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Devblog: The Mineral Tower

By #[Jonquille] - ANKAMA - November 23, 2017, 16:00:00
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Today we're unveiling a new kind of dungeon: the Mineral Tower. How do you get there, what kind of combat will there be, and what are the rewards? This devblog provides answers to all these questions.

Getting into the Tower

To access the tower, you'll need a ticket. These tickets are quite diligently guarded by Arpagone, who happens to have a strong desire to enrich himself. Every day, you'll be offered an entrance ticket for you to use in your own time. Please note: the tickets do not stack, so you'll have to spend your free ticket in order to collect a new one.

However, if you'd like to try the fight again, you can purchase new tickets from the Shop. These won't have an expiration date and will let you enter the tower whenever you like, no matter how many attempts you've already made that day.


The Mineral Tower offers a combat experience featuring a group of monsters and a boss, all in a single room. This fight will be accessible at two levels: 36 and 186. It will also be adjusted so that players at level 51 or higher who want to do the lower-level version can do so at level 50. All pretty standard so far.

The first of two special things about this tower is the number of players in a group. The Mineral Tower will be restricted to groups of 3 players, heroes included, and sidekicks will not be allowed.

Its second distinctive quality is the gameplay, which causes each fight to be different from the last. You'll have the chance to encounter one of at least 8 different types of gameplay when you attempt the Mineral Tower.

If you don't defeat the group of monsters before you, you can always try again by speaking to Arpagone after the fight. Or, if you decide to leave the Mineral Tower, a new group of monsters will spawn whenever you return for another attempt. In which case you'll have to guess at their strategy again.

What You'll Earn

Each time you win, you'll earn a certain amount of tokens. You can use these tokens at a machine to buy rewards that will only be available through the Mineral Tower: these could be harnesses, pets, costumes, and much more. These rewards are subject to change and may only be available for a limited time.

You'll also receive combat rewards in the form of equipment, which will be related to the Mineral Tower and only obtainable from these fights. Equipping this new gear will help you in your day-to-day adventuring!

Be forewarned: to earn this equipment, you'll have to really outdo yourselves.

Here's a brief guide for you:

  • Every week, there will be missions with four different reward tiers. Each tier you unlock gives you the chance to obtain a better quality item as a combat reward.
  • Each Stasis level (for the low-level Mineral Tower) also plays a role by determining the level of equipment you get. This way, high-level players will be in for a challenge as well!

I hope you find this new daily activity plenty challenging.


Best wishes,



First Ankama intervention

Replying to Tomssalt

Hi Tomssalt,

The new dungeon will be released in Update 1.57. You can test the low level tier in the Beta server within the day (once it is available).

See message in context
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so.... excited....


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I like the details on offer here

- I like that it's for 3 man groups, because I thought wakfu was seriously overfocussed on 6-man team content.
- I like that it's free daily entrance, with option of paying for additional tickets. So once per day is the highest efficiency, but it doesn't fall into the same "I've done my daily, might as well log off now" trap that some other content does.
- I like that it's purportedly challenging and has different reward tiers based on difficulty level. Because I thought wakfu had a problem where the reward payout usually wasn't about overcoming challenges but was more about grinding for as long possible or getting lucky... because low stasis is comparable in efficiency to high stasis.

I do however remain hella mad about 1.56.

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This looks great!

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I've always said that it should be more content for smaller groups of ppl, when I started playing long time ago I played with my 2 mates and we reach the lvl when we can't complete dungs in 3 but finding other ppl on our level was unrealistic scenario, and nobody of players want to help 3 newbies xD
The nice thing is u can do it with hero or with other players. I know lots off ppl who run with 6 own characters, so let no one try to tell me that it will split community ;P

I like that tickets idea, we get one chance per day. Normal player will get slower rewards but for sure he get it, someone who want it faster just need to spend some money on Wakfu. It's fair for me. And a lot of players complain about origins and no stuff to spend them. U know a lot of times there is promotions like buy at least 13.000 OG get costume.

Idea of changing mobs in rooms is really nice. Give us much more content in simple way. That ensure that the content is not too bored over time.

However, I think the limitation to 2 avilible level caps are unused potential. Are you considering adding something in between 36 and 186 ?

PS - Ticket will be tradeable?
PPS - I never saw your post before so welcome in Wakfu team [Jonquille]!

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Hope we can have opportunities to earn rare exclusive costumes from before like the Chancellors, Fan or Nox costumes.

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The best: happy
-New (apparently?) procedural stuff. Randomness for the win.
-New equipment, tokens and machine. More things to hoard.
-New geek tofu member. Welcome aboard.

The worst: sad
-No sidekicks allowed. A kick to the nuts when you connect and have nobody else around.
-Shop tickets. Tradeable? Or not?
-Temporary rewards. Might be unobtainable after that?
-One time daily stuff.

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I hope Arpagone is modeled after Ruel's wife, though I noticed it's a "he" according to the description. tongue

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In this day and age, one can never be too sure anymore!

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Is this happening now or is there a release date I'm not seeing? o.o

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Hi Tomssalt,

The new dungeon will be released in Update 1.57. You can test the low level tier in the Beta server within the day (once it is available).

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this new concept seems really interesting and would really change from the usual dungeon format (3room 1boss), and a small group dungeon always seemed like an interesting idea to me

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so ankama is finally not ashamed of the game becoming pay to win? i mean, seeing how they explained first the "how this will make us rich"(it wont) instead of whats the dungeon is about.
Ankama needs to hide better their greed. And since its new content i bet its going to be for subs only. Just wait and see, and they will probably keep zinit still locked xD

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Oh wow another demi-god, how happy...........


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If you watch the series, she may not be a demi-god. Certainly, there was nothing that said she was, and there was plenty that implied she wasn't.

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looks cool.
hope that the items look cool so that i can use them for mimisymbics

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So, how are we supposed to test this on beta?

You have one try against mobs using a random hidden mechanic. How are we to say if the mechanic works or not?
I was just in a fight, killed all the mobs and got stuck with 4 piles of immortal rock piles with no way to win the fight. No hints to what they are for, no descriptions to the mechanics on the boss (Just "Passive A: Test." "Passive B: Test." "Passive C: Test.").
Come on Ankama, if you want us do do your work for you, at least bother to finish skill descriptions before putting stuff on beta.

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Probably your fight bugged, since after killing all mobs (and boss), the fight ends. And so far my fight didn't have any hidden mechanic (or I didn't note, which makes them really hidden xD)

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I'm hoping Ankama releases more content like this (optional, but also free and pay2play) so they can unlock Zinit once and for all.

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The player base is so small that if everything was free the whole game would collapse, or just be unplayably bad from poor maintenance. If it's not worth the money than don't play. Games are businesses, not charity.

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