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Devblog: PvP Battlefields

By #[Dy7] - ANKAMA - November 24, 2017, 16:00:00
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So I guess this has something to do with why half the dragoexpresses on the beta server have completely vanished? Ohwymi and Monk Island have no dragoexpresses, Wild Estate and Kelba have two, things like that.

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To those wondering where the dragoturkey's went... remember this past week was Thanksgiving...  in other words... they got eaten!  biggrin

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Server Merge news? Or did I miss it in the last few devblogs?

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Hi Enspyre,

We do not have any server merge news to share at this time.

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the new resource protecting system only protect personal efforts from being destroyed,but eco terrorist can still destroy nation bonus.the best part is if he decide to do it by overplanting something,you cant even stop himwithin time.and hes getting more tolerance??lets change a lil bit shall we

maybe open world pvp will be disable and immuned from for only ppl in neutral nation.but if one choose neutral he cant also duel.ppl who cry about pvp will just join neutral.but plz keep open world pvp for 4 nations cuz what you are doing is not revamping its killing it.

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If all pvp works in open world ..and Neutral can't be attacked. That's what nation Eco terrorists would pick.

Open world pvp needs to be left as it is.

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without open-world pvp ppl would be lack of interest in developing their gear and game would be less fun.more robots would forcibly occupy resources and u can do nothing to stop them.
open-world pvp is necessary ,even if there is no reward,dont make this some happy family game.
also i think matchmaking system would be really bad,this is not like dota,u cant pick hero in game or change gear build,and in 1v1 u may mostly face sadida.for Territory conquest,people will just go to rictus and share buff or sth else.and i think that some ppl will just go pvp with really bad gears,and they win when they match good teammates.

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this revamp will probably lead to a decreaseing number of pvp fans as i dont see much motivation and necessity to pvp.and meantime theres more reason and ways to not pvp.literally killing pvp ankama.battlefield is cool tho

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I feel like it might be appropriate, down the road, after the nations/policy revamps, to explore a new implementation for guard and outlaw PVP just to prevent the exact ecosystem trashing problems discussed in other places in this thread. Or at least make them more interesting.

At the same time.. I won't be missing open-world PVP and the PKing it entails! If anything like it ever comes back, I would welcome a system designed from the ground up with a better eye for how the game has developed.

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as far for rank on pve ALS system are players fan of pvp.most challenging pve fights are experienced mostly by pvp fans and thats no coincidence.those who keep complaining about pvp neither have the motivation to improve their gears nor do they have the passion to aim for endgame pve build or even multiple builds.
the existence of open world pvp creates challenge and danger .dont like danger then go to gta and be a god there.but this is mmorpg and the core of mmorpg is competition between players thats what thrives the game especially endgame players and pvp will(it has been)motivate countless people to aim for top level gear and become better in pvp and pve.i can guarantee it makes people have a deeper comprehension of this game.
pvp hater can stay hater but dont eliminate open world pvp because of that.

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open world PvP ppl cry that ankama kill game
close arenas for PvP ppl cry that ankama kill game
F... when you dont crying :blink:

they end times when you can fast move with teleports and dragon turkey?

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i can sense a growing confidence of these ppl already lol

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EXP from PvP, good. This will likely give another incentive for leaping into the fray.

New rewards, good. More stuff to hoarde.

Resource protection system. Mixed opinion: I would have this only applied to overworld areas. Haven Bags and Haven Worlds should be exempt from this so players can coop getting resources. (One plants, the other one harvest stuffed with harvesting bonuses.) Even if they don't belong to the same guild, some contacts might require this kind of teaming up in order to speed up the production of resources. So, not for private areas.

Completely disabling open world forced PvP, good. We all saw this one coming, the 15 minutes protection was not enough, and while in other MMORPGs it is acceptable, it was too much out of control here, up to the point of virtually killing the server population in Nox and forcing many of them to move somewhere else. When it reaches such grade, and there is risk of this expanding even more, it is required to impose stuff like this. Alas, but you left no other choice.

Not being forced to choose a nation, good. When one doesn't want to get involved in politics, choosing a nation was the worst part. Now with the option to remain neutral I might finally abandon the Riktus standard for good. More freedom for everyone.

Rescueing the Prims from oblivion, good. It was about time too.

So, it looks promising. Let's wait and see how does the part about politics and outlaws evolve. How will this affect to heroes and specially to sidekicks? Man, I want my sidekicks beside me if I have to enter here too.

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Sounds freaking amazing! Good job!

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 Old PVP coexistence with new PVP,Isn't that good?

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sounds great guys. looking forward to the update!

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Battlegrounds sounds nice and I quite like that idea. I don't imagine how this would work to be dynamic and Im a lil worry about that. How this would be for dozens of players without geting bored to death bc of turn aspect of the game? Task on arenas are fine, as long as Ankama will make new ones for us will be good.
But Im disaprove with decision to remove open world PVP. It's kinda mah, u choose your nation to fight for them and know if u see for example brakmarian guy with wings up u cant attack him? Thats kinda lame and destroy feeling of game in my opinion.
I think better system will be u can choose neutral fraction and be 100% protected from PVP or u can go for one of nation and be able to aggro all the time. Thats make more sense for me. 

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exactly the best solution ,to make neutral players total unattackable and who stays at 4 nations is positive to open world pvp,everyone will be satisfied.

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and next... esport

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Might as well add HW protection to plants so that randoms can't rampage within your hw anymore as soon as you forget about the door once.

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very very nice work !!!! But who cheat the ranking or pvp in general? I want a ban for this players....

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One more think. Did u plan to reset pvp ranking? I get really mad when i think old abusive players that kills own alts to get higher in ladder, guys with 900w/7l . That's just unfair for active and honest pvp players.

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lol giving people a reason to get out of asturb zzzz ........ you should make a cooperative PvE game mode... not just a dungeon but with nation PvP in it.... or add monsters that give buffs or something but arent baby easy and gankable or something.... maybe something along the lines of non neutral monsters that your nation can buff a variety a ways to nerf the zergs ( you know what i mean)

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Do we have to completely disable open world pvp? Can't we just make it impossible to attack people who don't have their wings up? Could we penalize players with a reduction in merit for attacking other players when the difference in levels is greater than a certain number? Or can we have open pvp servers? Can we still have pvp for guards only? idk I kind of liked the pvp aspect just didn't like when people took advantage of the loopholes in the system. Like attacking people without wings up to try and draw their guild mates to fight so they can get more merit. Simply make the merit penalty for doing that high enough to deter that kind of behavior. Same for attacking someone who is 30 levels lower than you. And the resource protection sounds a bit excessive. I for one haven't had much of a problem gathering resources the way it is. The main problem is when the ecosystem is so imbalanced and you can't harvest anything without planting a ton of it first or losing citizenship points. And when the planting chance is 57% for trees (which feels more like 20% sometimes) you're not gonna plant 300 of them in Yurbut within 5 minutes anyway.

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