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Devblog: The Conversion Stone

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - July 09, 2019, 15:00:00
With Update 1.64, we're giving the community a new feature called "Conversion Stone". It lets players exchange Ogrines for Kamas and vice versa.

We wanted to make this option available to you because we think it's an honest way of responding to two things the community asks for again and again:

  • Accessing all paying services and content in the store without paying with real money.
  • Legally getting kamas without upsetting the in-game economy.

Offering players a legal and secure platform to carry out these exchanges allows us to respond to these two requests without harming the in-game balance (nothing is generated – it is only exchanges between players).

How It Works

The different steps:

  1. You can buy a Conversion Stone in the Shop for €5.
  2. This stone can be sold for kamas (at the in-game Shop). The seller chooses the sale price in kamas.
  3. When a player buys a Conversion Stone using kamas, their account is credited with 2,500 (linked) Ogrines that they can spend in the Shop, if desired.


  • To buy a Conversion Stone in the Shop, your account must be certified.
  • There are no restrictions for buying a Conversion Stone in exchange for kamas.

Additional Information

  • An average price is calculated and displayed for Conversion Stones.
  • A Conversion Stone put up for sale can be withdrawn from sale by its owner (for example, to adjust its price).
  • When a Conversion Stone is bought in exchange for kamas, it cannot be sold again; the ogrines are automatically credited to the account after buying the Conversion Stone.

Roll-out and Availability

This feature will be available for three months starting shortly after Update 1.64 is released.

At the end of this time, Conversion Stones that were bought will not be lost. They will be usable and exchangeable in the game for an unlimited time.

We aren't ruling out doing this again, albeit with a few changes if needed.


  • Why Can't Conversion Stones Be Bought Using Ogrines?

We want to avoid current ogrine stocks influencing Conversion Stone transactions.

This is a precautionary principle for the launch of this new feature. We aren't ruling out lifting this restriction eventually.

  • Why Didn't You Offer an Ogrine Exchange Similar to the One in DOFUS?

We wanted to experiment with a streamlined system for exchanging ogrines for kamas.

Therefore, we made the decision to give you a different system.

  • Why Not Sell Kamas Directly?

If we were to sell kamas directly, we'd risk significantly destabilizing how the in-game economy works by creating excessive inflation that would gradually make kamas lose value.

By offering an inter-player exchange system, we're ensuring that we won't generate any additional kamas and, therefore, that we won't disrupt the in-game economy.

First Ankama intervention

Replying to KingEffers

Hi KingEffers,

Not at the moment, we'll provide an update soon.

See message in context
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Hmmm, nice try of new system again~ 
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Score : 74
Actually really bumped about this!
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Score : 9782
Kama exchange wakfu!
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Score : 2376
YAAAAAY! new pay to win mechanic to get around all the newly added grind! Just what everyone wanted! *sigh*

"If we were to sell kamas directly, we'd risk significantly destabilizing how the in-game economy works by creating excessive inflation that would gradually make kamas lose value.

By offering an inter-player exchange system, we're ensuring that we won't generate any additional kamas and, therefore, that we won't disrupt the in-game economy."

this is exactly what it's gonna do, mess with the in-game economy, people who can afford a bunch of this stone will just be able to sell them for kama, no there wont be generated more kama ingame, but the weight of who actually has kama will be shifted towards the same people that has actual money, aka. pay to win. no, you're not creating inflation, instead, you create deflation, the value of kama is gonna skyrocket if a single (or multiple) "ogrine tycoon" owns the majority of the available kama. THIS IS JUST AS BAD (for example Great Depression 1929)
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Score : 90
Kamas are like zimbabwe bills. I don't know about your server but kamas are so inflated i'm sure the conversion will be like 2.5 billion kamas to the conversion stone.
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Score : 624
When you fix the enchantment system we'll talk.
5 -2
Score : 263
Enchantment system is fine.
5 -11
Score : 263
Will probably end up a terrible idea, but sure.
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Score : 15884
By reading the title, I thought it was a new item to fix the Enchantment and modify sockets :/
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Score : 103
You just don't know how much i suffer to get subbed in wakfu, trying to look for a dofus and wakfu player, negotiate on trade rate... and then change vpn to log in to some specefic servers.. But it's going to be solved now, and i am grateful biggrin
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Score : 19980
Man, after so many years suggesting something like this, it's finally come... But this is much better than the tradeable boosters and stuff.

So, basically one stone = 5 € = 2.500 linked Ogrines on stone consuming? Well, sounds like we might see undercuttings among stone providers. No buy for reselling here.

5 € is quite low value as to cause monopolization of stones. I hardly foresee any stone hoarding problem by a single player here. Now, time to check what's in store with Ogrines...
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As I'm on it, I would suggest to create different stones for different Ogrine amounts: 500, 1000... etc.
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This looks like a great feature for people like me who struggle with keeping boosters up due to having no income. I hope it'll eventually be a permanent implementation once it's been properly balanced out and everything! This feature will make me a very, very happy child.
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Score : -4799
Sounds like they need a boost in income because of all the people quitting.
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Score : 12352
Welp system sounds cool and all. Im happy that it's implemented. But company piar going down guys, it's really bad timing for that, another buch of ppl will dislike actions bc:
>New update that push hard grind to get the best results hit the live server.
>Few days later system that allow you spend $ to get kamas to make grind easier is released.

But for sure Wakfu will earn a lot of cash on it, I hope it will be used well to support wakfu team and improve our Wakfu expiriance in next patches.
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Score : 2469
I wonder why € 5.00 for 2500 Ogrines when Adventure Booster cost 3k mmmm

GG... i think 100% mines areas will be "bots" or can't mining propably biggrin 
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Score : 4
Is it ingame already?
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Hi KingEffers,

Not at the moment, we'll provide an update soon.

Score : 20
what a joke, i though for a sec that it was like dofus system hahahaha clearly it feels like the company reaching for the players pockets biggrin nice try.
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Score : 5359
Pay to win??? or did i miss somthing :X
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Score : 5359
It sounds like a bad bitcoin.
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Score : 4422
Make boosters tradeable? maybe?
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Score : 292
What's with this negative reaction, I think having option like this is great. There's a lot of people around right now who can't buy booster cause reasons ;d And on the other hand there are people with booster who complain their friends can't join them in Zinit, so they are all alone and can't run anything there. I'm looking forward to this conversion system.
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Score : -4799
What's so positive about people quitting? This is a temporary measure based on people quitting, not a permanent change meant to help with playerbase.

Cash grab, plain and simple
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Score : 15884
The conversion Stone will be an item that certainly will help players to get Membership or items from the Store (specially those whose politics can be a problem like Venezuela). The big dilema is that it is highly a Pay-To-Win item.

This kind of items are implemented in other MMORPGs too and it is very easy to become a millonaire in-game. You can jump from 0 kamas to millions in a few days. More money in the game also can, in some instances, traslate into Higher Prices. It un-balances the economy. Also the price of the stone will go higher and higher, specially once it is removed from the store. For example, on Runescape there is a similar item that started selling for 3-4 millions the first days and now is worth 20m, because the demand is high and, it is in theory, "free"

So, good for the players but might be not so good for the economy. It might come in handy to easily get Kamas to roll your items after the enchantment update tho.
3 -2
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