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Devblog: Improving Demonic Pacts

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - August 05, 2021, 15:15:00

For Update 1.73, we've decided to make multiple significant changes to the Demonic Pact system to give characters more protection against anti-gaming (blocking a target in combat for as long as possible). We're also taking the opportunity to expand on this feature by making it easier to hide in the scenery.

You may recall that Update 1.72.4 applied the following two changes:

  • After losing a PvP fight with an active pact, the losing team's characters' pacts are automatically disabled.
    This change protects losers of successive attacks by letting them decide when they want to activate a pact again.
  • Characters with an active pact can no longer be attacked by characters who are more than 50 levels below them.
    This change limits the impact of low-level characters who attack other characters with no hope of winning but who want to waste their targets' time.

Shushu Prison

To protect characters from anti-gaming, attackers who lose their pact PvP fight will be sent to a prison in the Shustuft Crust!

There will be different ways for them to get out:

  • Collect ore there and place it in a container (this action will take you about 3 to 5 minutes)
  • Defeat a Shushu guardian (whose level will match the attacker's)

After getting out of the prison, the character is sent back to their Phoenix.

The goal is to allow "regular" characters to very easily and quickly get out of prison (it should be a minimal constraint), while penalizing "mule" type characters sometimes used to repeatedly attack targets. We're introducing a delay mechanic to deal with this behavior.

An overview of the Shushu Prison (under construction)

Increasing the duration of extraction phases

We want to make extraction a little more dangerous and give hunters enough time to get there when an extraction is going to start.

We are therefore updating these delays:

  • Casting a convocation: 10 → 20 seconds; exposes anyone starting a convocation for longer
  • Convocation: 2 → 4 minutes; gives hunters more time to prevent an extraction
  • Truce: 10 → 30 minutes; limits the number of altars that are active at the same time
  • Manual extraction 10 → 20 seconds; exposes anyone attempting to extract for longer

Reducing the period of immunity after activating a pact

To keep this immunity from being used to get near extraction points too effectively, the duration of immunity granted after activating a pact is now 10 seconds (down from 30).

Allowing recall potions

Recall potions may now be used with an active pact.

We believe they currently serve the same purpose as logging in again, and there's no reason to continue banning them.

Visibility of pact inventory management

The icon displayed above characters with an active pact will have a different appearance if their pact inventory is empty or contains something.

This change will reduce the amount of frustrating PvP fights for the attacker (who can't earn any rewards) and for the person who is attacked (who wouldn't have been attacked if the attacker had known there was nothing to earn).

Protection against "infinite" combat

Some players exploit a form of anti-gaming that consists of making a pact battle last for as long as possible to force the opponent to forfeit or waste tons of time.

To prevent this behavior, characters will earn bonuses to MP and damage inflicted each turn in pact battles.

This change should gradually stop players with bad intentions from evading clashes and defeats.
These bonuses may be updated depending on player feedback; we'll pay close attention to ensure that they don't disrupt the flow of pact battles.

Improved management of allies

To enhance allies' capacity to join pact battles, when a character tries to join a team that is limited to the group, the team leader will get a notification informing them of this, and if the leader allows it, the character requesting to join will immediately enter the battle.

Help interface for learning about the feature

Pact statues located in cities will allow you to access a book explaining how the pact system works and the various steps to start an extraction.

Hiding in the scenery

To enable characters to hide in the scenery, we've applied the following two changes:

  • The pact icon displayed above characters is now displayed at the same depth as the character. Thus, when a character is hiding behind a scenery element, their pact icon will also be hidden.
  • The names of characters with an active pact will no longer be displayed when players use the feature to display the names of all characters present (activated by the V key by default).

We're hoping these two changes will allow players to hide in order to lay an ambush as well as to escape attacks more easily.

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Score : 5468
So while most of these changes sound good they miss the most important problem imo. Right now pacts work like that:

A bunch of lvl215, fully geared PvP players camp extraction points. The end.

It is completely uninteresting for anyone below that level to engage in this mechanic because they are going to get their loot stripped from them anyway. 

If that is the idea behind Pacts to only be useful to high end players I apologize for my post but I was under the impression a bigger part of the playerbase is supposed to engage with them. 
27 -2
Score : 5752
Oh, I do like the hiding mechanic, it will make using pact for hide and seek the new meta.

