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Devblog: Updates to Shop Content

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - November 17, 2020, 15:00:00
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I can't see the  "Transfer character to an account" in the services tab, did they removed it?

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Hi fafayfufam,

The service is currently inactive due to a technical issue. Kindly give our team ample time to check it. Thank you!


Hello everyone,

Following your feedback, we have made some changes to the shop. As a result, some parts of the devblog have been modified accordingly. Here's a summary of the changes:

AddED objects

  • Tables: 800 OG
  • Cupboards: 800 OG
  • Tame Animals: 800 OG
  • Wardrobes: 800 OG
  • Bookshelves: 320 OG
  • Paintings:
    • Completed the collection of paintings
    • Added additional paintings for grouping

ITEM modifications

We have updated the prices of the decorations. As soon as there are 7 elements composing a pack, the price is 800 OG. When there are less than 7 elements, the price is adjusted.
  • The Chinese Bedroom is now Spring Has Sprung Bedroom”(changed from 800 OG to 320 OG)
  • Added 2 items to the Castucs Bedroom (changed from 800 OG to 400 OG)
  • Blackspore Bedroom (changed from 800 OG to 400 OG)
  • Added 1 item to the Shushu Bedroom (changed from 800 OG to 400 OG)

The Account Nickname Change service was announced at 1,000 OG. The service being common with other Ankama games, is now at 2,000 OG.

Thanks and good game !
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Diddlydoo? Is this for real? I’m scared... this is too good to be true.

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