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Devblog: Class Changes in 2020

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - December 13, 2019, 16:00:00
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Meanwhile, Phaeris Server's active player(s) at any given time on average is...

  • Less than or Equal to 1.

- Reg
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lol man, I connected to the server today, there was only 28 items in the market...  we are so ded lol

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Suspect is wise. You give me hope that Ankama will listen to us.

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I don't see this going well for any of the classes but I'm hopeful for masq at least..

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I just want some company to make a similar game so I can leave from ankama's claws, eww

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god maybe i wont hate feca 2020

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I don't know enough to give legitimate feedback on Xelor, the only class I play frequently on this list. I can say I hope the WP mechanic allows multiple WP generation per turn, because if not I can easily see it being hard to move around as a xelor.

I hope they make it so the dial itself stops blocking line of sight. I normally have to move just so I can see the enemy. That will be 1 WP, just because I cannot attack the enemy since my own spell blocks my line of sight.

I am not sure what will happen to xelor hour glass, but I think it will be removed by this "slowdown" mechanic/spell. It does sound like "slowdown" will act very much like distortion, which I hope I am wrong about.

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It seems the dev team is a bunch of french kids, who don't know what to do, so they decide to revamp classes again.

I imagine their work day to be like this:
>One guys comes to work and says: - Hey! You know what we should do, so the players would want to play our game?
I was thinking new content for higher levels, maybe we could give them 3 man dungs, branching spell upgrade paths, equipment that levels with them and changes appearance! We could do so many new things!

>Then the infamous Project Manager appears:
-Hell no! We doin what i wanna, and we working on old areas and classes again, coz i playin and i sayin!

It's not like the game population is going downhill, time consuming, grindy systems are being devised so players have something to do, while they're not getting new content. But sure, lets revamp classes more!

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another stupid rewamp.
why u hate those classes? Fogger? what? ridicuolus changes

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Until 2036 for You to Finish These Five Classes? WHHHHAAAT?! are you serious talking to us like that ?
First of all new enhancing maging made game 3 times slower in matter of finish perfect class character build ....
so ,this way of speaking to us , is just insulting our intelligence ... Wakfu is nice game but ruled from iopbrains

Get some real money and pay a real proffesional in matter of balance classes(but we all know you spread the chaos of ogrest every update ) not that hard is 14 classes each with a number of passives spells and elemental spells ...after all this late changes im sure you guys solved lot of old bugs and game code gaps ... if the intention is closing the game just close it ...dont torture us with your super intelligent changes that dont do anything else that bug our progress in-game ...or better just make as dofus few servers for people that hate your updates and want to play a chill game that dont change much ...all people are not geeks

Ankama please please listen to the casualplayers too ...mostly are permanent paying booster to play when have free time ....
I really hope CEO change the way manage dev department why? because is well known dofus or wakfu games are slow games (for a casual player may took over a year or more to just lvl to 200 and much more for a perfect endgame build and gear.

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I'm interested in the changes that are to come. Especially the feca ones ohmy

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>>>In the long run, we could remove common passives, as we believe they don't offer bonuses that are balanced from one class to another. Each class would then have between 15 and 20 unique passives.
sounds interesting! this will solve many problems and allow us to specialize the character for your playing style. I look forward to seeing more detailed information. this is a large amount of work and thank you for deciding to talk about it openly. 

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I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but wow these are not healthy changes. It's clear that Ankama has long abandoned the various classes' roles and the lore in general, but as a Feca main this still hurts to read. Feca is supposed to be *the* protector, soaking up damage and keeping his allies safe. The main problem right now is that in addition to being a great protector, Feca does ungodly amounts of damage. Everything else works, though. If Feca just got a damage nerf, and maybe one or two more tools to protect allies with, he'd be in a fantastic place!

Foggernaut does stasis damage. There is literal stasis visibly flowing throughout their body. The animations for stasis attacks depict stasis being shot which deals stasis damage. Stasis. It literally hurts nobody to keep that damage type, even if it just becomes functionally identical to light. It's one of Foggernauts key differentiating traits. The other changes are fine, but please keep the rails - they're really freaking cool.

