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Devblog: Enchantment

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - May 09, 2019, 17:00:00
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When is this update coming out?

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And you know what is the worst part? Here is my 2 cents: Ankama wil not listen to the players and this absurd RNG system will be implemented.

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Sure, then they will lose a big playerbase within months. When they will notice it, they will change their mind (like they did in 2015 with linked equips)

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Score : -442

Literally everyone is terrified of this update.
My open world PvP was taken away, that's because I trusted ankama and they only created a system that is even easier to exploit and the rewards are gigantic. I've seen a new breed of player come out of the battleground update. Whereas you used to have your jerks (pkers) and then your nice people (everyone else) now you have a combination of the two. Before the "jerk" population was reasonably small, now the new players coming out of the bg update are far more entitled and they actually outnumber the decent portion of the population. Bg's are stale and boring, their replayability is all but gone after 2 or 3.

All this to say I think like I did before. This is a cool update concept but how you implement it means everything. The added RnG will kill your game. I liked the idea of battlegrounds but unlike then I am absolutely mortified this time, you've made your playerbase actually fear you @Ankama. While I won't lie and say I have hope you will do this well, please don't screw us over... again...


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I'm pretty neutral to the update itself, so I'll leave the protesting to the experienced players

What I am here today is to bring up a point that DaemonHammer had said (I'm sorry, new here, so doesnt know how to quote)

" What would you think if all of a sudden you got your precious relic and epic with 1-2 slots and other people around you have its relics and epics with 3 or even 4 slots? "

Regarding this, I feel that if Ankama is gonna push for the update, then at the very least, the slots, colours and arrangement for all these equipments should be the same as to provide a slightly more "fair" situation

Eg, Both Player A and Player B have the Item Z that is relic/epic, after the update, both A and B identified their own Z, and realise they both have the same slots/colour/arrangement.

This, at the very least, give players a equal opportunity to tweak around and build it according to their wants and not subjected to RNG despite owning the same item.

In fact, I would like to have it such that even the loot from boss, has the same slots/colour/arrangement as to when players first identified the items.

Again, rather than protesting against it, I rather comment to help mitigate any potential problems that kind of have an uneven start. Please do advise if you (the reader/players here) have any better ideas to help mitigate any problems you think would happens

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Ah diddlydoo here we go again

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Hello Siu, thanks for killing my guild, forty active players now with their items for sale at the store, I have 16 years of playing with ankama, in wakfu 6 years, in an update without communication with players you destroyed the game. Thank you all my playing time and dedication my money is worth nothing to ankama.

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Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to the new system. However, I don't appreciate getting my previous hard work utterly shafted because of transitional aspects of the update. Nobody has extra legendary stuff layin' around just to HOPEFULLY nab an extra socket or two on the current gear. Please, Ankama, rethink your methods of "rerolling" sockets; otherwise your bricking a lot of hard work.

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Ankama, please rework this. Go back to the whiteboard and bring the team together to think of something more reasonable. You might lose a lot of paying customers this way.

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I think creating a socket system in conjonction with a « enchantment recipe » might be a simpler way of making items « unique ».

Combining the correct recipe in the correct order directly on the items sockets. Thus creating a specific bonus on that item.

Example, placing enchantments in order of the colour blue, red, red and white results in a higher boost in damage inflicted % VS just the current sublimations.

Food for thought.

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Score : -39

seems good. me likey.

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Score : 1033

What this update needs (in my opinion) is the following:

Inverse rates of sockets appearing for rare items (Stele/UB mat items/quest relics/epics/etc, so that the odds of getting 3 slots is the highest, 4 slots after that, and 2/1 slots the lowest odds), items which you wont encounter easily at least. This saves a lot of futile retrys and unnecessary item sacrifices. Imo the best would be to get rid of this randomness all together, but i dont think the devs are gonna do anything about it. This way the rare items, for which we worked hard to get, will have better odds to not become crap. Grinding a bunch of easy dropable items to get a 4 slot item and then upgrade it to legendary is also a grind, but seems kinda doable (?).  

Increase epic drop rate/make them tokenable. We need it now more then ever, especially if they wont fix the low chance of good slots appearing on epics.

