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Devblog: Demonic Pacts

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - May 05, 2021, 14:00:00
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I've a suggestion I'd like to make — right now I think there's far more incentive for people who have already strong PvP builds (compared to those who don't). Which is alright, but I think as a result pacts only appeal to the demographic of certain players at max level who already PvP in the battlegrounds. For those who aren't at that peak yet, the safest choice would be to not participate in the pact at all.

Right now there's this element of risk of having this gained loot and XP in the pact inventory, but losing it from being killed in PvP. So, I was thinking what if instead of losing items that you've already dropped, the system would be shifted around like so:

When you lose in a PvP involving pacts, you would lose the bonus effect of added loot and XP for some certain amount of time. That way, I think it would encourage those who would be too hesitant to participate because of losing drops to be more willing to participate since there is less of a material drawback (and only a potential one). 
As for the winner, they could gain this bonus added loot/XP%? So in essence they're still earning some reward. Maybe even add an effect of harvesting quantity or something? I'm not sure. 

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"Cautious Pact" gives you +25% loot and xp where the only thing you are risking is the bonus xp and loot. You still get 100% of your normal xp and loot with this pact on, so the only real risk is your ego if you die.

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Since the exp is transferred automatically after the extraction phase ends while the loot doesn't, does it mean that if someone challenge you while you are transferring items in the real inventory from the pact inventory(but you have already extracted the extra loot) and you loose the fight you loose all the items you haven't transferred?

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Its about time.

Now they have to remove the ability to use pay2win heroes in the fights.

No sidekick use either angry

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How do I check my demonic pact inventory? Is it just hidden?

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There is a new icon on the top part of the Inventory screen, right next to the hammer which opens the Demonic Pact Invetory.

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^ Oh thank you smile

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Just me or does the 25% pact not work at all? Many many fights but nothing in pact inventory

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