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WIP: Craft Revamp

By [Sabi] - ADMINISTRATOR - January 21, 2014, 14:00:00
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@Kiku - "The workshops will disappear, and to earn XP for your professions, you will now have to perform "tasks". Also note that all professions will have 200 levels. Your craft levels remain the same as of now. Which means that for example, an Armorer level 100 will still be level 100."

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I dont want read all these things, can somebody explain it shorter?
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just don't slap the lv 100 craftsmen in the face or your mosts devoted player will quit i worked hard for my levels so i want a head start

the last revamp was kick in the face and set me back a year on crafting
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Liking the concepts a lot. I'm very hopeful that this will be a rousing success and bring some life back into the more dull portion of the game.
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I strongly dislike the exclusive recipes for a few crafters. This will demotivate the casual crafter that just wishes to play moderately and craft to him/herself or the guild all the items they need.
A strong reduction on task time or even material costs on the recipes would be a more fair alternative to reward the most commited high level crafters. Maybe unlock an extra slot or two for them?

Also I'd like to point out the importance of reintroducing the gain of guild exp (or Guild Points as it is now) by crafting. As it is now, there is *no* incentive to set guild craft contests or guild group efforts towards crafting and it all falls down to the individual crafter willpower. (they daily quest of crafting 10 items doesn't even count, imo)
The guildie that spends his days crafting barely contributes to the evolution of his guild (at least not directly) and that was the most frustrating part of the Guild revamp to me.
I'd love to see something like giving the guild 20 GPs for every profession level you gain.
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"Finally, note that the best ranked craftsmen will have access to specific recipes, which only they will be able to make!"

translation: " Finally, note that only no-lifers will be able to craft the best items in game"
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I do have to say I like this idea. Many people don't want to focus on crafting professions. This is a nice way around it and I do believe we made similar suggestions on the forums a few months ago.
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Time based crafting instead of material based crafting. - how is this better? I am already annoyed by time based things, like constant feeding of pets, and dailies.

Leaderboards - Do we really need rankings for everything?

"Finally, note that the best ranked craftsmen will have access to specific recipes, which only they will be able to make! " -This will just annoy people. It annoys me right now.

Do people really like this?

What we really needed was for ankama to give us useful recipes. Stuff we want, and which require materials amounts that are appropriate and make sense. But instead we get a whole new system, that is going to need more revamping and bug fixing.
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For me it doesn´t make sense to make the professions not a ressource-based thing.
On Amara there is no market with ressources right know becaus there are just very few (rare) ressources everyone needs for professions and others who everyone can have in huge lots but nobody needs.
I also hate to hear that my lvl 100 professions already can do lvl 150 equip but in future can only do lvl 100 equip. And with this time-based professions it will take years to get to the point where i am a the moment in my high-lvl jobs.
I don´t think you should raise job-level to 200 this is just unfair for those who put so much work in their professions. Also in Dofus there is just lvl 100 jobs to build up to lvl 200 equip.
Please do not nerf the guys who did jobs for months if not for years to get them to the max and than just have it on 50% this is just a freakout-factor for them!
If the lvl 200 profession is a MUST than make give the guys who have maxed their professions the max-possible level than! It just makes no sense just to be able to do lower lvl equip as you are used to before the revamp!

And by the way this topic i couldn´t find in the forums und also just very hard on the homepage. There is no thread marked as dev or anka (for the devtracker and ankatracker in the forums) so that anyone can find this one easily. Or do you want it to be this kind of "invisible" because there will be some drastic negative feedback from anyone who did professions now and read this post properly?
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This seems like it has some serious potential. As long as we don't lose our current progress when changing over, and recipe lists remain similar, I'm all for it.

Accessing crafting via the web? Genius.

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I personally think the current system is crap, and let my guild do all the crafting for me, but im too lazy to read all of this revamp, especially when its all subject to change (and you guys know ankama with the word change)

Also, with master crafting seals, i would like to see a new way to get these for 3 reasons.

