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Devblog: New Nations

By #[Owlie] - ADMINISTRATOR - October 26, 2018, 16:45:00

For Update 1.62 we are completely reworking the four main nations in the game (Amakna, Sufokia, Bonta, and Brakmar) in order to improve gameplay. This update is scheduled for December - find out more about it now.

Community feedback in response to the total revamp of Astrub has been very positive overall, and so we wanted to offer this same level of quality for the four main nations.

We benefited from the experience gained from redesigning Astrub to improve almost all aspects of nations: their appearance, the quality of exploration of and navigation, balancing, and distribution of content (monsters, items, dungeons, etc.).


Easier Exploration

The four updated nations will be smaller (less surface area) because we want to make navigation easier (getting around will take less time), make content more concentrated (less "empty" and "unnecessary" space), and encourage interaction among players (who will have a better chance of crossing paths and interacting).

We have applied the same treatment to transports in the nations as that applied to zones most recently added to the game, reducing the number of Drago-Expresses in nations but placing them in more appropriate locations. With the reduced size of nations in 1.62, having a huge number of Drago-Expresses in front of each dungeon, for example, was no longer warranted.

And to help you find your way around the nations, we've improved the "token" system on the world map by listing more points of interest.

Easier Progression

Along with fully revamping nations, we would like to improve character advancement (leveling up and finding content) by better distributing monster families.

To strengthen the identity and usefulness of each area, monster families will now be specific to a single nation (there will no longer be duplicates among multiple nations).

Table showing the distribution of monster families by level bracket and nation:

This new distribution of monster families allows us to provide fresh content for nearly all level brackets, and it will encourage players to return to nations they've previously visited.

Instead of forcing players to progress over long periods in a single nation, we chose to develop a fast and varied path between the four primary nations.


We took advantage of this massive project to improve how monster families work. Over the years, we've developed new ways of creating more interesting spells, and we were able to apply those methods to this major update.

Some of the monsters present in the nations were created several years ago, shortly after the game's release. We therefore updated each monster family found in the four main nations, balancing them while making their fights more deep, interesting, and dynamic.


We made use of this project to introduce three new dungeons of levels 140, 155, and 170. We'll talk more about this content in an upcoming article.

Changing the monster families' levels also has a positive effect on the distribution of dungeons in the game based on their level:

(This graphic does not account for Ultimate Boss dungeons or quest-dependent dungeons).

"Celestial" dungeons have been removed, but in the long term, we intend to reintroduce the monsters found in them in a new form.

We have completely updated how dungeons are distributed, as their excessive concentration at lower levels was not very useful for players; characters would progress too quickly and not even get the chance to try out all these dungeons, while they experienced a lack of dungeons when approaching level 100. With this new distribution of content, advancing in the game should be much more fluid and enjoyable.

Dungeons found in nations have, by and large, been considerably improved (scenery, deeper game mechanics, and improved rewards), and we encourage you to go and rediscover them.
Some of these may even have surprises or secrets in store for you:


After improving monsters and their levels, it made sense to tackle the equipment associated with them. Over 500 old equipment items have been modified and improved:

  • Effects have been added or modified.
  • The levels of items have been generally raised to match the new levels of monster families.
  • As a result, recipes have been balanced.

Versions of these items obtained before the release of Update 1.62 will not change and can no longer be obtained.

In addition to improving existing equipment, we are adding about 100 new equipment items.

Quests and environmental quests

You'll discover seven new quests in this update (which allow for a smoother transition between nations and help the player to discover one area after another).

Environmental quests (based on the Astrub model) play a role as well; these can be found in each zone within every nation.

You'll therefore find solo, group, and competitive environmental quests involving combat, interactions, invasions, and hordes.


Phoenixes are now only present in the center of each nation's capital.

Upon death, characters are transferred to their nation's Phoenix (if they are nationless, they'll be transferred to the Phoenix in Astrub). They are located near Zaaps and Drago-Expresses so that you have a reasonable amount of time to return to your original spot after dying.

We made this change because we wanted to make capitals more prominent and because we've noticed that players would regularly forget to update their save point.

The new Phoenix of the nation of Amakna:

Haven Worlds

In Update 1.61, we introduced a new interface for accessing Haven Worlds. In Update 1.62, we're improving access to Haven Worlds by creating an access point (called a Haven Tree) located in the center of each of the four capitals.

Here is the Haven Tree for the city of Amakna:


All workshops are now to be clustered in capitals. As with Phoenixes and Haven Trees, we want to revitalize capitals by giving players many more chances to visit them and spend time there.

The new Sufokia Forge:


The number of harvestable resource nodes found in nations has been balanced and generally reduced. We'll pay close attention to the impact of these changes, and if necessary, we'll make these resources appear more frequently or increase the amount of resources obtained when harvesting.

We've also improved the appearance of certain harvestable resources to make them much better integrated with the environments of the new nations.

Trees in the Brakmar zone in 1.61
The same trees in version 1.62
And the in-game result

The work involved in revamping nations has kept part of the team intensively occupied for several months, and so we are anxious for you to be able to explore these territories. It's the perfect opportunity to create a new character and rediscover the Wakfu adventure!

Q & A

Are there still artifact chests?

These chests can be found in the new nations.

What will happen to the treasures of the Calamar Island pirates?

These treasures will not be around in the updated nations; we believe these mechanics are outdated and no longer belong in the game.

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Hope It will give Wakfu more population

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Score : 1262

If you want a real population boost Ankama should drop the Heroes system, so will never happen.

