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Devblog: Level 215 in WAKFU

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - June 01, 2020, 17:30:00
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this would work great .. just just dont release lv 215 gear and it will be amazing

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being positive i hope they someday make god dungs  from anime season 3 and oropo that progression id say nothing is lost and maybe a lvl cap to 250 if the season 4 comes with awesome stuffs like season 3 

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And no more money for Anakama, GG

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Score : 4975

You will really lose a good amount of your income with this update. A good portion of your income comes from level 200 players who buy god boosters every month/buy conversion stones and subscribe every month. 

And this update is also definitely going to drive away a good portion of these level 200 players out of the game.

And then there will be less players in the game, again.

And then there will be no one to play with, AGAIN. 

And then it will be time to leave the game... again.

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Score : 3790

Or maybe it will give people at lvl 200 somethin to do besides reroll gear and keep them busy untill they design a good PvP system

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Hello Siu and the development team! Do not you think that it is better to end the passive system of classes (and revamp xelor, feca, osa ect), because it will bring more benefits and depth to the game than increasing the level? Fogger is now the only class on the new passive system. This is not good, because the players may feel that you are not finishing the case and are switching to something else...
but! new family of mobs, dungeons, content is always good
200 meant something special for the players. the 6th passive slot was opening for us ... will there be something special for those who reach level 215?
I have neutral feelings about increasing levels...

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Well 5 years ago, lvl 100 meant somethin special, but then the cap increased and we got new content.
But yeah, I hope next patch there's also some passive reworks if feca isn't done yet

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Too many levels, this is crazy, even with the speed on the xp gain, is absurd, no other mmo has this many levels, and I don't mean champion levels, I mean actual levels

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Cool, now my lvl 200 set that I was working on is worthless. 200mk wasted.

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Well, this is a bit of a major kick to the nuts for "optimal" level 200 equipment with sublimation scrolls in them (shards are recyclable up to certain point, but what we tought that would be permanent sublimations there, are doomed when the replacement time comes. And sockets... time will say...), but the other stuff sounds mostly good. I can't say I have all chars maxed and perfectly equipped, I was waiting for the enchantment revamp to get better odds before attemping to get anything, but it will be a bit painful to redo it all once again.

Comparing the current level 195 required EXP, going from 5 billion to 2 billion is quite a considerable amount. Either way the final required EXP will be the same, so now we'll be seeing the slow leveling problem at around level 210 instead. This might remove that bottlenecking feeling when you reach level 185, but the EXP will still be slow to get at the end (we are not getting nerfed quests EXP, right?).

The transition could be better (maybe rising the current level based on the new total EXP). Basing it in percentage of current level EXP rather than total EXP seems like a quick fix. EDIT * But if this can prevent worse things like bugs due to level alterations, so be it. Sorry, but I changed my mind, adjusting the percentage to the current level bar would simply send 4 billion EXP of grinding time to hell for those level 200 characters (once per character) and in lower degree to the lower level characters. The fair thing would be "converting" their pre-update EXP to post-update EXP, just like was done with professions when the revamp took place.

The extra pages, it's a good thing nonetheless. Can't say anything against those.

The new content, possibly the best part. If it adapts well for every possible build type, and is added well along with all previous content (recipes, tokens, sockets level...) without screwing anything there, it might be worth a shot. This might be what matters the most in the update to judge if it's worth it to re-create the equipment lists and going for all the grinding and stuff it once again, or not. I'll have to wait and see what's the new stuff being cooked before being able to say anything else here. Any quick peeking at the new mobs and their new equipment?

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Ankama,, you need to bring back easier leveling to the game. You nerfed Flax/Torm, which was the only thing that allowed casual players to realistically obtain max level in the game.

It takes months, even years, to gear characters in this game. In order to reach level 10 when putting shards into equipment slots (assuming 4 slots) you will spend 13mk per item (10 items). That's 130mk just to put shards into equipment. That's 130,000 shards if you tried to get your own from recycling equipment.

It costs an exorbitant amount of money to create gear with 4 slots. Four slots are necessary in end-game if you want to ensure that your character has enough resists in order to not die too quickly. It can take 4+ item sacrifices in order to obtain that. There are stories of people sacrificing 12 items just to get the four slots on an item. Then you have to roll the colors you need for a sublimation. That can cost another 2-3 items easily. Then you have to roll the correct order for that sublimation, which will cost another 2-3 items easily. Now consider that many end-game items are on average anywhere from 10-30mk, and you have to buy several of these in order to get the right slots/color/order for an item. All in all, my cra has cost about 200 MILLION KAMAS to gear so far, and he only has 3600 mastery (ele mastery + distance + Single target + critical mastery). At maximum, he will have about 5000 mastery once I have all my end-game gear with 4 slots, right colors and order with their sublimations. Sublimations alone will cost 100-200 million kamas. Shards will cost 130 million kamas. My completed build will cost a total of 500 million kamas...

That's just for one character. If I wanted to properly gear my commonly used heroes (proficient without being fully optimized) it would cost me about 200 million kamas or more per character.

