicates of each cosmetic item are filtered from the cosmetic item inventory. These duplicates are automatically converted into a new type of token at an unknown value/conversion rate. This is one source of concern players have mentioned on both the French and English forums.
Fourth, and finally, players are offered a single means through which they can remove a "linked" cosmetic item from the account-wide inventory: by exchanging the physical cosmetic item for tokens at the Costume Machine (for character costumes) or the Creature Skin Machine (for familiar/pet skins and mount skins). Once "linked" to the account, a cosmetic item can never physically exist in a tradeable form in the player's general inventory again UNLESS another of the same item is obtained using the new tokens from the two related machines in Astrub, OR another of the same item is purchased anew from the game shop. This step assumes that the cosmetic items themselves are obtainable from the Astrub machines and the machines are not simply token conversion kiosks. The overwhelming remainder of players' concern lies here.

Did I get all that right?

The ultimate outcome is the unified, account-wide cosmetic item inventory with only one instance of each item present in the inventory. Certainly, the goal here is an efficient cosmetic system, and that is what we shall have, but we are missing key steps that ought to be implemented before this system is introduced. Quest progression, achievements, and mechanic experience rewards are not currently unified across all the characters of an account. Every achievement and quest that includes a costume or mount as a reward means players will inevitably be left with duplicate upon duplicate of free, quest-related character costumes and mounts. We can also assume that these costumes will have little value when exchanged for tokens because anyone can access them. The uncertainty surrounding the stated, inherent, in-game economic market, and/or factual value of each cosmetic item is a valid concern.

I understand that a large part of Ankama's business model is foundationally built upon generating hype by only sharing tantalizing bits of information with the consumer before an item or concept is fully introduced. Based on this model, it would not make sense to share with us a list of previously issued cosmetic items that are intended to make a return to the shop. I am not here to decry this model, but my opinion is that a greater part of players' visceral reactionary response to this update may be assuaged if the cosmetic item conversion value is clearly defined and made public before the update is implemented. Moreover, if players are given the power to decide what happens to their cosmetic items piece by piece, veterans and newcomers alike can benefit from being able to make informed decisions as items arrive or are reintroduced in the game shop.

With all this in mind and only the information of this devblog post to work with, Wakfu team, I beg of you:

Please explicitly confirm what cosmetic items will be affected by this update. For example, will this update link cosmetic items that have been created using a mimisymbic, or cosmetic items that are attributed to emblems?

Please define and share with us the determined values of each grade of cosmetic item in plain numbers, including the presence and exchange rate of items and tokens via the new Astrub machines.

And most important of all, please unlink all cosmetic items that will be affected by this update and deposit the physical item into the character(s) inventories when this update is released. I cannot emphasize this enough, because if you are able to do this, it will allow all players, regardless of play time, to interact with the new cosmetic inventory on an individual basis.

Please do not assume that every player frequents this website to educate themselves about changes or that every player fully understands that a "linked" character costume, familiar/pet skin, mount skin, etc CANNOT be casually removed from the account-wide cosmetic inventory after this update. The current textual language in-game implies that character costumes, at the very least, are not able to be removed from the character's individual cosmetic inventory, but this is simply not true... however, it WILL be true and irreversible after this update.

[What players see when equipping any given costume.]

Even if all you are willing/able to do is unlink character cosmetic items, or by Rushu's beard, if you issue repeated in-game notifications warning players to manually unlink their cosmetic items themselves before this update goes live, you grow that much closer to communicating that you value the intrinsic meaning we attribute to the cosmetic items we cherish; the items you have painstakingly begun to sort and reintroduce to the game shop. I cannot emphasize enough how grateful we are that you are investing in the enrichment aspects of Wakfu, that you are bringing back limited costumes and pets, and that you are tweaking the UI to compete with the other MMOs of our time. As someone who clambered aboard the Wakfu steamship long after much of these items first saw the light of day, rest assured that I want to give you my gotdamb money to reinforce these labors of love. Please empower us to wholeheartedly welcome these much-needed improvements by letting us decide what to do with our cosmetic items at our own pace. 
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This changes will be applied to the Beta server before the real game server, right?
What about old costumes that is not more for sale on shop and/or was bought from another player?
If someone bought a costume from shop then sell it on market, someone buy it and equip in two characters in the same account it will be converted to tokens or just the ones purchased by the account will count?

2 0
Score : 4189

This is something that I was wondering as well. For example, the groom, bride, and mummy nova costumes were once sold in the shop, but now you can't buy them anymore. 

How would the system determine how many tokens such costumes are worth?

4 0
Score : 2299

You guys were so close at making one of the best update that'll make people genuinely excited and happy for once. Just remove the restriction to make all costumes linked. Make sure they will still be able to be unlinked and trade able after being learned. Other than that, all of the other changes are massive improvement and very nice. 

8 0
Score : 4189

Yes. Anytime items, especially cosmetics, are retroactively linked, bad things happen. People tend to get upset, which means less players and less profit.

Remove the permanently linked status when you learn costumes, and it would be a good update. 

8 0
Score : 35

A toast to the Ankama team from multiverse 172 who also did a great job and released update 1.75 but with only the small difference that the costumes are not permanently linked and allowed new players to buy that costume they like so much but that they still don't have because at the time it was available in the store they still didn't know about the game.

4 -1
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