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Devblog: Enchantment

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - May 09, 2019, 17:00:00
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Awesome! really looking forward to this new change Ankama Wakfu team! great job!! ^^ also, super excited to finally have Pandala in Wakfu as well wub as an old Dofus player this brings me great joy and maximum squeal feelz~ 

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Score : 138

Simple as it is .. most of the community and players hate this new system why don't you make a survey..make a vote how you did when you wanted to rework a class most of the game voted for sacier and It really payed off the class now is awesome I guess if you guys really care for feedbacks then make a vote for this system (also for God sake when you make a huge rework like this .. make a vote..please !! )

I have been reading comments and thinking how could that turn out well to favour both the dev ideas and the high-elo players who spent hours and hours to reach endgame.
The idea of making both number of slots and their order random is lame , no one seems to like them and you really can't force us to.
I understand the dev wants us to get higher stats so they can later creat more powerful maps with monsters etc yes the community should understand that however you guys should also reconsider the cons of your actions the random system changing the slots number and color could actually backfire you .
In order to avoid this and pleas consider this :
Make two kind of stones (like transmutation stones) 
One changes color another changes number of slots (May be you can add some kind of catalyst to make the stones modify the items the way that suit us) 
With these two stones you should avoid the destruction of high tier valuable items also make the players have a new way to make money grinding these stones.
I really don't know would you ever listen but its illogical for us to keep playing with such extreme measures ..

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Score : 44

will add my dont do it to the many dont do its here

to see if it helps :O

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My characters got a decrease in power on the beta server because of the new system... thought we would even get stronger with the new rune system... or not thx so much

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