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great work

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I'm definitely interested, though it sounds like some nations won't have monsters or dungeons for certain levels? I'm not sure how I feel about joining a nation and being unable to do the local content for another twenty levels.

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Nothing is stopping you from going to another nation and leveling there when you come to that level range, it's like saying "I'm lvl 50 and want to stay in brakmar, why do i have to go to the wild estate?"

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Score : 5

This is really interesting, hopefully it'll go well with less unfortunate mishaps.

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Ok here's a few Questions:
1. Will all nations be square-ish?
2. I get puddlies being in sufokia, but why striches in bonta? (not sure I want them in my capital, lol)
3. Are the blops the green bloops from the old zinit? I'm glad they are back.
4. What will happen to the 3 pistes dungeon and bellaphones?
5. Will there be any secret bosses in dungeons, like tofulix?
6. So most of the items obtained in nations and from treasure chests will become unobtainable from now on? And wil their apperance be used on new items or will they become rare mimi items now?
7. Will the old plant apperances become cosmetic trees, like the enurado and xelorium ones?

0 -1

1. You'll see !
2. Again, you will have to wait and see their location wink
3. Not quite !
4. For now, nothing. They could reappear someday though, in another form.
5. I wonder...

"Dungeons found in nations have, by and large, been considerably improved (scenery, deeper game mechanics, and improved rewards), and we encourage you to go and rediscover them.
Some of these may even have surprises or secrets in store for you."

6. Most items skins will be kept and relinked to the new gear, with some exceptions. In exceptional cases, the old skins will remain on the old items, while the new items will have new skins.
7. Yes, we made sure of it.

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I'm still not convinced at all.......All I heard is they're making lower level enemies harder to fight (as if wakfu needs harder fights) and  the nations are getting smaller.

  • The few: Will continue to play with 6 heroes (fast/most efficient way)
  • The most: Will continue to quit the game because trying to find 6 people is slow and boring

When you can solve that problem ankama then we can have a discussion.
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Well not harder, just more interesting, just like they did with all the dungeons in astrub.
Also the server merge is still coming

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Score : 5619

It's a new dawn and a new age of wakfu exploration begins.

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Score : 920

hum... i think is better to get the emotes before the change . hahahaha XD

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Score : 1775

i dont think emote treasure will be gone, otherwise it's kind of a broken update. what about new players that just played? they will never get the emotes then, it's a bad decision if they decide on this

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Score : 13

I just wished revamping Sadida was prioritized. Anyway, GOOD JOB DEV TEAM *thumbs up*

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Will you need a booster to access the nations?
Also sad that you are removing 3 pistes and bellaphones, they were both in my top 5 favorite monster families (i mean I'd at least put bellaphones in another monster family, like you did with Mushds)

Also does that mean you are also removing prespics and trolls from bonta?

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Score : 1841

I'm sure that'll be pretty dumb to lock nation

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Score : 3705

I definitely am hyped for this update, thanks to how the family monsters will be distributed, all ppl on ur lvl will he in the same area on the same map, what a great solution! It will definitely br easier to group up and find friends to play with!

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Score : 6000

What will happen to the hidden gestures/animations that are currently scattered across the nations? Will they be removed or will they all be brought back?
Similarly, will monsters within nations still drop animations that were previously removed as collectables?

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Chests containing gestures, kamas etc. will be relinked and hidden in new spots in the nations.
Nation-specific drops (musical emotes etc.) shouldn't really change.

Score : 1992

make a system that if you party up with a player using another IP you get a good exp and drop bonus.

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Dok-Q|2018-10-26 18:37:50
Going only by the chart they provided, though, Brakmar monsters start at level ~80. So as a level ~30 fresh from Astrub who joins Brakmar, I have to go over to Amakna or Sufokia to keep leveling. To me, it removes that initial period of getting to know your nation.

You don't need to be part of the nation just for run a dugeon sutuated into it xD
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Score : 9056

....That image looks REALLY small for a NATION.... more "Island"- sized....
Exploring all around the whole nations WAS one of the fun parts. And the sufficient distribution of Dracos made sure that you wouldn't spend hours backtracking if you needed anything.

I assume you are basically gonna "detroy" old equipment and sets?

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Score : 1262

NATIONS are islands to begin with.

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Score : 17812

Hold on a second... Why are puddlies in Sufokia?

Why not replace Riktus in Amakna with the puddlies, then make the Riktus a universal mob across all nations, but that doesn't spawn as often? After all, aren't there national Riktus anyway? And isn't Elite Riktus located in a centralized location for all four nations?

I just don't like the idea of things becoming even less canon than they already are. If I watch the show and see Yugo saving puddlies in Amakna, I would expect to find puddlies in Amakna in-game, not in Sufokia. Along with a taur family.

5 -1
Score : 4537

Agree on both counts.

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Foju|2018-10-26 19:09:08
why would they lock nations to booster? i think that is the last thing / non existence on the dev's plan. and surely they might as well just close down Wakfu if they did that XD

wandererAGw|2018-10-26 18:39:02
I'm sure that'll be pretty dumb to lock nation

You are aware that originally nations and everything else was subscription content right? Free players could do only Astrub and the old Zinit.
0 -2
Score : 531

And are you aware that on that time the game was pretty much just the nations?

They can't just revamp something and call it new content, so they can lock it behind a premium wall, or at least they shouldn't.

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Score : 98


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Wait what will happen to the trade bridges and markets?

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Score : 1841

trade bridges have been useless for long time so they got removed
one market board placed in capital I think

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