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Encyclopedia Improvement

By [Sabi] - ADMINISTRATOR - March 27, 2014, 17:00:00
Today, we have implemented some changes to the Encyclopedia in order to improve it and here is the list of them!


  • It is now possible to publish comments on the pages of the Encyclopedia items.
  • In case of TOU breaking comments, you can use a button to report them: its operation is identical to the one used on the forums.
  • Optimization of the pages loading time.
  • It will be possible to switch pages 3 by 3.
  • It will be possible to display more than 20 items per page.
  • We have added subcategories in the main navigation menu


  • The spell level you selected will be saved until your next visit to the class page. 


  • Items are now displayed in ascending level and alphabetically.
  • Effects have been added to the lists of items.
  • In the "Acquisition" category, tokens will no longer be part of the means to obtain the item, except for Ultimate Bosses.
  • The range and area of ​​effect of the items will be more visible.
  • Unlocked equipment sets of level 120 and above.


  • We removed the display level increments for harvesting professions and for the Kama Minter profession.

Search Tool

  • Using search will no longer reload the page. This tool will now work as a form that you can select the criteria and filters by pressing the “Filter” button: this will allows you to save time on repeated searches.
  • We decided to hide some “advanced” filters to give more clarity.
  • Search per "Level":
    • We have removed the "Slidebar" and replaced it with an input field.
    • You can also choose the levels that interest you the most.
  • Bonus:
    • We have separated the damage bonuses per elemental branches.
    • We have separated the bonuses in the following groups: offensive, support, defensive, extra.
  • We added the rarity color codes.
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Score : 4954
Thanks biggrin
Score : 1466
It'd be cool if it worked.....At least it isn't for me.

Every time I try to click on the different level tabs for crafts, it just kinda thinks about it and goes back to the first lvl crafts...
Score : 13
Thanks for this awesome improvment!
Score : 2
Score : 8
AirGuy|2014-03-27 20:21:09
Whats wrong?blink

Big thanks for this upgrade.
Score : 9
At Last!!
Score : 93
I am so happy with this.
Score : 1669
Comments do not seem to be working as of yet. You know you are just asking for trouble adding that feature in anyway.

Seems to be working faster. That is a huge improvement. Some of the displays are hard to read. Need to double check the backgrounds. It could simply be that I need to flush my cache. If not, revise for readability.
Score : 3619
Um, the return of records on challenge monsters please? It used to be ok to access their record and find out about their unique drops. But now we have no way but look at item name and guess.
Score : 129
Wow, this new Encyclopedia is super buggy for me. The biggest issue is selecting items from the drop-down boxes doesn't update the list of items. (eg, selecting "Armor" from the "Type:Equipment" drop-down does nothing)

Also, is the entire background meant to be a light tan color? Makes some items, such as those in yellow, very difficult to read.

Finally, there's some French which isn't translated, such as "Faire une nouvelle recherche".
Score : 6673
Still no Asse Shield info lol

Score : 2
how vote??
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