IMO Masqueraiders are near perfect right now. They're a true jack-of-all-trades, being able to heal, damage, and position, though not being amazing at any given one of them unless they sacrifice the others. I would just leave them well enough alone and focus on other classes.

Xelors definitely need a rework (what does removing initiative even do anymore??), but giving them double WP and using it for dial movement is off-brand for the general class design. All classes have (base) 6AP, 6WP, and 3MP. Huppers are the one exception to this rule with their QB. Instead of changing basic design principles that help newcomers identify differences between classes and compare numbers better, maybe just have a separate resource akin to Angrr that Xelors can expend for things like dial movement. You could even bring in the time element and have it fluctuate with tick and tock! The other Xelor changes look alright, though. The hour moving again is exciting, and the new AP removal sounds much better balanced.

Osamodas I'm mixed about. On the one hand, it sounds like you have a good idea for implementing its revamp. I'm not opposed to appearance changes, with potentially one or two spells based on the monster instead of taking its whole moveset! However, Osamodas has lost a lot of customization over the years. I think now would be a good time to consider re-introducing the ability to name summons, considering Osa would now only technically have one summon. Otherwise, I'm actually fine with this changeup - it fits the lore ok and works gameplay-wise.

All-in-all, I'm highly skeptical of how effective these changes would be in fixing these classes, but I think with the feedback the community is giving we'll see most of the problematic changes shift to better ideas. At least, I really hope so.

Please don't make Feca a damage dealer.

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Glyph feca will rise again!
But i agree with all your points. and Feca is not a great damage dealer atm it is the best support option for direct effects.

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Translation: "We know better than the players."

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seems the more u change the worse it gets... im not even trying to be mean but the updates are just bad sad

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I know it why, They know all the disputed updates in recent were not good for players. Enchantment and this devblog for example, Common point of these is that they are all helpful for developers not players. it is not arguable that enchantment slowed down contents consumption speed three or four times. And look what they have said about reason of revamping osa. "It is very time-consuming and costly for us to produce balanced Summons for each new piece of content or content revamp" they are trying to kill main reason to play osa because it is more comfortable for them. 

They don't have interest on bringing more players but maintaining current state of game as long as possible with minimum effort. 

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>Nerf utility classes more lololol
>Sell Reclass scrolls
>Do Sram buff update
>People buy scrolls and all go Sram
>then nerf srams lololol

We know you're going to do it Ankama, we know you like the Sram class, and will do anything to reclass scroll profits.

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please dont change sadida i love my multi summon slow sadida

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I, dont really see much point in this, other than that it will make playing as those characters and what makes them unique, less fun. and that the worst thing a game can be. not fun. standardization ruins a lot of things.

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Here's a summary of what questions we adressed in the Ankama Live.

You can watch the live (in english) here: link to the live.

Most common questions and feedbacks

Will we need to change all our equipment again with this update ?

We’ll do our best so that it’s not the case. Through this Devblog, we’ve explained that our focus was to add new gameplay possibilities… but we don’t plan to remove any of the existing one ! We’ll try and make sure to keep the current roles as possible specializations.

The Osamodas mastery transfer to its summon is a more complex topic, but we could very well keep it the way it is through a passive. Although our opinion at the moment is that this passive is currently unclear and not very interesting.


Why would you reduce the efficiency of these classes instead of increasing the capabilities of others ?

At first glance, we mostly have a few consistency issues with Xelor and Foggernaut. We would like to rework these two classes so that their gameplay is less systematic : you will need to take advantage of the classes mechanics to be very efficient.

Osamodas and Masque should have and overall up. Should we be totally truthful with you, there’s a lot of chances Feca will get a good nerf. We think it’s currently the best class in the game, it has a lot of strong options.

In a way, what makes some classes stronger than the others isn’t their brute power in one role, but their ability to have several roles at the same time, while being very efficient in every one of them.

For example, Feca can be an excellent Tank, an excellent defensive Support/protector, an excellent offensive Support, and even an excellent DD in some builds.

