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WIP: Craft Revamp

By $[Sabi] - ADMINISTRATOR - January 21, 2014, 14:00:00
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Yeah... I feel a little conflicted about this. I feel like all this effort is being put into this potential system but it doesn't really seem to address the issues with the current crafting system.

Like what other people are saying- the current system needs tweaking. You increasing the xp from crafts last time was a step in the right direction, but it's not enough. It's still a tedious grind to max it out (especially chef). I think that resource requirements should be reviewed. I think that most sets/items should be craft-able (except for maybe relics). I think that there should be a lot more craft only gear options.

Why do gathering professions get titles, but crafters don't? For every maxed crafting profession, players should be rewarded with an exclusive title and insignia/costume at the bare minimum. That's more than enough of an advertisement for crafters if word-of-mouth isn't.

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This looks very interesting

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All this is nice and dandy IF and only IF the craft able gear becomes comparable if not better than the droppable gear. I've seen no point in leveling up any of the weapon masters professions because the only worthwhile gear is the lvl 100 sealed ones... The other professions only have decent gear due to the UBs - everything else is sub par compared to stuff dropped in game. Especially considering that it is a lot quicker to drop something than it is to craft it...

It would be nice being able to make things that are actually useful while you level the profession and not terrible/useless gear that just gets thrown away or crushed. Hmm...

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wow this is great..finally doing things in wakfu crafting has more meaning than just crafting legendary weapons smile

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this is an intriguing idea. looking forward to seeing it implemented. to all the complainers about disliking the elite crafter recipes, do not listen to them. hard work should be encouraged in this game, not the other way around.

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Why craft need revamp??

All oldcraft and old rules-good.

You(devs) can add new lvl 100+(profession lvl) with "new rules"(like limited items and one item can give full lvl...etc)

Current craft system god for me.

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I believe at a certain point, like 120+, craftable gear should not be lower than an orange rarity. Green gear and below is just not practical, since it takes longer to craft than to drop it. Plus, there is no reward in crafting a green item since there is an orange item that is so much better that is a drop. Green gear pretty much function as fillers until you get an orange or higher.

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I will say that you NEED to take people with lvl 100 professions into consideration.
I mean I spent a good week or 2 getting fishing from 90-100 the other day and seeing my hard work go poof, well its annoying..

And if you are not careful when IF people see their months... or even years of hard work levelling their professions lost they will be really annoyed and may even quit.. and well I dunno about the other servers but Remington cant afford the losses. I was here when it was packed with people and over the years it has slowly got lower and lower to the point where it can be harder to find a group.. sometime even impossible..

If I lose all my high lvl profession I know that I would seriously have to consider quitting, I have worked hard getting them levelled and think it would be a slap around the face to lose them all.

A revamp of this system in a good thing.. I don't think anyone would disagree. you just need to seriously consider (and preferably tell) people who have worked VERY HARD maxing their professions they have spent months doing this that they will not be penalised for subbing and playing the game and bothering to lvl their professions.

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I'm rather excited to see the player-crafter contract system and crafting marketboard. It's exactly what we were asking for, and it's finally coming. Yay.

However, I'd prefer to rush and get some seals before this revamp comes. Seems that it will be just another time consuming hell, and also mea culpa will completely lose its worth. With wisdom cap and "free" wisdom bonuses given by challenges, it's already pointless to use mea culpa for raising a character. I was keeping my potions for crafts only, but well, now it's time to burn them all while it still helps.

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"What we really needed was for ankama to give us useful recipes. Stuff we want, and which require materials amounts that are appropriate and make sense."

This. God, just come up with GOOD items, and make the recipes more humane, and increase the XP we get from each Craft/Harvest. Work on Havest Gear.. Problem solved.

I could have revamped this stuff in my sleep, and for free.

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Haha, sounds like my Hamster And Friends company!
I really like it, huge change, hopefully everything will work as intended and leveling professions will be more interesting. Very original for an mmo as well, whcih is great, that's what brought me to Wakfu, original concepts...

