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Devblog: Class Changes in 2020

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - December 13, 2019, 16:00:00
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Melonnissise|2019-12-13 12:12:08
It looks that way because these are the top classes in dungeons.
Which is why I would've preferred if they balanced the BOTTOM classes first. This would have a more positive effect on the community and how the community view changes to feca/xelor/osa (the best of the best). of the best? sorry buddy but you couldn't be more wrong
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Honestly this article rubbed me the wrong way the way it said "the project manager plays these and wants to up them, any more questions?" Yes. The community will probably have thousands. The feca rework in my opinion will break 90% of end game players team compositions. Removing stasis from the fogger doesn't make any sense to me. While very strong it is the only ranged dd other then cra. Perhaps we could be expected to pay money for class change services. If the classes are changed in this dramatic may, one should be offered as compensation. Because the roles of these classes, though clearly stated here will become "more specialized" that translates to "more difficult for me." Is the survey an attempt to organize feedback? Seems...... Hm.

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A great leader or team listens to their people - in this case, the players. If you disregard our feelings or actions towards these changes then you're just as good as a neglectful parent or tyrant. You need us for money - players that LIKE the game give you money, though making them feel sad or disappointed with the changes won't help your business. Wakfu needs money to continue to be a game, without pleasing the people (or just pissing them off) you'll lose your followers. This has been happening for years, the game is dying - because you haven't listened to the players. The new Sadida kingdom is an improvement, so this shows that Ankama has the potential to be good.
Listen to the people - let these classes be and focus on the weaker classes - they should be treated like core characters.

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The idea of the feca helping allies tanking is nice. But i still would rather my 6 hero slot and Koliseum (from dofus) here instead of this. Or even a way to shit + click resources like you do in dofus and collect them in a row, that would be very useful.

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Dadiriz has a point. The developers are probably going to mess up these classes. SO instead of changing these great classes why not implement more features - like Koliseum or the easier resource collecting. It makes our lives easier, so we can multitask.

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The problem is not that some classes are super strong, but because there is no really worthy replacement and there is no much classes that can compete with them.

In my opinion what you should do and make everyone happy – is to buff weak classes at the level of current level of Fogger, Xelor and Feca

- so they can COMPETE with current meta (strong) classes.

This way you will avoid the negative side of the players who have invested their TIME and money in the classes in which you want to change.

And also, you avoid people leaving the game.

New gear enchanting system is very expensive.

That way you will make everyone happy, because
- you don’t force owners of Xelors and Foggers etc. to change their class and level other classes - spending time again

- and you make possible for owners of the weaker classes to finally compete with this strong classes.

Have you seen Huppermages, Ouginaks or Rogues in dungeon ranking board?.. not so much. Better change this classes so they can be at the level of current meta.

How they are good in the PVP doesnt count, because this game doesnt have a PVP.

Fogger and Xelor as I mentioned, they are fine. Other weak dd classes need to be buffed at their level, so they can compete.

Fogger stasis changing to light damage – sounds like a joke. Arent foggers the masters of stasis energy, why they need to use light? Weird.

You want the feca not to be a tank, but to help the tanks, but there is only 1 real tank in the game and its feca. 

When you change a class, atleast give Class change scroll for the owners of the class.

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It's like the politicians when they say they will give all the money to the corporations that make $50 billion per year and that some day 3 decades later it'll trickle down to the lower class.

Instead of messing with the classes that currently make up the dungeon meta, what they should do is mess with the classes that can't compete and always get left out. While doing that they can implement the specialization changes they want to introduce to roles and race identity.

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"The Osamodas will only have a generic Summons with classic spells."

"L’Osamodas n’aura plus qu’une invocation générique avec des sorts classiques."

Translation error. Actual text says that osa will only have 1 summon.

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BloodAspect|2019-12-13 16:31:28
"Osa who's currently an effective class in dungeons." ?????????????

Osa is trash right now. Their damage is subpar to every damage dealer in the game every since they nerfed badgerroxor. Their buffs/healing is subpar to every support class out there as well. Your better off taking any class other than osa to fill your team because its going to do what your want your osa to do but better. 

I'm not going to get into a back and forth here. Objectively Osa is a mainstay in a 6 man group. It could wait to be revamped, you can't really say that about its weaker counterpart; Sadida.

The problem
The devs ask for our feedback, but I don't think they would ever reconsider the classes they chose to revamp. Even with a survey that asks "Did this class deserve a revam?"

We'll see, maybe they reconsider a few of them. A few like Masq seriously don't need any urgent changes, they're just revamping them for class identity; but as far as usability? They're currently used in dungeons very well, same with Xelor and Fogger.

I bring up real life examples because they really paint the picture. It's like saying "we're going to renovate this rich part of the city to create a new standard." While the poor part of the city that's on the verge of collapse waits until the rich part of the city gets renovated for the 5th time.
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The reason for the changes of how Osa summons will exist in game just seems like a excuse not to design further spells for future monster families.
The whole appeal in the first place, was being allowed to make a choice between what monster the player wants to use - depending on the monster effects, damage and heals I usually like to switch between 3 or 4 summons currently during fights.