1. Only way to get them is to get 100 in that profession, which would be the only reason for me to do that profession.

2. You can only get 1 per character, but some professions have multiple items that can be made with these.

3. Main reason: You can't trade them and you can't just ask someone to use theirs for you because they would have put in time and effort for this.

I think I read something earlier about making certain quests to make these available at some point, but i'm not sure if they are crafting quests or what.

The only reason I would level a profession would be to get that specific item or whatever. Since (obviously) no gathering professions have these seals, I would have to level these as well, which all together takes too much time.

If the seals were obtainable in another way, I think this would be much better. I play this game to level up, fight things, and help out my friends/guild. I don't want to waste my time leveling up a bunch of professions just to get one specific thing.
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so as you make it play it making in game is like cooking take taste to see its palatable. Complexity is bad for games KISS keep it simple sister. don't give in to the content creep


When is the Craft revamp?

We do not know yet! But once we have a confirmed date we will keep you informed.

What will happen to the harvesting and planting professions?

Harvesting/Planting professions will not change and will always be the main source of obtaining resources for the craft professions. However, the refinement recipes will be moved to the craft professions themselves. For example, the Farmer will no longer make flour, it will become the role of the Baker. Obviously, to address these changes, the progression of the harvesting professions and resources harvest levels will be reviewed. All this will be communicated more in details in time.

How will we earn XP for these craft professions?

The workshops will disappear, and to earn XP for your professions, you will now have to perform "tasks". Also note that all professions will have 200 levels. Your craft levels remain the same as of now. Which means that for example, an Armorer level 100 will still be level 100. In contrast, the 100 + level items which can currently be crafted at level 100 will finally find their proper place from this balancing. Basically an item level 130 can only be crafted by a craftsman level 130 +, not less.

Will the current recipes be changed?

All current recipes will be changed to match the new system. Since the limitation will now be linked to time and not on the amount of resources needed to create an item, the amount of resources needed for the recipes will also be reduced. We'll review all resources, in addition to the recipes: Crafting as it is now will no longer exist and we will start on a new basis. Some resources may also disappear from the recipes and the game, because they will no longer be useful or they is just too many of them. We will balance all of this the best we can and do not worry, the Beta Server will be opened sufficiently early so that you can anticipate all the changes, or share with us your feedback.

How can we get workers to be able to start tasks? And how to get the tools?

You can get them via the crafting system. There will be tasks of recruitment and training of workers, and other will be for the creation of tools. Ultimately, it is possible that some other features will allow to you to simply obtain them, such as the Haven World buildings allowing you to retrieve tools daily.

Will the tools be consumed after use?

Not necessarily. This will depend on your recipe conditions within a task. Be aware that the tools are easy to get and it will be "normal" to lose some of them and to restock them. In other words, loosing tools will not be detrimental to your tasks. In addition, you will have full control as you will know exactly how and what tools you will likely lose by starting a task.

Can tasks fail? What will happen in case of failure during a contract between players: Will it be canceled, will the resources be lost?

Each recipe has an initial success rate depending on the level and rarity of the item (we are speaking here about the recipe and not the task, we must make the difference). Tools will be there to increase the success rate of a recipe when you start your task. There will be no absolute randomization since you will always have tools at your disposal to control the success rate of your recipes. Therefore you will have to make the right choices to maximize your profitability: Ensure that all your recipes have a 100% success rate by helping you with tools, or prefer to save your tools while knowing that it will lower the success rate of your recipes. In case of failure of a recipe, the ingredients will not be lost, only the tools will, by following specific rules that will allow you to assess the risks. All this and especially recipe failure during a contract, is still being reviewed and will probably evolve one step at a time, therefore we will not get into the details yet. What you need to know for now is that we will ensure that there is no randomization for you to worry about, so that you always know what you will lose or gain by making a recipe.