To balance this class, we don’t want to reduce the maximum power in the 3 roles, but rather to prevent Feca from cumulating its 3 roles at their maximum efficiency, without any downside. Others classes wouldn’t be able to be as interesting as Feca.

If we rework less competitive classes to this template (cumulating many powerful roles), a lot of classes would become too versatile. Our goal is that each class can play a role, and bring something in for the team. We can’t achieve this vision if characters are playing a lot of roles with maximum efficiency. THEREFORE it needs to be a priority.

We do care about revaluating the less competitive classes. It’s one of the goals of the « passive » revamp. We could implement that revamp separately from these five class revamps. The goal is to provide 20 passives to every class at the same time. We could offer multiple specialisations for Rogue to choose from, for example we could revaluate its direct game. We wouldn’t touch the core gameplay, the bomb mechanics that makes the class really shine over multiple turns, because it’s appropriate a certain amount of content. But switching passives could offer Rogue a way to be competitive in other contents.

Passives being more numerous and more « gameplay-related », we could add a lot of them as time goes on. In the current situation of 10 passive, we wouldn’t want to make 4 « direct damage oriented passive » on a master of indirect damage class, for example. Because then, it would impact the indirect damage role of the class by lessening the amount of passives he can choose.


Why are you even reworking classes ? Isn’t there anything else you could do, like debugging or adding content ?

I just can’t. I’m on a different team. As a Game Designer, I’m in charge of setting content : dungeons, quests, items… What I’m able to do is limited if I don’t have graphic designers or animators at my disposal.

Balancing classes is something I can do almost alone. Many players find it very important. It’s not cool for a lot of players to just play a class that’s significantly less competitive than another one through a game’s content. Besides, we think that adding more passives can allow you to more deeply interact with your character. It should be a valuable addition to the game. Changing your playstyle from one fight to another should be interesting, and we aim to improve the quality of some roles that the classes can take on as theirs.

We hope we can show you some examples soon. We would give you a list of around 20 passives for a couple of classes, so that we can have something more concrete to discuss together. About these classes that you would like me to give a try adding passives on first, I’m open to suggestions !

Anyway, back to the question. Game systems evolution (such as PVP, interfaces, client performances…) are tasks for Game Developers rather than Game Designers, at least on the practical implementation.

And our Developers are currently busy working on… something… that the community has been waiting for some time, and that will come out shortly.

Feedback on the 5 Devblog classes



A lot of feedback has been made on our proposal to make Stasis damage work as Light damage. You’re right, it was indeed weird and awkward from our part. We immediatly changed our approach on the matter. For now, we have two new leads we are serious about :
  • A water branch replaces the current Stasis branch. Stasis spells can either be unlocked in fight, or all Foggernaut spells deal Stasis Damage under certain conditions. It’s a dynamic and balanced path, that doesn’t betray the identity of the class.
  • The Stasis branch actually stays similar to what it currently is, but undergoes some gameplay adjustments that are necessary for balancing. We believe we are able to make something satisfying while keeping Stasis’ current behavior.

A few players also made points about the Motherfogger’s rigidity. It seems there was some kind of misundertanding between ourselves because we weren’t clear enough on the matter, so here’s the deal :

High Pressure is a bonus that increases Melee Damage, Block, and % Armor Given (for blockades). It’s a state, that will gain one level per turn.

When you cast Fogginator, you will gain a High Pression level. Fogginator also is a state on its own, that gives Resistance (100) and removes 1 max MP. You can deactivate Fogginator but keep the High Pressure increasing.

The same thing goes for the Motherfogger. You won’t need to stay on it to keep the Overheating mechanic going.


This class should cover a lot of possibilities.

You will be able to keep the current strong tank role of the Feca, or be a strong and reliable protector, but you won’t be able to keep both roles at their maximal potential. You will still be able to cumulate the two roles in a fight, in a more jack-of-all-trades manner because you won’t be as efficient as a character that specialized itself in one of the roles.