It would also mean changing many of the other spell affects, considering the individual buffs that they provide to each of the summons.
The passives exemplified do not seem that powerful at all and simply provide switch in stats with the osas summons. I tend to find myself using the lower leveled summons quite a bit with adjusted levels and I do not consider the lower leveled monsters redundant.

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I agree that osa's ability to choose their summon is important. I use some lower lvl summons for certain skills they have. I will let everyone know this because they are deleting osa's anyhow: 

I use a Red Piwi in some lvl 200 dungeons.
All the piwi summons apply a state that takes Critical Resistance. The state lasts 2 turns, and if you keep stacking it on a target, it can apply -200 Critical Resistance with 20 stacks of the debuff. (this stacks with enu's -200 res)  So with it, my team comp can take 400 res from a boss when we crit on the boss. I can shield that same Summon with 6k shields via an osa Earth spell. I love this hidden mechanic and how crazy it is. Feel free to use this!

I think it is nice that we can currently have the choice to catch something that isn't inherently great and make it work in such dynamic ways. 


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I like that they aren't taking themselves seriously anymore with the 2036 goal XD

I like the direction they are going with their ideas. The only large concern for me is the Control topic. I like the idea that a player can currently make the choice to invest in control to have more traps, mechanics or other items on the field, and that in its own right is a strategic option that I would be disheartened to see removed. Hard caps on those things limit the class diversity. Diversity in the classes builds that it seems that devs are trying to make more of and I would love that.

I can't wait to dust of the old feca glyph damage dealer biggrin

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"We perfectly hear feedback on a spell that doesn't seem interesting to you, but if it's a spell that's effective in a sufficient number of content situations (for example, because it lets you play into a boss's mechanics), then it's perfectly justified for it to be among the class's spells."

"[...] effective in a sufficient number of content situations [...]"

Woah, nice!! So those spells that are always ignored - and forgotten - because there are plain better options and the limited space on the deck... Actually have a sufficient number of situations in which they are effective? Really nice to know.

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I forgot to complete my ironic previous post. But here we go; I think this is one of the things that should actually be focused upon on classes revamps.

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lets me tell the funny thing here, you gais wanna feedbacks and ignore it. you gais wanna revamp classes but all we want is merge sever.atlast what happen here?. keeping stu-Dying forever for merge pls =)))))

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"Are Smaller Balancings Planned in the Meantime, or Will We Have to Wait Until 2036 for You to Finish These Five Classes?" At least you guys know.... What about Sadidas?

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Was thinking a lot, read it many times, and here is what I think about it in general:

Changes arent bad, that game need them, Im not sure if good stuff get picked for change tho.

It looks like hit into endgame high performing players tbh, removing the most viable picks form the roster will "force" them to find other way.
Also will bring struggles on many ranges on high stasis runs.
I just feel its just an invitation for Elio and Cra, to replace Xel and Fog.
See absolutly no sense in that since these classes basicly share same role, and complexicty and can.
Since not classes are problem but the dungeon design and the way game function in very core aspects, Removing viable fast dmg classes will work only in a way of replacing them with others, the gamestyle will always stay very same and players will gravitate towards simple options. Fast removal of mobs will always be above seting up bombs, poisons, slowness effects or anything else. The game should change to incurage us to exotic picks not the other way around.

Feca doesnt seems bad especially teamcomped with Panda, it seems to be a bbf duo from 1st glance so in the end nothing in that might change and we will still wonder about same approuch to positioning and tanking. Will see what they will do with key stuff like ap, dmg inf buffs, armoring, etc everything is described really vauge it's hard to say what will come from that.

About Fogger will write another separate post in fogger part of forum, since I really dont like the changes presented here they feel akward and sloppy.

As I mention earlier rather then changing "meta" classes like fog, feca, xelor I would rather like to see changes to these who underperform a lot, like mask, osa with addition of eca, sadi, air rouge branch, redesign of marks and poisions for eniripsa. As I said not classes are problem but the way content work and push you to fast clearing or being punished. There is no time for lollygagging. Bosses stack fd like crazy, on moon dmg inf colide both stasis one with original boss one (kanivore, kanibal), every I repeat EVERY amount of slowing down with character design will lead to another fast dd on top.

Thanks will most likely post more in future about other parts of devlog,

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now that's some spicy stuff

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cant wait for rework, im all hyped up

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why not put your staff coding efforts into the merge instead of revamps you already did billions times? sleep

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Now I'm trying to be a charitable as I can be with these upcoming changes as I really like the direction this team as been going in regards to class balance. However there is one point id like to make: Stasis to light. Please don't.

We aren't huppermages, changing stasis to work on light mechanics is just giving us hupper with a new coat of paint and tossing away a mechanic that we have used for years. It's a mechanic central to our lore and class. Changing to diet light undermines a key element in what makes us different. Masters of the very antithesis of wakfu!

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Caliiintz|2019-12-14 06:20:21
why not put your staff coding efforts into the merge instead of revamps you already did billions times? sleep

Or even better:
Give us the source code and database model of the game so we can do the server merge ourselves.
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