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Despite the fact that it is essentially a 1:1 knockoff of Neverwinter's crafting system, it actually seems a big step up from the mind-numbing melancholy that is crafting in Wakfu. It just seems strange to scrap the entire crafting system and start from scratch for a game that was supposed to be, in a big way, about crafting. The lack of any system-generated currency was meant to enforce/encourage a healthy game economy, but did it? At the end of the day, crafting was boring, and offered fairly lackluster rewards. The rewards have gotten better, money now grows on tree's, but the drop rates for rare materials are still abysmal and the process of harvesting/crafting is uninvolved and repetitive to the extreme.

If this is the sum total of the proposed changes to crafting, it will be at best, slightly less tedious, and not really any more rewarding than it currently is. The crafting system, even after the proposed modifications, lacks any need to distinguish "talented" craftsmen from less prestigious ones. If say, craftsman A and craftsman B each have the recipe to make a piece of armor, what would distinguish the two sets, and thus, the two craftsman? Nothing. Each piece of armor would be the exact same as the last one made, with no variation to stats or aesthetics. "Interaction, Speed, Price" are fairly weak differentiating factors for various craftsman.

All craftsman will try as best as possible to be amiable, have competitive prices, and to get things done as quickly as possible. Even among the top 20, say, craftsman, your going to find very very little differentiation in the way they do business, and no variation in the things they produce.

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I don't like this...... sad

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Man this is just like neverwinter... I agree improvments can be made, but eplace a complitly original sistem with a copy doesn't seem an improvment to me...

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I haven't made up my mind yet if I like this new system or not, BUT I can tell this is not the revamp that crafting system needs.

At this moment players have VERY LOW INTEREST in crafting professions and items, here some reason:
-Very few interesting items to craft.
-You can find a much better drop-item counterpart for every craft-item.
-Not convenient to make kamas from selling because (read above).
-Legendary items (seal craftings) that should be very good since every player can only craft one for profession, are extremely outdated and the value keeps geting lower and lower (also you can count 3 or 4 good legendary weapon, all other legendaries are s***t, nobody wants/needs them).

Solutions may be:
-Make craft items more powerfull and harder to craft.
-Make craft items (expecially legendary items) upgradable or customizable.
-Make more various items, why not some crazy full utilities weapon or armors? hp, lock, dodge, no dmg, full hp i don't know... something that might open perspective for cool and various builds.

I'm not saying this new system is bad, i repeat, it's just not what professions need to become an important feature.

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Why is everyone saying this is a copy of Neverwinter? There's a few key differences, and the system itself was done a few times already (mostly in single player RPG's) way before it was done in that game.

There's only so many ways you can make a good crafting system - changing it just to be different doesn't make it good.

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This is the same system as in Neverwinter online...
I'm sorry, but I don't like this... Specially craftsman leaderboard seems like not a good idea

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My only concern is if we're not the ones crafting any longer then what happens to our personal crafting skills?

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They are trying to be "original" here. Whats this? The 4th failure of the craft revamp so far? I lost count.

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More items and sets need to be made craftable as an alternative to being dropped, so I hope that is considered when the new craft lists for each profession are made. Crafting isn't as important at the moment because most good gear is drop only, with some wabbit island and seal craft exceptions.

The contract system is great, previously there were very limited ways of ensuring you didn't get scammed, such as trading the materials directly for an existing version of the item. Having this method makes it safer for buyers and should hopefully make it much better for making money as a crafter.

The apprentice idea will be nice in the long run, it just annoys me that I'll have to start with basic apprentices on my lvl 100 professions. Anyone who's maxed will have to backtrack again, just like they had to with the guild and smithmagic revamps. I was ok afk crafting, but having it being done while I do other stuff is also pretty good, items like handles, kamas and bread need to not take too long though, or apprentices are going to be clogged up for days making anything in large quantities.

I'm eager to find out more about the changes to master seals and lvl 150 versions of seal crafts, now the lvl 100 versions are becoming outdated. I bet the quests will be just as grindy as getting the materials in the first place was, but I guess that's what makes them so good for their level in the first place.

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