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KROSMOZ: Saharash

By March 14, 2014, 16:00:00

Aaah, Saharash... Its wild and abundant nature, its fresh water sources and its friendly people... Do not make that face, Saharash has not always been a dry wasteland and desert like it is today! And for proof, here are some testimonials from former residents or passing adventurers who tells us of a time that whoever less than twenty years old may not know...

Dofus Era

"38th day. What an exciting morning! My tour of the World of Twelve is well underway and yet I make more and more astonishing discoveries every day! I've arrived in a place with lush vegetation and uncommunicative but still very welcoming people! Strange creatures inhabit the area. While I took notes for my travel guide, sitting at the edge of a lake, one of them quickly popped its head out of the water! A species of cactus, quite small, but obviously very smart. And not shy for a kama! The natives, although distant, seem to have a deep respect for them. I cannot wait to learn more about the inhabitants and customs of the area... "

Theodoran Ax, scientific explorer - 635

Shortly after, wandering adventurers settled in this dreamy region of the World of Twelve. Gradually, homes multiplied, and an entire village was born. The Castucs who lived in perfect harmony with their new roommates, evolved in contact with them. But while everything seems to be for the best in the best of world...

Dofus Era: Ogrest Chaos Transition

"Geez so much heat! The land is as wrinkled as an Enutrof skin! No Cawwot has been growing for weeks... Have you noticed this? These pesky critters, the Nature Spirits as they say it here, I am sure they have something to do with it!"

A village farmer - 787
Was it due to climate changes related to Ogrest Chaos or a punishment from the gods? The villagers did not know. But for them, one thing was sure: these Castucs, Nature Spirits, were necessarily behind it...
"My wife and I decided to leave everything. Or rather not leave anything ... The region is devastated, totally arid. Gradually, people leave the village. Some have even gone mad, ready to kill for the last amount of food or a drop of water. This is what made us decide to go... I wonder what we did to the Nature Spirits to deserve such a thing..."

A villager - 787
A few years later, having heard of the existence of an abandoned village named Crying-Pierre, a group of Brakmarians seeking refuge took the road towards Saharash...

Wakfu Era

"I hope that Little Foot is okay... I 'm afraid I made a mistake leaving him alone. Growing concerns are getting a hold of me... From what I've read in the testimonials of my ancestors, this place has not always been the one offered to me at the time I wrote these words. The air is suffocating, the earth is completely dry. The abandoned village gives the impression that time has stopped. This morning, I caught a glimpse of strange creatures, similar to Twelvians with piercing eyes, staring at me through their spiny shells... No doubt that it must be those Castucs  mentioned in archives. Nevertheless, they seem much less hospitable than what I had heard... One of them even stole my gourd! I'm thirsty, very thirsty..."

Habar Bar'habi – 971

Other adventurers may walk on the sand of Saharash in the years to come...

But for now, it is up to YOU to explore the mysterious origins of this desert... See you on March 18th in WAKFU!
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The video is cool
Score : 4422
would be cool if there was a requirement to have water on you at all times, otherwise you gradually lose hp...
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Cairen|2014-03-14 18:25:30
would be cool if there was a requirement to have water on you at all times, otherwise you gradually lose hp...
I disagree..this is an annoying idea just like al howin and kwismas island

would prefer if they invaded the nations and the govs would pay people to protect the nations and pay guilds to balance the island (so they dont go invading the nations)

see how easy it is to make fun content?happy 
Score : 1217
It is cool, I do hope people will stick around these areas for sometime and not get bored quickly and move back to wabbit.
Score : 4468
I'll be so disappointed if I don't see some Dune references.
Score : 2168
I love desert themes, and desert theme music. Loved the one in the video!
Score : -10
when are we getting mounts & a bank system like dofuses
Score : 17726
I thought the trailer sucked, honestly. Cue epic music from the series! Show pictures of non-aggro mobs walking around, or simply standing...

This game is so tame. Lame.
Score : 8
SO?its 18 March and nothing change.I even cany play.Is says no PROXY AVAILBLE.
Score : 127
Why keep making more and more realms for the few high level players this game has while totally neglecting the most common and mentions this game needs. Yet another example of Sabi and the few getting what they want in-game while the rest of us CLOSED BETA SURVIVORS watch from behind the scenes wondering why they have kept spending money on a subscription.

Write your Not too mention now that I have over a dozen different pets and I can no longer fed them. If I give them the required foods they still LOSE HP.
See comment below for more clarity on why you should fix shit before introducing new content geared towards less that 15% of your paying client base.
Score : 10
The wrost game of ever..8 hour's for ban 4 retard...
Score : 124
I kinda like the idea of needed water as well; mostly because of the gourd comment in the flavor text (above). Unfortunately, I also think it'd be difficult to implement, and likely not worth the time to code and introduce, as it'd be as hated by many as it was liked by others.

Still, a neat idea.
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