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By #[Troyle] November 28, 2013, 17:00:00

A few weeks ago, we revealed the Multiman, and the Sidekick feature to be implemented on December 10 in WAKFU.

These Sidekicks will allow you to play up to three entities in a same time, on a single account. One of these entities will be your main character, while the other ones will be Sidekicks that can be added to your group.

Many questions were asked regarding this feature, and it is now time to shed some light.
As explained in this news, seven Sidekicks will be available at first: six Multimen and the Knight of Astrub. These brothers in arms will be working similarly, with only a few differences.

The Knight will have 4 spells and be acquirable for free in the game by completing a secondary quest in Astrub.

Multimen will each have seven spells. Four will be linked to an element (Beelzebug, Skale, Krobax, and Trank) and be available on the Boutique. The last 2 (Lumino and Shadow) will be “Chromatic” and available as subscription gifts or single in the Boutique.
 Feature in development, not yet translated

How does a Sidekick work?

Equipment and management

A Sidekick should be considered as part of your main character. Even if they fight for Justice, they will follow the same rules.

You will have an interface giving you access to all their functionalities, such as stats (level, experience, etc.), spells and equipment.

Sidekicks will have several spells (4 to 7). They will all begin at level 1 and level up. Their spells and stats will increase automatically.

A Sidekick will not have its own inventory, but it will be possible to equip it with the same items as any other character, with level as the only restriction. It will have the same equipment slots (including pet, insignias, etc.) and they will boost his abilities just as they would do for your character. Please note that the Multiman will not be able to use consumables, pick up pouches, wear a costume, benefit from Kit Skill, and the equipped pets will boost them without gaining XP from combat (they will be considered as static objects).

 Feature in development, not yet translated

Grouping a Sidekick

As long as your account is subscribed (except for the Knight of Astrub) you will be able to add a Sidekick to your group.  This group will have the same rules as any other group. It will not be possible to have more than 6 members, and you will only be able to invite up to 2 of your Sidekicks.

If your group is full, you will not be able to add any Sidekick, but if you are the group leader, you will be able to kick the Sidekick of another player to invite yours instead. Of course, if you decide to leave the group, your Sidekick will follow you.

Your Sidekick will never fight without you. If its level exceeds yours (if you bought it in the market for example) it will automatically adapt to your level. After all, you are the main character of the story!

Fighting evil

When your main character joins a fight, the Sidekicks in his group will automatically join. They will be placed randomly on the battleground; you will only need to click on one of them to replace it as you want.

If your Sidekick becomes annoying, you can always kick him from this fight with a right click during the placement phase. Note that it won’t possible to invite him again in this fight.

The fight will work as usual; your Sidekick will count as a normal player and will have its own position in the timeline, based on his initiative. When his turn comes, you will control him and play normally. If your character dies, your Sidekick will keep fighting. Be careful, a Sidekick is not invulnerable and may very well end up KO’d if you jump into a fight blindly. But don’t worry, you won’t lose him.

If you win the fight, your Sidekick will earn 80% 120% of the experience you earned (this experience will not be deducted from yours, value not yet definitive) and will also offer you an additional roll for the loot. In other words, a Sidekick will increase your chances to loot.

It will finally be possible to use a Sidekick in PvP, at least until we implement a proper GvG system, we may then reconsider this decision. (Canceled) It will not consume any key when entering a dungeon with him, but will not be able to join a fight against a Ultimate Boss.

Acquiring a Sidekick

How to obtain one you ask? Here are your options:

In the Boutique

The 6 Multimen will be available in the Boutique for 5,800 Ogrines each, or directly via the Sidekick interface in game. You will also find packs of two elementary Multimen for 9,000 Ogrines, or the four of them for 14,000 Ogrines. Lumino and Shadow will be available for 5,800 Ogrines each, and also as gifts with six months and one year subscriptions. After purchase, you’ll find a “physical” item in your inventory that will need to be used in order to link it to your account.

With a quest

By completing the secondary quest of Astrub, you will get the 7th Sidekick: the Knight of Astrub! He will only have four spells, but don’t let this fool you. He will be just as powerful as any other Sidekick!

From other players

When a Multiman is under its “item” form in your inventory, you will be able to trade it to another player, or sell it in the Market.

If your Multiman is linked to your account, you will first need to unlink it to send it back to your inventory. By doing so, you will no longer be able to use it, and he will lose 20% of his experience (this value may change).

Testing a Multiman

Still unsure about which one to choose?

Each week, you will have the opportunity to test a Multiman. You will only need a subscribed account to do so.

The Multiman will work normally, you will be able to equip it, add it to your group, fight and make him earn experience.

When the trial period ends, the Multiman will deactivate and be replaced by a new one. Good news however: each Multiman that was used during the trial period will keep his experience saved until the next time he becomes available for testing, or until you purchase it. You will be able to get the items that were equipped on a trial Multiman in the Management interface.