Is there any chance to make the V effect togglable? because it's annoying that you have to hold the button down
3 -2
Score : 98
It will not, camping will be a thing more than ever with that stuff, who will be chasing ppl behind stuff when you can wait hide next to the fucking extract point? 215 will just wait until someone who play hide and seek appears in extracting point... 
0 0
Score : 62
I agree with Shaleigh that these changes sound good on paper there still needs to be some limits on the attackers. If you really wanted the open world pvp back you shoulda still enforced it like you did with the old merit system where you get nothing for attacking someone 25 or more levels above or below you.
6 0
Score : 56
Exactly what the others said. Being killed as a lvl 44 by a lvl 200+ is not fun at all and the attacker gains what? 100k xp and gobbal legs? please consider a level range format. Thanks
9 -2
Score : 43
you should really consider the level range format mentioned by players above but with whole level of the party in mind. It would benefit both sides - as it would limit camping, power ganking -  that hunted players are the most angry about and also reduce number of time trolling players that grief hunters' game experience. The endgame players will hunt other endgamers and lower lvls will hunt one another. All of them have now fair chances of winning and adjusted game experience (is it really interesting for a lvl 215 player to gank lvl 100 and kill them in one turn?) and system still works as a nice pvp addition with high risk high reward side of it. Cheers!
5 -1
Score : 1898
I find it extremely hilarious that you quote low level character's "wasting" people's time, hence you are putting 50lvl range limit... maybe do something about 215lvl diddlydoos who camp and curb at extraction points ;p
8 -1
Score : 2718
this demonic pact thing is definitely the main entertainment for 215 only, i tried demonic pact as a lv 159 character, and everything is fine until you want to make an extraction, 10/10 tries failed

so my suggestion is, if you aren't lv 215, and your gear isn't good, forget about even doing demonic pact
3 -1
Score : 19982
Again, I haven't even tried the Pacts yet, but more comments considering that the chance of being hunted at the altars is 100%.

First, this is Wild PvP as much as hunting rats with a crossbow from your house window, rather than going into the wild for hunting them. What I would suggest for promoting REAL wild PvP is making the whole cities safe areas. That would promote the "get out there in the wild and search for preys to hunt" rather than the "park your butt in front of the altar and wait for them to come". The further they are from altars, the more rewarding it should be.

Second, the casual player needs more incentive to become the fox just for the joy of the hounds than a "get a small +50% bonus, lose it all yes or yes". Even the Cautious pact is not appealing enough with "earn +25%, lose a 25%". The pacts need to be improved somehow. And no idea, some kind of pact tokens and machine to get exclusive stuff for taking part?

Third, dealing with consecutive attacks. Once you get locked in a fight, it basically means that you can't advance past that point. Some kind of post-combat short-time immunity to prevent new attacks should be added. Nothing too long nor exploitable, just a few seconds of protection.
0 0
Score : -65
Yeah, add immunity so people can bring their friends to attack them to exploit this immunity, and recall.
0 -1
Score : -65
Theres not much variety of low level people, I Highly disagree with "low level protection" thing that would turn into "no risk high reward" for newbies with oppurtunist pact.
They might not have some zones unlocked as well.
0 -3
Score : -65
They wouldn't attack each other 
0 -3
Score : 679
Everyone begging for a way where low level players don't loss there xp and loot for high level attacks, meanwhile they don't understand its so hard to pull out/nearly impossible to straight up prevent higher level people from attacking low level ones without legit breaking the pacts as a whole.
0 -2
Score : 583
The high risk, high reward thing should go both ways! 
The way it is right now, the attacking side has nothing to lose!
I suggest to make the attacker lose 10% of their current Kamas if they lose the battle they started.
If that's not enough, maybe downgrade them one level after losing a battle.
So they have to farm a little before they try their next attempt.
Another way to add some risk to attackers is to make them lose one piece of gear they are wearing if they lose the battle.

There are many ways to add some risk to the attacking side with no loot or exp that are just trying to get everything without any risk.
2 -2
Score : 785
There is no risk at all for losing as the attacker. Shushu prison is too easy to break. They should lose something too for losing the battle (~~like losing 5 days of booster in example~~)
0 0
Score : 16
hey, so i started playing wakfu again and i like the idea of the demonic pact, its a really nice feature to enable pvp! however, as alot of other people suggested, the fact that mostly lvl 200+ player camp the altars is kinda ridicoulus, so there is almost no way for me (lvl 96 currently) to actually use this feature. if you would put like a +/- 10 lvl difference that would actually make sense to me. There is simply no way for me to kill someone that is even just 20 (or even more) levels higher than me
1 0
Score : 162
There are just too many 215's camping altars for it to be considered a fun and viable option for anyone to use. 
2 0
Score : 16
The Recommended level for Astrub is 6-35 so why are there level 100s camper camping the altar?
1 0
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