For the protector role, we would like to take some inspiration from the older versions of the Feca. Certain « Shields » could be activated in fights, to give you ways to adapt and respond to certain situations. The Tank role should stay close to what it looks like right now. 


The damage capabilities of the class should stay very good, although it will need to use more spells. Xelor is using the same few repetitive spell sequences at the moment. It will probably have some orientation where it can deal additional damage for each AP its target has lost. That way, we can have a synergy with the own AP removal mechanic of the class, and with any ally that can remove APs as well.

I hope it will give you more insight into what we want to do. You will still be able to play in a simple and efficient manner, but taking advantage of the Xelor’s defining mechanics will require a little proficiency.


We wanted to check the reactions from the community first, which is why we didn’t go deep into what the class would be able to actually do. The idea is definitely to give a LOT of possibilities for your Gobgob.

Let’s put it that way : The Gobgob starts the fight with 2-3 classical spells. One melee damage spell, one range damage spell, one support spell that gives a small armor or some resistance. You will be able to unlock a « spell set » during the fight on your summon, for example a healer spell set.

You will be able to switch between roles during the fight : « omg now my summon needs to deal some fat damage, here we go. » and next turn « wait, karen and bob are in trouble, i should switch my summon to the tank mode to lock my enemies and keep them from reaching them… ».

This kind of « job » will need you to have chosen passives that give somewhat generic bonuses to your summon. Being versatile is costly so you won’t be as efficient as if you were specializing in only one of the roles.


We hear what you say about the « Healing » capabilities which is why we’ll probably make some passive about it, to keep the Healing Masque alive.

The community noticed that masks wouldn’t give a deep enough gameplay to the Masqueraider. It’s an approach that we like and we are going to work so that each mask truly defines a Masqueraider role and gameplay for this rework.

There’s also been a suggestion going on about increasing the number of available masks, but it would be a substantial amount of work. We’ll think of a way to add new mask visuals without having to duplicate every idle/walk/spell animation, but we can’t promise anything at the moment.

To tell you the truth, we don’t have a lot to say about Masque because it shouldn’t change a lot. We hope you will keep on giving feedback on what you think would be great for this class.

Anyway, thanks a lot for your feedback, it was a great live and I hope to be seeing you soon to discuss more about the classes in Wakfu.

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Give us class change scrolls please.

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[Ankama]WAKFU-Prod|2019-12-17 22:24:57

We hope we can show you some examples soon. We would give you a list of around 20 passives for a couple of classes, so that we can have something more concrete to discuss together. About these classes that you would like me to give a try adding passives on first, I’m open to suggestions !


Siu, please show in passive abilities your vision of Xelor. 
[Ankama]WAKFU-Prod|2019-12-17 22:24:57
And our Developers are currently busy working on… something… that the community has been waiting for some time, and that will come out shortly.

I guess that we are talking about merging servers. 
And thanks for the broadcast for English-speaking players. I am happy that we will finally get more passives. It is really can allow more deeply interact with our character and solve some problems with classes as in the example with Rogue. 
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Thank you for the clarification on the lesser/lower classes. If they're not getting a revamp I really expect the lower classes to have really EFFECTIVE passives. One of the main reasons I don't currently play the game is because some of my favorite classes are just not competitive at all in PVE, specifically Sadida.

" About these classes that you would like me to give a try adding passives on first, I’m open to suggestions ! "

Everyone hates its summons.
It's the opposite of Feca. It can't do any role that well
Voodoll is useless

I would basically like passives that make them great at one role where summoners are actually important. They're OK as support, but that mainly requires not summoning.
The only summoner in the game is Osamodas, as things stand.

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I agree with your first point. Although doll sadida - including Voodoll usage - is fine on the pvp scenario; It's not hard to notice that the class is not very competitive on pve (look at dungeon rankings).

But instead I would like more passives complementing Lone Sadida's play style in general. However; I wouldn't complain if a passive greatly increasing the dolls %HP (since even with the Doll Link passive they are pretty fragile and die quickly) with the simple catch that it would reduce the Sadida's control (by 4 or 5, however only up until it reaches a minimun amount, like 2 or 3) or something were to be made.

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