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Devblog: The New Mineral Tower

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - August 17, 2020, 16:00:00

In Update 1.69, we're making some significant modifications to the Mineral Tower. This new devblog covers all the changes you'll want to know about!

The goal of these changes is to make the Mineral Tower clearer and more accessible, while maintaining the specific mechanics that make it an original and unique part of the game's content.

Simplified, Unlimited access

It's important to us to keep improving your in-game experience, and this update will continue our efforts at improving the free-to-play options in WAKFU. Therefore, the Feca incantation system will be seeing some significant changes.

It is no longer possible to buy tickets in the Shop. From now on, players will use simple keys crafted in-game that they can consume in order to enter the corresponding floor.

The incantations you already have can be converted to new incantations.

So as long as you have incantations, you'll have unlimited access to the floors each day.

The Mineral Tower still follows its own special rules: losing a fight doesn't trigger any penalty, and you can go right back to the fight without having to respawn!

Now that's one fresh mineral fish!

Steles and Rewards

The Mineral Tower contains many powerful and prestigious items. Some of them can be obtained through a score mechanic and certain levels of Stasis.

This system has now been harmonized with the rest of the game:

  • All items can now be obtained at all levels of Stasis, except for relic and epic items, which require a Stasis level of at least 21.
  • Weekly missions and the score system have been eliminated.
  • Steles, of which there are 4 on each floor, can be activated in exchange for a specific cost in powder in order to add increased difficulty.
  • Four new items can be obtained for each stele.
  • Note: if you lose the fight, the steles are deactivated.

We made the decision to remove weekly missions because we felt that this feature imposed a bit of a time structure on the game.

We think it's important for players to be able to take on this content whenever and however they want to.

Besides that, it was also a complex system. The steles are a simpler system: it's easier to see the effects and consequences of activating them.

201-215 Floor

The Mineral Tower hasn't revealed all of its secrets yet… not by a long shot. Who knows what's still hiding down under the water?

We've added an additional floor for levels 201-215. This floor keeps the special features of the Mineral Tower while offering new mechanics for the monsters and new rewards to match the floor's level.

This new content will soon be available on the Beta server!

A Dofus relic has somehow wound up among this equipment…

Visual Updates

We've changed the monsters' appearances to visually distinguish the ones found on each floor of the Tower.

From top to bottom: the Veriun Dead on the 36-50 floor, the 186-200 floor, and the 201-215 floor.

(Any resemblance to actual persons, living or undead, is purely coincidental…)

The Veriun Dead are getting more and more threatening

Summary of the Main Changes

  • Added an additional floor for levels 201-215
  • Removed the daily access restriction of one attempt per day
  • Removed monetized tickets from the Shop
  • Incantations can now be crafted with a handyman recipe (one boss resource + a cost in powder)
  • Score system has been replaced by the Stele system
  • Changing the Stasis level no longer affects the available rewards, except for epic and relic items

We hope you enjoy these changes! Feel free to share your feedback and comments. Other than that, see you soon on the Beta server :)

The Mineral Tower is a great place to spend the night if you're afraid of the dark legend


First Ankama intervention

Replying to Bluhen

See message in context
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Score : 681

This is pretty awesome.  One reason I always avoided Mineral Tower was that the once a day limit plus weekly score requirement made it feel like a chore.  Looking forward to these changes.

I don't like the idea of steles deactivating on failure (the time spent wiping is kind of punishment enough), but it really depends on how expensive they are to activate.

Hopefully this coming patch somehow introduces a more reasonable shard income, too.  

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Score : 625

Are there gonna be new sublimations? such as good willpower ones(since we will have stheles)

2 -1
Score : 337

As a consistent tower runner, I can't say I didn't expect this from you, it's just.. typical to your style. It's boring.

Removing the score system will make it free to anyone to access and thus bears no challenge to it. There's no need to make a perfect team comp to do all challenges and get best drops anymore.

Adding these steles again. It's getting so boring to do the same thing in every dungeon. Literally every endgame dungeon, except 215 ones (for now) has stele to it. And it's just boring. The stasis drop system was imperfect, yes, but you don't have to just replace it with a common drop system. It's boring.

Mineral tower was something unique, inbetween an ultimate boss and a normal dungeon, with unique requierments to get items, with unique stasis drop pools mechanic. And you strip it all away. Making it just as boring as any other dungeon.

And you never told us what will happen to tower tokens. Will they remain useless? Or you gonna change them as well?

This update is not going to be bad, or crucial. It's just.. boring. I have no other way to describe it.
It's not fun having every single dungeon in game bear the one and the same drop mechanics.

edit:Those people who intensively downvote  this are people who didn't spend time thinking of what I said.
Boring  BadUnique   good
I never said the update is bad, it gives good things to people, and I know it. But these good things are repetitive and bear nothing unique to them, what makes it boring.
Tower as now has a lot of downsides, but that doesn't mean that they have to be replaced with ordinarity and commonness. The creativity of this update is down to minimum and that is what I'm trying to say.

