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Devblog: Class Customization and Technical Improvements

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - February 04, 2022, 16:00:00
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Some of the graphic designers on the WAKFU team are working on visual and technical upgrades for the game to further improve the quality and user-friendliness of the experience when customizing your favorite classes.

The Sram and Foggernaut classes have fewer customization options, so we have decided to focus on these classes.

In this devblog, you can find out more about how we are going about this.

Before anything else, as previously stated, we are sharing our thoughts with you, and so the visuals shown are not final and may still change.

Also, these visuals are not designed to completely replace the existing ones in the game. We are offering alternative bodies for these two classes. At the moment, we're not planning to work on any others than those discussed here. However, technical adjustments may be made to certain haircuts.

The Sram Class

The new Sram body visuals, with a new body made of bone, allows for a new clothing style.

We wanted to redesign the character's head to have a real skull or bone mask. Alternative customizations will be available.

The basic male Sram skin consists of just a suit and bones over the top, which considerably limits customization options. With the alternative skin, you can have a visible body (skeletal) and therefore more options. The female Sram will obviously get it as well.

We can't add a face to the male because it's always hidden in the Krosmoz.

Right now, it's impossible for us to predict the alternative possibilities for new Sram heads or how many we'll be able to offer you. However, we still wanted to share some suggestions with you.

The Foggernaut Class

As for the Foggernaut class, we want to add a new "more human" body to the game. No more "stick figure" skin (although it will still be available) and no more frustration at the inability to create a Foggernaut that we really like.

We know that certain costumes and cosmetics didn't create a satisfying result, so we really wanted to offer an alternative for this class, with a machine-like appearance, to improve the experience for everyone.

To help you plan your color customization, here are the colorable zones for each class:

Headgear Improvements

Currently in WAKFU, hats are placed in front of the character's skull; not at the front and back. This is why you may have noticed some visual glitches with certain equipment.

We're currently exploring a new "container" that will correct their visual appearance. This will allow us to offer more "open" hats and to redesign old equipment to fit the new system.

Top: the old system. Bottom: the system under development.

We don't yet know if these changes will be available for WAKFU update 1.75, but we wanted to show you what we're working on.

Feel free to send us your comments and let us know what you think!

First Ankama intervention

Replying to Talov

Yes it will smile

See message in context
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Amazing!! I really like the ideas and hope this keeps going on!
Allowing the character to look closer to what we imagine of it improves a lot the game experience

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I'm speechless. Absolutely amazing!

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Absolutely amazing! [2]

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Les goooooo!!

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Awesome!!! I can't wait to create a human Foggernaut, it will be so EPIC seeing them transform using Ironclad wub.

Same for Srams, I've always wanted to create a female sram with a more spooky appearence. 

Keep going guys! 

P.S: would it be possible to add an option to hide the helmets while you are at it? It would be amazing!

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So are these foggernauts canonically the ones that remained human and live under the sea, or are these just some kind of disguise for the mechanical foggers?

And does this mean srams are actually skeletons wearing a pajama? Or are they just really skinny?

PS: Will this include also gampelay changes, or just new sprites?

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The human ones are basically Steamers who still pray at oktapodas (u can even read steamer on the screenshot)

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HEEEEEEECK YEA SKELE SRAMS!!! I love this! Can't wait to see these more about it in the future.

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It's great! Foggernauts can finally be an actual human beings! Cool!

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i don't wanna be a smart jerk BUUUUUUT
Humans Foggernauts are called Steamers.

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As a Xelor player, i'm a little jealous because we need it as much as Sram and Fogger, our personalization options are very limited. 

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Yes! I'd love if Xelor masks were able to be expressive by being able to blink and/or show eye expressions. Or even give us the option to not use a mask at all.

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Question, will the old appearance still be accessible?

I quite like my current fogger and skin-colored sram.

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Yes it will smile

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These new improvements look pretty good so far! Even though i feel like its a few years too late.

Edit: Though you say you have no current plans to work on similar features for other classes, i'd say they would be extremely welcomed if you were to actually do it!  As for the headgear improvements, i hope that you get to also fix headgears that tend to remove character features like Ouginak dog ears without any reason to do so. (The Barbarian costume being an example.)

I suggest you work on these features extra carefully, Ankama! We don't want another 1.63 update fiasco!

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Will players with Srams and Foggers get a free customization potion?

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I suspect the typical forced-reset and "waiting for customization" that we have seen so much lately. But I would like to keep the current look of my female Sram, I don't like skinny girls. tongue

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I personally don't like these any more than the current designs, but it's not like adding them in would have negative consequences. I much rather prefer the robot Foggernaut.

The idea of giving Srams bone arms/legs is super cool, but they don't really seem to match with the character's body under their clothing, and their head

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The boob bones

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These new designs look fantastic! I'm particularly taken with the Srams, but the new Foggernaut designs are very snazzy too! I would absolutely not be against this sort of redesign being extended to other classes smile

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Actually it will be cooler if the male sram has in customization some "human face", like the female sram, cuz u know some badass human male assassin it will be cool.

" We can't add a face to the male because it's always hidden in the Krosmoz. "

hum and what about this? the male sram face has to be just a feature on the Dofus unity project?
come on Ankama!!! eliocalypse have the potential to be a "change of rules in the Krosmoz" don't waste it just for content in other games.

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Honestly, that'd be great, many sram players would appreciate the extra customization.

Maybe we could get something in between?Like, the male srams on the first pic but with flesh limbs instead of bones and keeping the mask.(?) Similar to Chad who we know is totally "human".

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It's always an awesome thing to see the Wakfu team working on seemingly small but meaningful improvements to the player experience. These are really clever ways to allow players to diversely personalize their Fogger or Sram character; I think the addition of an organic presentation option for Foggers alone opens up a multitude of unique and delightful creative variations. How exciting!

I do have to admit, it smacks a bit of downright silliness to be told my masculine Sram can never show his face in the World of Twelve because of some unwritten rule. And when compared to the historic presentation of any given Sram throughout the canon (see: any of the fine posts above)...

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Alls I can say is: oof.

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Very cool smile

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is very nice that there are more options and the older ones remains  great work !

It is possible for the team make somehow the classes have different shapes ?or sizes?

best regards .


NOTE: maybe for sram work best a hood similar to father whupper costume hood shape ...

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