Also order/number/colour of new rune slots are 3 walls of rng, that is absolutely terrible, i'd like to see some changes for this, make it a more smooth form of rng at least (in a way which you can't get less slots; in a way which you can manually modify order of sockets for example).

The content has potential, but i really am afraid of my rare items becoming worthless and i need to grind these again. I am sure others are of theirs as well. 


Positioning knowledge nerf seems way too harsh, maybe -150 is kinda acceptable

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Score : 1530

Hey Pizzagate,

Can you please explain this nerf on Positioning Knowledge? I don't have access to the beta server.

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Score : 13432

In case someone wants to do some calculations, the apparent chances of getting sockets are:
1 socket = 30%;
2 sockets = 40%;
3 sockets = 20%;
4 sockets = 10%;

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Score : 2028

That's in contradiction to what Siu said about the "low" chance of getting a worse socket roll.

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Score : 1053

I guess it is just about time to finally quit this game for good.

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Score : 1530

Sorry if I missed where you said this earlier, but will we get to test the Pandalucia update with the Enchantments system, or will the Pandalucia update beta likely still have the current smithmagic system?

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Score : 1420

According to this video, the table is this:

Object level Ench. Level Effect Shard cost
0 1 1 1
36 2 2 2
66 3 3 6
81 4 4 18
96 5 5 54
111 6 7 162
126 7 10 486
141 8 13 1458
171 9 16 4374
186 10 20 17496

Updating my previous calculations:
At level 155:
Old system
amulet - 2 rune slot (Resistance)
breastplate - 3 rune slots (Resistance)
cloak - 3 rune slots (Resistance)
epaulettes - 2 rune slots (Resistance)
shield - 1 rune slots (Resistance)
Total Resistance= 110 Elemental Resistance.

New system (max. level 8, max value 13)
1 socket for each gear with double effect
breastplate 26 Air Resistance
epaulettes 26 Water Resistance
cloaks 26 Fire Resistance
boots 26 Earth Resistance
Total Resistance= 26 Elemental Resistance.

2 socket for each gear with double effect
breastplate - 52 Air Resistance
epaulettes - 52 Water Resistance
cloaks - 52 Fire Resistance
boots - 52 Earth Resistance
Total Resistance= 52 Elemental Resistance.

3 socket for each gear with double effect
breastplate - 78 Air Resistance
epaulettes - 78 Water Resistance
cloaks - 78 Fire Resistance
boots - 78 Earth Resistance
Total Resistance= 78 Elemental Resistance.

4 socket for each gear with double effect
breastplate - 104 Air Resistance
epaulettes - 104 Water Resistance
cloaks - 104 Fire Resistance
boots - 104 Earth Resistance
Total Resistance= 104 Elemental Resistance.

: (
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Score : 1033

In general this whole update is about to change the strategy of the game, it will be more worthwhile to go rune damage only and resistance only on your safety net (tank sacrier/panda).

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Score : 282

can't we just get shards to upgrade shots and colors as well? makes any level of equip useful, destroying them in the process too and saves a lot of headache with already good equips

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Hey folks, 

Thanks for all your feedback. We've been working on Enchantments all week. We'll have more news for you next week. We hope you'll like what you hear! 

Have a nice weekend!

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looking forward to this I hope it's good news!

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Score : 122

I wonder if this time they will listen to feedbacks.
Gonna kill half the community with this update instead of working on bugs...
I'll be honest with you, all high level, I swear ALL high level I know told me they won't play anymore (+ they alltested the beta so they know what they're talking about).
Actually some of my friends already left knowing it's update is coming. It's normal, why working hard to see it getting ruined with an update? It's like working for money that you won't get because you worked for it, makes no sense for me lol.
So it's simple, either they kill half of the community and so they will do wayyyy less beneficts with origins etc, or they listen to people feedback and they keep the game alive and will continue to make money from this game.
If it's the same story for the merge servers, then I don't know why they ask for feedbacks.

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Ankama, can you please postpone this patch until server merge? Thanks.

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So after the identification we will get our runes back as shards, but what about money put in rune upgrade before? Is it going back to us too?

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Score : 4506

No, because it was designed as a kama sink, but you will probably get more shards.

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