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Devblog: Demonic Pacts

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - May 05, 2021, 14:00:00
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In Update 1.72, we're introducing a new "wild PvP" system called Demonic Pacts. For players who decide to participate, it will allow them to do battle just about everywhere in the world of Wakfu. The more risks you take, the more rewards you'll be able to win.

Risks vs. Rewards

Participating in the Demonic Pacts system will provide you with substantial XP and loot bonuses, but in exchange, you'll be taking the risk that part of the experience and loot you collect will be stolen from you.

Each nation city will have a demonic altar where you can activate or deactivate one of the two available pacts whenever you like:

Demonic Pact Bonus Risk
No pact None No risk – this is the current game mode!
Cautious +25% XP and loot 25% of the XP and loot you acquire is placed in a pact inventory whose contents can be stolen.
Opportunist +50% XP and loot 100% of the XP and loot you acquire is placed in a pact inventory whose contents can be stolen.

The loot bonuses also apply to the quantities of resources you harvest.

The cautious pact is for players who want to limit their risk. They can only lose what they've gained through the pact bonus.

The opportunist pact is for those who are willing to lose a lot in order to gain more.


The demonic altar allowing you to choose a pact.

Pact Inventory

Depending on the pact you choose, all or part of your winnings will be placed in your pact inventory (see table above).

To recover and secure its contents, you'll have to go through an extraction phase that involves multiple steps:

1) Go to one of the 6 extraction altars located around the world.
2) Start a gathering phase that lasts for a few minutes, in order to activate the altar. Players with an active pact will then be notified that a gathering is starting at that altar.
3) Once the gathering is complete, you will be able to start the extraction, which will only take a few seconds.

You can then transfer the contents of your pact inventory to your regular inventory.

The experience collected in your pact inventory will automatically be assigned to your character once you have finished your extraction.

This extraction phase ensures that there is a minimum level of risk for players who benefit from pact bonuses.

It provides a way to create additional opportunities for confrontations, ambushes, and chases by bringing players together from time to time.

Key characteristics of the pact inventory:
  • Everything contained in it can be stolen after a PvP fight with one or multiple characters with an active pact.
  • Heroes do not have a pact inventory; they use the one belonging to the main character.
  • Its maximum capacity is fairly large, to allow you to play for a number of hours before having to perform an extraction.
  • Once it is full, any new items that would have been added to it will be lost.
  • Its contents are preserved between game sessions or logouts.

The extraction altars needed to secure your loot. Their appearance changes during the summoning phase.

Predators, Prey, or Both?

You can approach this system in several different ways:

  • Hunt down other adventurers (who are participating in this game mode) to steal their rewards by focusing on PvP fights.
  • Avoid the "hunters" to try to benefit from the bonuses provided by pacts without engaging in PvP fights.
  • Use both of the above options at once!

This game system doesn't rely solely on direct confrontation between players. We want to leave plenty of room for players who want to take advantage of the bonuses while doing everything in their power to avoid or run away from battles with other characters.

Characters with an active pact will have a distinctive sign appearing over their heads (visible only to those who themselves have an active pact).

Heroes can be used in these PvP fights.

In PvP fights between characters with an active pact, the victors will share all of the contents of their opponents' pact inventories.

But these winnings will not be secure yet, because they will be transferred into the victors' pact inventories.

The winners will therefore have to perform an extraction in order to permanently recover their winnings. They'll be at risk of losing the contents of their pact inventories in turn.

The beta version of this new game mode will be available on the beta server. We encourage you to test it and share your feedback with us!

First Ankama intervention

Hello everyone,

Here is our feedback to your questions:

If you disable the pact, the contents of the pact inventory disappear too?
A: No, if you disable the pact, the contents of the pact inventory will stay until you sign another pact.

What do you mean by 25%/100% of the loot you acquire? 
A: Here is the breakdown

If you sign the Cautious pact:
- Now you'll earn 125% of the usual loot and experience.
- 25% of it will be assigned to the pact inventory.

If you sign the Opportunist pact:
- Now you'll earn 150% of the usual loot and experience.
- All of it will be assigned to the pact inventory.

Will there be no-PvP (safe-haven) zones similar to Ecaflipus and Temple of Scriptures?
A: Yes, and we'll adapt them if we think that we need to.