5 -9
Score : 1693

Well, fair points, I also feel like it's a shame the particularities of running in the tower are being washed away for the common steles. Having different drops on s1-s20 and s21+ was unique, and is something I really enjoyed.
However, you cannot deny that the "once a day" limit + weekly missions were a pain. I personnally run the tower quite often myself, and whenever I couldn't play on monday + tuesday, I didn't bother going into the dungeon the rest of the week. Because the wednesday I'd need to throw a run to get to 5k points, and then there is only 4 drop days, instead of the usual 6. Also, the fact you are limited with one run a day limited greatly the possibility of running high stasis (s50 on my part). For example, I got quite unlucky last month, and didn't get fire/air or air/air with fortress once in the whole month (I did miss two weeks of playing). That meant I didn't get my usual top 1, and the one who did had a horrible score, which is a tad frustrating to me. I could beat him easily, but I wasn't able to, and not because of myself. Plus, it would mean I am allowed to not be free at least 40 minutes when I'm entering in the case I get air/air fortress and need to run s50 ; I can just run s50 whenever I want.
I still agree with your point on tower tokens though. Will the available drops in it change ?

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Score : 790

As someone who did mineral tower consistently for a month, I'm glad the score system is changing. Planning out a week of tower runs to get a level 4 score was way more stress than it needed to be. It was frustrating making a small mistake and starting over bc it ruins your run for those last 250 points.

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Score : 337


Biiditchoun|2020-08-17 16:58:31
However, you cannot deny that the "once a day" limit + weekly missions were a pain. 

Well, I never said anything about ticket system. It was truly not the best having once-per-day access to a dungeon. My main concern is how drop mechanics turned into a disheartening way, making it the same for the entire rest of the game.
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Score : 1693

Well on that I don't know if it's better or not.
Its current state definitely has its charm and is unique, but the weekly tasks were not particularly fun to work around, as in a practical way.
So yeah, mixed feelinsg about that here.

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Score : 10836

Is that black helmet a Breath of the Wild reference? fear

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Score : 5448

Update/improvement for shushu reef coming when?

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Score : 843

Never been there but it looks like it simplifies things alot!

0 -1
Score : 8556

" From now on, players will use simple keys crafted in-game that they can consume in order to enter the corresponding floor." oh no, not again! xD
 By the way, any prediction on next class revamp?

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Score : 209

"A Dofus relic has somehow wound up among this equipment…"

a new 215 Dofus or the old one?

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Score : 635

Wow! This is so unlike Ankama to update an expansion feature. I look forward to the changes and the new Ankama!

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Score : 5914

Wait, does it mean the relic frags and epic only available in drop loot table at s21 only? This is bad :/

1 0
Score : -2740

i could like M tower if it is equal for each classes in game but i should tell that it is NOT fair.
Ankama should find better mechanics and this mechanic's buffs should be tolerated or Any hero should debuff OP bosses back by other mechanic.
You can run away from bosses 1 or 2 rounds but why do boss damage multiply to kill you at once without any sense??

1 0
Score : -142
1. Allow Sidekicks to be used in Mineral Tower, even if the Sidekicks don't get any Loot. That way, Solo players who plays during non-peak hours can at least give the dungeon a go.

2. Revamp the Mineral Tower Mechanics all together. In it's current form, it heavily favor some class with High Kiting Mechanics. Just look at the Leaderboard. Pandas everywhere.
2 -1
Score : 8556

The Agony is too difficult without good positioners like Panda, Elio, Xelors, heck, even Sram can do a good job with traps!... since she reflects PAINFULY any damage if she is not in the right place, if your class's push deals even a little bit of damage (like Osamodas), you take a painful hit just to get Agony on her rightful place. If they just remove the reflect to a immunity or a base damage of 40 dmg per hit, would at least be a valid bullet to bite if you need that extra push in/out of the irradiated zone.

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Score : 5914
  • Four new items can be obtained for each stele.

Does this applied to the Lv.50 Imperfect tier too? 
0 0
Score : -2740
Look at that mechanic to find a sense in MT, invulnerability to boss before any crystals,3 minions to steal ap,mp, randomizely appearning barriers after destroyed crystals,regenerable crystals each 3 rounds which absorbs over 4-6 ap to be destroyed and gains over 800 hp each regen,side buffs ,stasis buffs ,3 round cooldown to get a buff which cost 6 ap from 8ap more and more.
Most of time ,you have to spend half of your ap to destroy ccrystal when you are in red buff. meh.
0 -2
Score : 5914

While the entry not longer limit once per day, the mechanism in this dungeon still stay very challenging despite compare to other 3 dungeon in Imperfect Lv.50 range. 

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Score : 7993

Just make the game completely free to play and people will spend money on cosmetics.

0 0
Score : -142

it's already completely free to play

1 0
Score : 249

It's great that you guys are removing alot of pay wall biggrin

Ever thought of a battlepass system connected to dailies? 

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