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Devblog: Dimensional Rifts

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - May 06, 2021, 14:00:00
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Mishna|2021-05-08 23:35:48
I mean you can also just do 2 and 2. Remember you have to survive for 40 turns to get any rewards, so 6 characters times 40 turns would take a lot longer than 4 characters times 40 turns.

Exactly. Not to mention by having a roster of 6 classes to choose from to make a 4 class team means more variety in team composition. You can swap in and swap out classes based on what you find works best or enjoy most. 
Doesn't seem like that big an issue imo. In the end you're not playing this for xp (I assume) so focus on having faster gameplay.
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Here's a post to answer / explain why the team decided to change the difficulty settings on rifts:
Click here

Thank you very much for your understanding and have a good day !

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Siu, our favourite dev, when putting the bosses for the ultimate rifts, have you, perhaps, by a wild chance, just throwing a bone here... FORGOT BADGEROXX BOSS MECHANIC? Its... kind of impossible when that bugger falls upon you because of his acid rain abd the fact the arena lacks the option to position you correctly around him.

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I'll add a cooldown state specific on rifts : Badgeroxx won't be able to cast Acid Rain on its first turn after appearing.

I expected a lot of other things like that : Puddly's boss doesn't summon its apple barrel and can instakill players, etc.

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will it reward the profession pets of the past as well?

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Yes, they are droppable from the rifts.
Already got a few of them on beta through that.

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