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Smithmagic Revamp: Round 2

By #[Grou] November 21, 2013, 16:00:00
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So nowit is possoble to just buy smithmagic hammers in cash shop to max the upgrades on your runed items.. If you got enough cash you don't you can upgrade items to max instantly..

Oh wait a minute, you actually need in-game currency (kamas) as well as the hammers.

Overall this looks like a good revamp. It has good options for people willing to pay real-life cash and people who don't want to pay and just want to farm/grind for the upgrade items..

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Can boots and belts still get the pp/wisdom bonus? If yes do smithhammers for pp/wisdom exist?
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[Guide] Runes and Smithmagic

In short: No.

- Kat
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