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Devblog: Improved Enchantment

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - May 20, 2020, 15:00:00
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Oh thank god. Do you know how disappointing it was to craft a bunch of legendaries and a souv just to roll 1 red on each? I'm upper 190s and everyone keeps telling me how awful and annoying the system is.

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Hello everyone,

Certain numbers have been updated.

As such, some changes have been applied to the article regarding the likelihood of having sockets. Here are the new numbers:

  • 1 socket: 67% 40% less likely to appear in 1.68
  • 2 sockets: 10% 12% more likely to appear in 1.68
  • 3 sockets: 21% 27% more likely to appear in 1.68
  • 4 sockets: 33% 50% more likely to appear in 1.68

The article has been edited accordingly. Cheers!
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In my opinion, a percentage increase of something that has a base chance below 1% does nothing and reducing the materials of a recipe by 30% will mainly affect the easier components like the common drops from monsters, string and glous but not so much the rest.

I don't really see an improvement to the core mechanic of the system. It is still chaotic RNG, adjusting numbers here and there doesn't do much. It needs a real improvement and rework

Will there be a Beta to test this? Everythin is speculation until players can test the changes correctly before it is implemented in the official server.

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Tell that to people who buy 2 lottery tickets

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Maybe I'm being too pesimistic, maybe too generous...

All that "more likely" or "less likely" seems more like a way to sweetening it for us with wording, but the real numbers don't look that different. The 4th socket being 33% 50% more likely, is plainly saying that a 5% chance will become a 6.65% 7.5% chance? The difference in practice seems unnoticeable to me there yet. We'll keep hearing about that darned 4th socket not appearing (specially in post-yellow items).

Same case for the charges. 5 to 7 is barely a thing, and we'll likely see it when doing the rerolls to have again a chance of getting nothing at all, which is the main problem of this random lotto system: Frustration and not enjoying. Those problems keeps being present, and they are possibly the worst setback to the enchantment system. I don't think increasing the number of charges is enough, but it's welcome, however. Time will say...

That 100% more likely of white socket is basically saying that it will go from 10% chance to 20%, thus 26.66% chance for each of the other colors. This one is much better to me, it's a considerable chance of getting the "right" colors. This part will likely be better than the extra charges, because the odds are much better here.

Or am I calculating the base chances wrong? What are the official final rates for socket number and colors now?

Thanks for your time, this is another small step in the right direction.

EDIT * Oh man, ninja'ed by the Admin. tongue

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I bet the % may trigger again, haha~

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This is awesome. Thank you so much Ankama smile

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why aren't you telling us the base chances for the number of sockets and the base chances for the colours? i don't appreciate that something is being very plainly hidden.

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Based on a sample of 1,000 rolls from MethodWakfu they came up with these estimates for the current system:

1 slot: 32%
2 slot: 41,8%
3 slot: 19,4%
4 slot: 6,8%

Taking in account the latest mentioned changes to the rates they should become something like this:

1 slot: 19,2%
2 slot: 46,8%
3 slot: 24,6%
4 slot: 10,2%

That is beneficial. On another note: will the increased droprate for legendaries affect all the legendary drops in game? Even counselor of the gods laurels, ogrest's 4m+ treshold drops and shadowed boots? Items like these are unique and hard to drop, which just doesn't work with the enchantment system. If you are lucky enough to drop one, you probably won't be lucky enough to drop a second one for a long time, rendering the item useless, because a good identification now (and in the future) is extremely rare. 

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my suspicion is that the higher level and higher rarity that the item is, the more skewed towards 1 slot non-white the item becomes, which is why they don't disclose the item rarities.

i'd love to see this disproven but it would mean that methodwakfu would have to roll, specifically, 1,000 lv 200 items of every rarity, and lv 50 items of every rarity, which is a lot of work.

they should just tell us. whatever the bad news is, just let us be informed, ankama.

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Yet Epics and Legendaries still only drop exclusively on Stasis 21+ - Why can't they drop at a smaller chance below 21+ like they always did before? Lots of content in the game already demands fully decked out gear even to consider doing them at Stasis 21+ to begin with..

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No. Cause if you make exception for high end equipment, you can skip all others and just gather end game gears, and then come to low lvl and farm with ease. You want it so easy. 

P.S. That % increase is good. Also I want to add there should be some function to transfer sublimation from 1 same item to another same item. Sometimes you can still get better colors (like two wind sockets instead of 1 and you wan't to transfer sublimation for that. If you just roll till you get 2 wind sockets, it can not happen ever for months, - this prevent from using sublimations).