While a pact is activated, will there be a cooldown to interact with doors/haven bags/teleport items? 
A: Yes, for example, when you want to teleport to Ecaflipus, you'll have a 5-second cooldown before being teleported. We'll watch carefully if we need to adapt it during the beta.

Will there be some sort of immunity time to avoid camping players?
A: None, but we'll adapt it if it's needed.

Will there be an indicator showing if your prey has party members?
A: None, but we'll adapt it if it's needed.

Heroes are allowed, how about Sidekicks?
A: Sidekicks are allowed as well!

Will there be an IP restriction similar to Battlefields?
A: None.

See message in context
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Does the risk level affect how much loot you steal when you kill someone, or does it only mean you loose more if you get killed? Because otherwise a PvP hunter has no reason to take Opportunist

Also if you disable the pact, does everything in your PvP bag just dissappear?
Will there be no-pvp zones?
Can people with a pact use havenbags?

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Score : 9383

interesting system! great!

7 -8
Score : 11087

This looks very interesting! Many players missed the Open-world PvP, I'm glad it came back as an optional system which you can turn on and off. It will be exciting to watch some battles at the cities! wub

My biggest concerns about the system, thought, are about Safe Spots, Camping and Heroes.

Safe-Spots: If the Demon Statue pic is true and there will be statues located at the Nations then it means that NPC Houses will become very interesting safespots to use because they are located everywhere on the map and, if i'm not mistaken, when the space is too small the combat bubble can't be generated, they seem like the perfect spot to hide or teleport. Will there be a cooldown to interact with doors/haven-bags and teleport items? Will Ecaflipus and Scriptures Temple remain neutral? (both of them have quick teleport items)

Camping: On the other hand, I'm worried that all the tactic behind this new system (ambushing, chasing, etc) goes to waste if you can just camp the statues and wait for others to try to retrieve the contents of the PvP chest, will there be some sort of Inmunity during the phases?

Heroes: Heroes also seem like a must-have when using the system, I think that it could be an interesting idea if there was some sort of indicator above the player's head indicating how many players are in the team, it would suck to ambush a player (expecting a 1vs1) and then see that other 2-5 players have joined the battle (heroes). This indicator could also serve as a Bluff tool to intimidate and dissuade others from attacking you if your Heroes are low level for example, but most importantly I think it would make the system more transparent.

Can't wait to test it! 

2 -6
Score : 3636

Well even if there are safe zones, you steel need to go to an extraction statue to secure your loot, which will be in a PvP zone

As for heroes, why would you 1v1 if you can 6v1?

3 -8
Score : 4840

My only concern is Heroes and drops

Is it possible you guys can limit additional allies in certain areas with fighters? I think it'd be more interesting that way.
Not all classes produce the same amount of effectiveness in 6v6's which is practically what will either always happen  OR  What about players that prefer Solo play? How about single player accounts resulting in 3 heroes? Majority of level ranges have 4-6 zones. I think it might be worth looking at.

Also what's 25% of an Epic drop? What will be the sequence of drops at that rate?

Opportunist  drop rate being 100% is a little steep. But I'm sure people will use it anyways.

It will allow them to do battle just about everywhere in the world of Wakfu (Except Instanced Zones like dungeons I assume)

Edit: Also Enviromentals, I'm living on the assumption it won't affect them.

2 -1
Score : 3636

Aren't all classes balanced around 6v6?

3 -9
Score : -725

The rich will more richs and the poor will be poors. nice system. smile. topplayer will have more 50% loots. ks from another weakers and be more riches. So ppls poor and weaks like us will have 2 choices: ignore it or find a quite strong guide to be carry

13 -3
Score : 3636

Or cash in loot at 3 am when everyone is asleep

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Score : 435

Looks interesting, but very curious to see how they balance this.

Upsides I can see:

A lot of people love the idea of Open World PvP, and I hope the devs are willing to work on making it balanced even after launching it *cough* battlefields *cough*

Being optional is great and makes it so those with PvP experience have a way to get a leg up if they so choose.

It introduces another way for players to improve drop/xp gains that isn't tied to high stasis/difficult mechanics.

The high risk high reward aspect is a fun thing to have in games where you can't objectively lose progression in.

Downsides I can see:

My main concern is that nobody will ever get to extract anything and just be stuck in a loop of endless PvP, which defeats the purpose of bonuses. Possibly introduce some sort of grace period if you are attacked and win the fight?