Sidekick specificities

Each Sidekick will have its own specificity. They will influence its role and gameplay in a group:
  • Lumino: Chromatic – Heal
  • Beelzebug: Fire – Range damage
  • Skale: Water – Support
  • Krobax: Air – Positioning
  • Trank: Earth – Tanking
  • Shadow: Chromatic – Melee, aoe damage
  • Knight of Astrub: Chromatic – Single target damage
First Ankama intervention
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Taku-|2013-11-28 18:02:46
So.. you can or can't use them in PvP, since you've said both now? Can a Dev clear this confusion up?

You can.
See message in context
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Increases your chances for loot. Yep, p2w. Called it.
Score : 314
Except that they are letting subs test them for free each week, oh and the knight which you get from a quest, not P2W
Score : 12053
well i cant wait..
Score : 549
Thanks for making soloing easier, but this is very bad for something that's multiplayer. If they're giving me drops then I would rather have two of these than two randoms in any situation I can think of, which will be the same for many players and will make finding groups for single account players very tedious.
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Shaleigh1|2013-11-28 17:08:16
Increases your chances for loot. Yep, p2w. Called it.

Dranmarth|2013-11-28 17:15:52
Except that they are letting subs test them for free each week, oh and the knight which you get from a quest, not P2W

Agreed, still no pay2win yet. Every player has the ability to take two sidekicks for free at all times, the Knight and the rotational Multiman, so there are no looting woes for anybody.
Score : 5128
Knight is going to be worse than the others "Oh it has less skills but is totally on par..." Yeah...right...

And a random rotation system is a lot worse than buying one.

Above that I am pretty sure the rotation system is just here for now to bait people. There will either be more powerful multimen in the future you cannot test or they will get rid of the rotation itself after they got enough people hooked.

It is basic business logic.

Score : 19275

I thought we went over this already, and the decision was NOT to allow them in PvP.

Though I love the additional drop rolls, omg, might actually get a Ratty Riot Shield.... woo.
Score : 11490
How do we equip it?? does it need special equips or does it aprear in thesame equips as one of your chars?

and if it aprears thesame as your chars equipment, will the char lose it for the sidekick?
Score : 8492
And then people find out that due to limitations, such as not having all those class specialties, having stats automatically stated (which probably means lower damage), and more than likely not being affected by guild and nation bonuses, sidekicks will not be appealing for hard content which results in most people not caring much for them. Ankama already stated characters will be better than sidekicks and we know how bad Ankama is when it comes to balancing so being less powerful will be even worse than their class "balancing". Plus, Ankama said they will be semi-revamping all classes next year to have better character development past level 100 in the November letter to where a lot of builds will be better. This probably means builds such as Gobgob Osa, which only has four specialties, will have more specialties. Though we can only hope they do this semi-revamping in the first quarter of 2014 as they stated. But either way, for competitive purposes, Sidekicks will be sidekicks and thus not good for hard content.
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So.. you can or can't use them in PvP, since you've said both now? Can a Dev clear this confusion up?
Score : 411
Particularly disliked.
This may help some playing solo, but the price is what is best for p2p on another char, rather than buying it ... hausuhasuhasuhsauhs
I think this will be a failure.
Unless they do so people can use only 1 account per IP.

You can bet if the intention to leave one account per IP, many left to play, I especially would.
Score : 30708
Taku-|2013-11-28 18:02:46
So.. you can or can't use them in PvP, since you've said both now? Can a Dev clear this confusion up?

You can.
Score : 3791
I don't like that change to them, but thanks for answering. We'll see how it goes.
Score : 2
Do they use their own PP-value when rolling for loot?

Do they have a base PP-value to break PP locks?

Do they need the same amount of exp to level up that a player needs?

When they are downgraded because of a low player level and later unequipped, do they get back their original, higher level?

Do they get EXP while being down-graded to the level of the player?

Does the chromatic of some sidekicks mean, they use their highest elemental mastery?
Score : 351
What if a chromatic dd like lumino is just equiped with +%all-dmg equipments? In which element he attacks? In this with the lowest resistence like stasis-Steamer?

Does +%all-dmg will increase the "chromatic"-heal of lumino?

Does Wis-Equip let them level up faster?

Is see TOOOOOOONS of Bugs here and a pretty anfair and unbalanced system even for PVP
Score : 8725
I've already expressed my concern about most of the latest additions, but well, lemme try to be less cynical..
At the one hand, this feature somehow feels exciting. It will help to fill up slots in your group when you aren't able to find real people. It's a nice alternative to multi-accounting, at least for those who are just lazy to go through the painful leveling process yet again. It's going to be fun, finally.
...and will also offer you an additional roll for the loot. In other words, a Sidekick will increase your chances to loot.
This's why they're capping our freaking pp. I'm beyond angry then.
Chances to drop something at the lvl 90+ game are already ridiculously small now, and these sidekicks only would make it worse. We weren't asking to minimize our chances for loot, even if sidekicks are adorable and whatnot.
Score : 9080
I'm really looking forward to this! The only thing I was concerned about is if they break PP locks and it sounds like they do.
Score : 6130
I'm looking forward to this! What's their base PP? 100 just like any other class?
Score : 5269
Troyle|2013-11-28 18:08:05
Taku-|2013-11-28 18:02:46
So.. you can or can't use them in PvP, since you've said both now? Can a Dev clear this confusion up?

You can.
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