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sound great

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Wow no hate comments biggrin I also agree this is good choice amkana smile

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Holy diddlydoo, they do listen

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Legit question: Why is everyone so pleased with the change?

The increases are minimal, the ressources reduction mainly will affect boss drops but it doesn't do much either, we don't even know what's the change of getting a 4th socket or a white one yet many players seems to be happy when they hear that they got increased from 50% and 100% respectively (they could've gone from 0,2 -> 0.4)

I am really trying to understand what's good about it, see the bright side of the Devblog but I can't, it is still the same, it doesn't solve the RNG, we still will need to destroy a lot of legendary, souvenirs, relics and epics to get the right combination and in many cases not get any improvement at all in the item, we still need to farm like it is a part-time job, the frustration is still there, your effort isn't equally rewarded, there are still layers of layers of randomness which were given the tittle of "challenge" to make the player to feel more accomplished.

Why is everyone so pleased?

I say all this with the due respect, Ankama has been doing a lot of very good choices but I really fail to see the improvement here and how it will impact noticeably my game experience compared to the system as it is rn in the game

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The ogrest tear change on souvenirs is reason enough to be pleased in my opinion. 50% cut on the cost is MASSIVE for some of those recipes and will make souvenirs in general more appealing to grind slots for.

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I'm happy with the direction this has taken but this is still the same punishing system albeit with a few minor tweaks, really hoping this isn't Ankama's final solution to this mess we call the Enchantment System.

And why is this information being presented in such a way? These are some big numbers but in reality it could be just a small increase/decrease to the already small base percentages. Can we have the raw base % of rolling these slots now vs after 1.68 update instead?

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Agree, hope that the "Improved" not just a merely pointless mathematical calculation scheme. 

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Yeah... it is good and I'm glad Ankama is doing something.
But, I think this is still very minor, at the end of the day you will still have to put that lv 21 stasis to get the little chance to get good equipments.
I'm never able to do 21 stasis in a dg of my own lv, so my chances are still zero.

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Last I saw them saying, they want us running the dungs with each other, interacting more.

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instead of increasing charges to 7,
You can allow to fuse 2 weapon sublim sockets.
How this works examples;  socket colors = waterexclearthneutral  
first weapon :excl  + Sec weapon :water excl result weapon= exclexcl 
first weapon :waterexclwater  + Sec weapon :exclwater excl result wps= waterwaterwater or  exclexclexcl
first weapon :waterexclearthneutral ​​​​​​​   + Sec weapon :water water earth result weapon = waterwaterearthneutral  
​​​​​​​first wp:waterexclearthneutral ​​​​​​​ + Sec wp :water water earth excl result wps = waterwaterearthneutral  or waterwaterearthexcl  or waterexclearthexclplayer chooses the result socket


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You are suggesting that to get from one slot gear to 4 slots you sacrifice atlest 6 gears of the same if you start with 1 slot?

Example : Get's two 1 slot on the same item,

1 Slot gear + 1 Slot gear = 2 slots?  (Make two of them.)
Total count 4 gears gone = Obtained 2 gears with 2 slots.
2 Slot gear + 2 Slot gear = 2 Slot or 4 slot?
If  4 Total gear count so far = 4 + 2 = 6

If two then you are pretty much stuck until you can get another 3 slot gear to start rolling. (why would you want that in the first place?)

So you sacrificed 6 of the same gear to reach that point, if 2+2=4 works for you.

By your method the only best and good roll is to get either two three slot gears or two four slot gears in the first place.

Normal example after 1.68 when you sacrifice 6 gears on the same item with RNG :
1 + 1 = 7 Rolls
Sacrificing 6 gears to obtain slots = 7x6 = 42 Chances.

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I don't see why we have to reroll all sockets on an item.
Why can't we have an option to lock a socket before rolling? (Costing an extra charge to reroll per locked socket or something.)

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this is a very good update!!! we wish to have some free charges on our existing items XD XD

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You still can't see the issue, ankama. The issue isn't the chances, but the lack of any kind of insurance of that our efforts won't go to waste because of a single socket being incorrect.

The system needs insurance of that the rolls we do won't be a complete waste of time
Like in classic poker, you get random things, and you get a chance to reroll the cards you don't need. The same works here

We want to be insured that if I need b/w/b/w on cape, for example, and I get b/w/b/g, I can keep the good ones I got, and discard the wrong ones, instead just doing it all over again and rolling all 4

You did a good thing, but you didn't fix what was wrong with this system.

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When will the beta go live?

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