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Devblog: Improved Enchantment

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - May 20, 2020, 15:00:00
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Hearttyace|2020-05-21 11:01:53
Wait what? minimal?
Souvenirs will be far more obtainable and the price of ogrest tears will drop by a pretty decent margin.
Legendaries will increase on the market board and will also drop in price due to the increase in charges.
Epics... the difference will indeed be minimal...

You gotta understand these changes matter quite a bit, 20% increase on legendaries that are already obtainable means. You won't get the legendary you want, but you will get one.. Decent change overall. Would've preferred something bigger with epics, but it's fine.

But at the end, the Enchantment system stays the same. Most of the changes just indirectly benefit the system, but the core mechanic, the RNG, wasn't changed. I feel like the logic behind this update is: "Ok, if we make the items easier to get then, in consequence, the Enchantment system should improve" which in part is true, but it isn't actually a direct improvement to the system itself besides the slight change to the probabilities which will go unnoticable by most of the players. I don't think we will be hearing anyone say "Oh man, this increase of 0.1% feels great!" after dropping a Legendary/Epic item.

That's the way I see it. For something so demanded by the community, personally I was expecting better. It is a good change, it is a step in the right direction, but I don't think it is enough. 
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Agree, the core mechanism still, same random gambling indeed. 

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I wonder if it's enough.

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for people that made full sets of competative gear this is a godsend its effectivly 270% more 4 sockets for us but the problem is now i don't feel like i can justify making my sets untill this patch it out so now i have to do nothing while i wait for it wich feels like crap

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RNG good for afking mobile games, not for wakfu....cause the game doenst have auto, take a tons of time for grinding but get nothing without a disapointments. agreed change the rate can lead someone belive  that the game worth to play right now, but not so long. If anyone wanna gamble, they play poker, wakfu is a tatic game, bring more RNG just basically detroy it, another "hearthstone ".i still remmered when i was  at lvl 150 and drop a epic  wa' boots, i creaming and flip my mouse out side the door so happy, not like now, just a mat, drop 1 or 10 is same if it just mats

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Can't agree more. There's a reason wakfus playerbase declined and it's the constant addition of RNG and disrespect of the playerbases time invested into the game.

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This seems promising....

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cody5|2020-05-24 15:14:54
Or you could just wear it, you don't really need a perfect item with a sublimation unless you are doing competitive ALS or PvP

Enchantment is not just an optional post-game content that you can easly ignore. It gives the character way too much power, adds very influential effects and makes a lot of builds finally viable.  Yeah, you could also try playing without relics and epics but, would you ignore their power and extra AP/RA/MP that they provide? The same happens with Enchantment.

It really isn't something optional an is pretty much a requeriment if you want to compete at high stasis dungeons and improve your farming of ressources.
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I love the idea and options that the enchantment system gives to you. However, the RNG is a major downside.
I would keed the number of charges given by breaking an item to 4 and change how they are consumed.

  • Upgrading the number of sockets. To upgrade from 1 to 2 sockets it would cost 2 charges, from 2 to 3 4 charges and 3 to 4 sockets 6 charges.
  • Changing the color of sockets. It would cost 1 charge to reroll only a single socket color of your choice.
  • Reorder. I would keep like it is now.
With these changes, the frustration from not having any progress after breaking items would be gone. 
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