If camping the extraction zones has no drawbacks then I can't see a reason for players to ever bother hunting throughout the world, and instead just wait for people to begin extracting things.

Then there is the obvious elephant in the room of: Will anyone who isn't 200+ be able to take advantage of the pacts? I will say this is one of the few things battlefields gets right as you can participate at lower levels easily. If this is an update aimed at endgame players then I suppose this is a somewhat moot point but curious to see which direction they go.

It's obviously very early and we are waiting on the beta so some of these questions may already have answers to them not mentioned in the post.

I am open to discussion on these points and others (heros, pact inventory) and I'm excited to see what direction the devs go with this.

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Score : 551

Can we get an option to remove heroes after being attacked? If I'm being attacked and I had heroes equipped they will automatically join while I might want to fight solo.

Is the pact account-shared? If not couldn't I simply enable the pact on my main character and go around using a hero? If yes, has it any cost or cooldown to activate/deactivate? Maybe I would like to have it active only on my main character and not also on my other low level chars when I play them.

Also what about level differences? What prevents me as a lvl 80 to being constantly attacked by lvl 215? If there is nothing then isn't this system going against ALS and will be used only by lvl 215 players?

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Score : 8458

The pact is account shared
- Heroes do not have a pact inventory; they use the one belonging to the main character.
So you can switch any char it will be active as the same across the account.

- There won't be any level restriction on this, It's Savage/Wild PvP concept in it's format. (From interactions with the team and players on beta discord server)

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Score : 3636
2 -5
Score : 1157

Please Ankama, please...absolutely NO HEROES!

3 -6
Score : 4840

I straight would not use this system, if I couldn't use heroes.

For what it's worth, that's my opinion on it.

3 -3
Score : 2150

Oh yes, a lot of camping, ganking and salt incoming.
What are the reward loots exactly besides exp? For as long as there's nothing OP or highly demanded in-game like sublims involved, I'd rather happily stick to my regular grindy pve life.

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Score : 3636

Part or all the loot and XP someone dropped while in PvP mode if you kill someone

If you don't fight anyone, just more loot and XP

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Score : 471

From my perspective this sounds like another half baked project that most players are not going to use.
Given the benefit of the doubt .. there is lot of information missing, so guess we have to wait and see....

Why not rework broken "useless" things first ... like a decent dungeon group finder.

9 0
Score : 9406

Or rework abandoned zones. Speaking of demonic things, I would rather have the SHushu realm given the Shhhdoku treatment and reworked with a better map layout, more dungeons and content and a more rewarding use to the Flaxhid and Tormentor dungeons.

3 -2
Score : 1084

will you allow like 6 v 1 scenarios? like if some one has 5 heros vs someone that only has 1 character, or if someones in a party of 6 vs someone thats solo. because i dont think that would be fair.

Cool idea though. Man all the top tier pvp classes... just going to see a bunch of srams, iops, ougis. If you're a support class dont even bother playing this mode. this modes made for srams and iops

2 -1
Score : 9406

I can imagine all the enis and sadis waiting for everyone to be asleep to silently gather their rewards undirturbed xD Thats definitely what I'm gonna do...

0 -2
Score : 53

No Heroes, keep this strictly real Player v Player battles. Treat it as a real active Battlefield mode (without the gear bonuses).

3 -4
Score : 57

pls no. I see it coming how lvl 200-215 with gear comes and gang lvl 185 or lower player. there is no way that they can protect themselfe. The only option is to deactivate that mode and life with it to never use it again.

7 -1
Score : 251

This is by every means a PERFECT system.

Unfortunately Heroes were added, and any old Wakfu player will find that discomforting due to how original Open World PVP was setup. I initially was taken back by the addition of this feature, but after consideration I do understand WHY it's necessary to include in an almost non-consensual format. Yes you flagged up, but most will be encouraged to flag up for the rewards and attempt to avoid the fights. Having heroes by your side rather than not adds a specific defensive value, a blanket of safety, that being solo will never provide. Understandably there is no level bracketing system similar to its 'caged' counterpart Battlefields. This is a system, from my POV, designed purely for endgame players, and the risk increases at lower levels. Although a form of consent was added it still denies players even fights unlike Battlefields level bracketing. Having heroes will add a semblance of balance to each fight. This also creates direct cohesiveness with Wakfu's current player base status as I know more 6 boxers than I do mono accounts.

