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Devblog: The Haven Bag Chest is Changing

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - November 13, 2019, 12:30:00
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Hello everyone,

Here is the updated compensation package

  • All accounts that bought a booster between November 13, 2018, and December 10, 2019 (10:00 AM Paris time), will receive one extra tab for free when Version 1.66 is rolled out.
  • The Starter Pack will now include one extra tab (once the update is released).
  • The total number of slots in the Haven Bag chests of all characters on an account is being totaled during the transition:
    • If the number is less than or equal to 300 → the account will have 300 slots in its Haven Bag chest.
    • If the number is greater than 300 → the account will have a number of slots rounded up to the nearest hundred.
    • Example: 795 slots before Update 1.66 → 800 slots after Update 1.66.

We have updated the devblog accordingly, thank you for your patience and understanding!

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Very nice. Thank you.

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new chest setting is perfect. Thanks all

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I'm experiencing some bugs with the update involving the prizes from the advent calendar to not be obtained...

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Hi Omengirl,

Thanks for reporting but it seems you posted on a different topic. Kindly refer to this post about your enquiry. Thanks!


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All my items from the old shared inventory you get through booster are gone. Update deleted a bunch of my items


JSky|2019-12-17 09:11:31
By any chance that did you check the last "Remove Only" tab in Haven bag chest?

Just checked it out now, thanks. Problem solved

Funny too because when I contacted support they started asking me for game logs and all this other crazy stuff. Felt like they hadn't even read my ticket and clearly I got better support by asking for help on forums
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By any chance that did you check the last "Remove Only" tab in Haven bag chest?

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Is this feature forever? Or does it have a time limit?

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