There's too much grind in this game. I always feel like I am grinding towards the goal of having fun, which is itself NOT FUN.

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Score : 8807

My biggest complain about the level cap raise is that it comes in the worst moment and I don't see the team planning big things for it. 

The game lacks players to play with, the game has a Politics system which is extremely old and need a rework, the game has too much grind that it feels like a part-time job, improving your gear is so abusive that it takes so much time to do with a system that doesn't rewards your effort at all and where paying to play feels like a thing that you must do in order to progress.

The game has so much holes that it almost seems like a joke that a team of professionals that have been running a game for the past 12 (?) years consider that adding more content past 200 is a top priority and it is even worse when the communities feel unheared.

  I'm not saying that the level cap shouldn't be raised in the future, but right now it hurts the game, the players, their progress and I don't see the other issues being fixed first to make it more enjoyable.

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Score : 190

More content, and easier levelling. Sounds like a great update!
But 200 was a nice number to cap off at. 215 doesn't look as nice.

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we can still have skill points and more content with omega levels. Cap level at 200 then you start at lvl 1 in omega levels. maybe you need lvl 200 + lvl 50 omega to do certain dungeons.

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At this point I'm not even sure if I've made this up: back in the day, Wakfu was supposed to be a sandbox game. Was it real? Where did I hear that? Anyhow, it's been 5+ years since all went to shit. Now the game's devoid of any sandboxey, fun elements, and just focused on level- and gear-grind. It could be better than this..

I voted against level 215 in the survey btw.

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As someone who has yet to hit the Endgame, I find the level 186 contents already challenging and will probably take a long time, if ever, to go through. I do not even want to think about 200+ dungeons. I'm sure new players will feel the same. And for endgame players, this will devalue their investment in gears, so overall this is a poor decision.  If you must implement these new contents, is it possible to offer some methods to be able transfer the sockets and sublimations from current 200 gear to the new 215 gear? 

The game has more serious issues that deserve higher priority than increasing the level cap. To name a few: 1) poor team finding feature, 2) no incentive to party with random players, 3) lack of global trade channel, 4) freeze while logging into haven bag or disconnect during battles, 5) few rewarding 30 minute dungeons (for people who have limited time to play, 2+ hour dungeon is not always feasible) 6) You announced the class revamp of so many claases back in December last year and so far no news (except Fogger) in five months. You make players reluctant in investing in those classes. 7) no reward for doing dungeons below stasis 21, which is only what casual teams are capable of.

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Score : 3790

I don't think they announched any lvl 215 content yet so there will be no 2015 gear for a while probably.

1. YES PLEASE, fix the group finder, it sucks and is buggy
2. Increased loot from multiboxing actually disincentivises it, so yeah they should
3. Eh, i'd prefer a board where you can offer kamas for stuff you don't have
4. Haven't had any problems, but yeah fixing bugs is always good
5. Well you can just fight groups of monsters but yeah something short would be fun
6. They announced feca is the next revamp, with xelor, osamodas and masqueraider also comming this year
7. Well you get loot and experience, but since players on auto builds manage to do boss smashers at 21, I think a good team of 6 can totally handle most stasis 22 dungeons, besides they are nerfing stasis dungeons next patch

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Score : 70

Why don't we go ahead and fix some characters first. PRIORITIES ANKAMA!!! 

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Score : 3790

They are already working on a feca rework and then xelor, masque and osamodas will be next

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Score : 274

This change is as bad as the rune change

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Score : 2452

I am actually really excited for this - there's more stuff to look forward to and work towards! I am excited to see what comes out in Beta and with more information - it may be that it won't be as a big of a leap as people think.

For me, it's an MMO - grinding is what i signed up for - but that's just my personal opinion and everyone is entitled to how they want to feel.

Also - I really want to emphasize a point made earlier - I really want ALS to be more rewarding because there is already a lot of content in the game that gets neglected because doing ALS just isn't rewarding even though the lower level dungeons can be a lot of fun. Ankama please make this change tongue

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Score : 188

Give us omega levels.

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Score : -31

so people just want to stay at lvl 200 with their maxed gear and jerk off for all time?

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Score : 45

Funny how people who wanted the 215 level is who get carried so badly at their early stages, get free stuff from their grindy friends and who never finished their set or didn't reach the 200. This game is just a grind Fiesta, we can agree everyone? Sure I don't wanna finish my sets and then sit at almanax coz I did everything but really, everything you want to do is just difficult if you do it alone for some people because not everyone have 6 characters with optimal set. I've spend like 2 year to just optimize 3 char and do atleast s21 content. The 215 level is just bad, you can literally think about other stuff ingame who need a rework like calamar, the classes they announced a rework, als because now ranking is a joke, ecosystem and the useless government. This level cap increase is dangerous because they don't have an idea how keep the game alive and wanted people to grind the diddlydoo out of us to make sure people will still play and buy their stuff. I wanna see the result of the pool who choice yes or no for the level cap. Only this can decide to everyone who don't agree to shut up.

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Score : -902

You guys just selfish, think in about your gears. I don't see problem here, cause you can use items for als, - nothing changes only that you will have more content if decide to.

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