I believe this will strengthen bonds between guild members, nation allies, and the likes. Returning of Open World PVP in any format will greatly benefit the game, and I for one am glad to see a varietal end game component that isn't about dungeon spamming. Benefitting both PVM and PVP I think Ankama did a fine job. Save a couple refinements to be had/tested in the Beta such as camping.

Have a strong guild, network of friends, and allies to make extracting an easier process. To make grinding a safer process. To make the game have more player connectivity and than division. I for one am tired of Wakfu being a solo players MMO.

4 -12
Score : 466

Love this in theory, but I think the culture of multiboxing and the inclusion of heroes will kill this system. Nobody is going to want to fight 6v1's. Not to mention the people who pvp the most will multibox 6 well made pvp toons who are all at 215. The top percent of pvp loving multiboxers will dominate and destroy any player or group wanting to try the system out. Prevent the use of heroes to at least level the playing field. I understand it's supposed to be wild pvp but at what point do we go from wild to dead? There is going to be a level of unfair fights of course, but the point is to play the gamemode yes? Supporting heroes in this system prevents people from really playing, just getting slaughtered by the top percent of players. 

*edit* Just to note: Of course players can team up and use their guildmates to try and level the playing field, but multiboxers with the best gear and 6 toons will always have the advantage. Not to mention they can be more active than an organized group can be. I love the post above talking about organization and community, im all about that kind of talk, but a gamemode that encourages heroes/multiboxing kills the 'ecology' of players. To make a wild pvp system work, you need more than just the same top elite. You need a healthy mix of all kinds from lower level players to groups or teams of guldies. The way the system is being proposed would kill off this mix. All that would be needed to encourage community and cooperation is the prevention of heroes. Multiboxing pvp pros would still have an advantage, but a less dominating one. Groups and guilds could flourish without being beat down by one guy with their 6 toons. Fights would be unfair, but not so unfair as to kill the game mode. 

9 -4
Score : 153

Anyone who remembers Pre-Heroes Wakfu knows 6v1's will happen regardless of heroes. It's a senseless complaint. There are also ways around the entire system that the devs could pursue.

Any system that can be abused will be abused.

6 0
Score : 3529

My suggestion: no heroes, and only 1v1. Transform both players into a random demonic shushu monster, with the same stats, and the same spells. Random cointoss to decide who goes first, or better yet the defender always goes first, the aggressor second. Winner is determined by skill and strategy. It's called a "demonic pact" so lean into the demonic theme a bit more and make the actual battle demonic: a fight between two player controlled shushu's.

I see no point in participating in demonic pacts as they are currently described. What Ankama fails to understand about PvP is that it isn't fun unless players actually start out the battle on equal ground. That is fundamentally impossible with level differences, gear differences, etc. I'm at 199 and decently geared for my level but I've had a 215 player join my unlocked PvE fights to troll me and they literally killed me in one turn, 100 to 0 in one turn, then suicided to lose the PvE battle. Their damage and resists are so much higher than anything I can reach at my level. After seeing that I know that there is no point in trying to PvP in this game.

15 -3
Score : 9406

Exactly! Wakfu is a complete failure for PVP because how the classes are more balanced towards PVE, where the dungeon bsoses went through a severe power creep and classes were equaly "creeped up" so players can have fun against what Wakfu does best: DUNGEONS! Thats why battlefields were a better PVP solution since they include more things to do rather than mindless skull-bashing with repetitive metas.
I though this demonic pact would be something more rewarding for PVE, not a nexcuse for more PVP bullying!

In all honestly, Demonic Pact should work as a out-of-dungeon Stasis system, like when you activate it, for 1 hour or so you have reduced stats outside of dungeons that somewhat equals the buffs monsters get inside dungeons when you raise the stasis above 11. This way the fights are more challenging, the rewards are better and you don't have to worry about players overpowering you out of nowhere!

And game design-wise, this is EASY AS HELL! You activate this hypothetic Demonic pact, you get hit with a (throwing random numbers here) "-100 resist, -20% damage" malus and "200 prospecting, 200 wisdom" buff whenever you're outside dungeons! (might be tricky to code this status to toggle on/off on specific maps)

3 -5
Score : 2325

please why demon just call it shushu pacts

2 -1
Score : 9406

because shushus are demons.

0 -4