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Who is Merkator?

By #[Hito] October 21, 2013, 16:00:00

Starting tonight at midnight (server time) Merkator welcomes you to his open cell party. Is your ticket to Alkatrool ready? Who is this Merkator?



Conditions of Incarceration

"Merkator" was arrested for several actions:
  • Building weapons of mass destruction
  • Statis homicide
  • Tentative impossible of calculating the number of grains of sand of Terrana Dune


 "Merkator" is a powerful Foggernaut who masters the Stasis and Wakfu energies like no other.

It even seems that he might have arrived "before the chaos," but nobody has ever been able to prove it... However, his body modifications, which are a mix between organic and mechanics, shows that he may be linked with the Foggernauts of the past and present!

This "guy" is of a metal nature in any situation. We have seen him turn other inmates into real live Wakfu and Stasis bombs. Why? Because they tried to make fun of him after seeing him speak to himself alone...
We have placed him in a cell insolated of all energy. If he was to get out and get into the Boiler Room of the prison, he could raise enough energy to become invincible. Or, as he likes to say when he is alone: a weapon of mass destruction.
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welp he is going to be hard :d
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Nox16|2013-10-21 18:12:35
welp he is going to be hard :d
He's going to be as hard as ... cool ... steel.
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That 'stache, he probably gets huge discounts at every store he visits (Praise thee who gets it)
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I still think he looks like a duck
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Who is Fleur De Lis?
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Plz... Tel me when is the Kwisman month?
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Those player that think it look like a duck .You should try google deep about duck meaning .

I'm find out it today lol ,it really a huge joke of ankama humor .____-.
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I can' wait I am going.
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This news post was made a whole year ago. x.x

Where do people keep digging up year old threads for their first posts anyway?
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