Will the tasks of making tools require anything other than time? Will we have to commit resources or Kamas for example?

The tasks of making tools will require resources, which will be accessible and probably fast enough to get.

Can we already increase our Professions to level 200? Or will they be limited to the maximum level of the recipes?

The maximum level of professions will be limited to recipes (and items) available in-game. Just like the character level, it seems uninteresting to unlock all levels of professions if there is not yet any content tailored to its evolution. Unlocking the levels of craftsmanship will follow the one of the characters.

Will it still possible to level up a profession to the highest level in a few hours if I have all the ingredients it takes?

It will not be possible to level up a profession to the highest level in a few hours and it is just another advantage of this system in terms of game design. Indeed, the minimum amount of time to get to the maximum level will be decreased: Even if you had the opportunity to purchase all of the ingredients to suddenly go from level 0 to level 100 (very common practice today), it will be much longer to level up a profession because everything will go through tasks which will have a set duration. This give more value to the players who invest in their profession(s) for several months and were feeling "cheated" by the very wealthy players wanting to become a max level craftsman overnight, to get for example : "Grou’s Axe". Now, if you want to get there by the next day, you will have to take your time, go through a skilled craftsman, or the Marketplace.

What will happen to the Master Craftsmen seals?

They will remain in-game and we will improve their use by adding opportunities to recover seals (in small amount of course). For example, a seal could be received once the profession is at level 100 and another at 150. Similarly, long enough and hard quests could be another way to obtain them, etc... We believe to also add other items that will work with the same principle as those seals. All this is still in the thinking stage.

Will part of this new system be monetized?

As for Smithmagic, this aspect is considered. Should this happen, we would not want it to give access to additional things that are not already in-game. Our thoughts are more oriented towards time gain and XP.

What about guilds and nations in all this?

We believe in putting in place a guild and nation gameplay via this new craft system, as well as quests, achievements and everything that makes up the current PvE. The goal for us, is to ensure that crafting is as viable, attractive and interesting as combat is in WAKFU.
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it's seems to porno
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I am... very hesitant towards this. It seems to me crafters are being screwed over and forced to fight each other to get these "rare recipes" so they could in theory just charge an outrageous amount and actually keep that position making it so they monopolize a whole profession... i really need to see more about this before i make final judgement but i have mixed thoughts about all of this.
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"reward those who invest into the "PvE" aspect of WAKFU." This is a historic day! I never thought Anakama would say this! I just hope I dont have to restart from level 1. I spent all week getting my tailor to lv 60 to make the Mine helmet recipe... And hopefuly we will get guildpoints for doing x amount of crafts or crafting a orange item. I looked at my guild points donated for the week, a measly 200, Where as most of the points I have gained this week was from killing gobballs to get my citizen points back up to 10.

"Finally, note that the best ranked craftsmen will have access to specific recipes, which only they will be able to make!"

Don't like that part ether... I play on the only? international server which is like 90% french so Im screwed for this.

"With this revamp, we want to bring you a really interesting game mechanic. In short, we wanted to ask you something different than collect thousands of resources and launch a series of 500 same recipe, then "AFK" during the 2 hours and a half that it would take for you to complete them."

"it will be much longer to level up a profession because everything will go through tasks which will have a set duration."

At first, I thought this was going to be a good update, but it looks like something thats going to be tedious and bad. But this is Ankama.
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I think I like this.
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Everything looks great except the "specific gears" contest section. In theory it seems nice since like you said crafting would be more than just maxing the profession, but in reality it will cause a lot of fighting.
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This crafting system is Neverwinter RIPOFF, I mean besides the leaderboards bs (which would make a monopoly issues, because only the top crafters would get contracts from other players) the systems are IDENTICAL. How can you call it a concept if YOU DIDN'T think of it yourself??

P.S. Don't get me wrong, I like Neverwinters crafting system, It just pisses me of to see a dev of a great game to become lazy and start copying mechanics from other games, without adding ANYTHING to it.