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Letter to the Community - October 2013

By #[Azael] October 21, 2013, 14:00:00
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Loneith|2013-11-06 08:34:45
Our ability to take damage may seem splendid but we lack the control other damage soaks posses that are required for a true tank class.
If only they would leave Doll Link as it was before revamp, the current Sadida would be finally viable as tank.

The specialities before revamp were all linked togather and was giving the feeling that if Sadida would manage to max all of them, it would be awsome fighter. As for now our specialities are split between 2 builds, and that just make half of them wasted, no matter wich way you gonna play. And that is bad design.

Lemme remind what the cool gamplay sadida had before revamp;

Doll speciality - we were summoning dolls that had 10% more of sadida hp then they are now. It was also 1wp cost to summon, but no ap involved.

Dolly sacrifice speciality - it was based on doll's max HP, wich obviously make it based on Sadida max HP. If i remember correctly sacrificing Blocker doll was giving Sadida ~8% max HP heal.

Voodoll speciality - it used to be Totem in beta, wich was used by many to trick monsters AI to attack it with aoe and damage one of the enemies like that (really funny tool). It was also the tool used by Sadida to level up faster in certain map location (small bridges for example) where Sadida could block the cell with it and keep using attacks on it to kill the enemy - this was a recompensation to "level up faster the support class", because using dolls was (and still is) slowing down the progress in fight as each doll take its own turn. It used to be fine spell that could be destroyed with pushback dmg only. They could simply improve it by making Totem with maybe 3 charges so that it can be destroyed with enemy direct dmg, instead of just pushback, but would still make enemy suffer when it attack it. It was worth the WP cost back then. Sadida could possibly summon 1 Voodoll for the whole fight, so it could effectively use Voodoll togather with other dolls summoned. Now its not happening as Voodoll dies too fast and is hurt even with ally dmg on it.

Tree speciality - this used to make Sadida invulnerable and heal 20% of max HP, wich was worth the WP cost as well. The only problem was that dolls had WP cost too, wich limited the use of this spell while using dolls.

Sic'em More speciality - it used to nettle all dolls by targeting enemy, wich then became their priority target. This spell however was only giving 50% dmg bonus to dolls, wich was very little for the 3AP cost, it used to have. However it also made dolls with unlimited MP, wich was awsome, but the AI of dolls was bugged back then and made dolls run about changing targets from one to another at random and never attacking, wich had to be fixed, instead of replaced with limited MP. There was also no condition of this spell so we could target ally with it, wich made dolls pass the turn instead of attacking anyone, wich also needed fixing, but the concept of this spell was great.

Explodoll - this spell was also based on doll's max HP, the more sturdy the doll, the bigger explosion it was doing, but obviously the longer it was taking for it to be destroyed too. IT was all fine, there was only problem with Dolly Sacrificie triggering this effect, wich needed change, and even though they finaly made it impossible for dolly sacrirfice to trigger explodoll, the dmg was also nerfed badly for unknown reason. this used to be Sadida's source of dmg based on its own HP, wich was like a bless for a support class who needed to stack HP for their dolls HP to be higher.

Doll Link - this passive used to be what Sadida was great about - it was making dolls take 20% of pain for Sadida (each doll individually). It made dolls die faster when Sadida got attacked, wich made it problematic vs aoe's but that was acceptable because it made Sadida receive less dmg in same time. However dolls were permanently dieing (they had WP cost and there was no WP refund) though Sadida could get WP back from initiative bonus, but that was taking too long to wait get it and it was just 1 WP, that anyway was often stolen by faster enemy.

Green Guard - this passive combined with doll link and explodoll was great combo. It made me think that Sadida was desired to tank dmg. When attacked, it was taking less dmg thanks to dolls summoned and in same time it had a change to make dolls stronger with green guard triggering, and eventually the dolls who took too much dmg were exploding dealing dmg in aoe. It was perfect combination and an awsome way for support class to deal with enemies.

Knowledge of dolls - it used to give 4 leadership, wich was really necessary to have as there was (and still is) very few items with leadership (Control) that give decent stats in same time and doesn't break the set bonus. No wit gives just 2 control, wich is not efficient. I also always had hope that this passive could make dolls more durable or stronger, but it never happened. It used to be named Savoir-Faire before, but thats on side note.

Still Life speciality - it allowed Sadida to ressurect when killed, wich gave Sadida the last laugh when Sacrier got killed, and then clinged to life to finish off the Sadida - this passive was making Sadida win, even though it was about to loose. The doll reincarnation form was very weak though and had no ranged spells, wich needed improvement. The HP of reincarnated form was also very low and lacked resistance, but overall it was fine ability as it was not KO'ing the dolls that were already summoned beforehand, wich means Sadida could still deal some dmg with dolls supporting it. The Voodoll was also not dissapearing when Sadida was ressurecting, wich was really awsome combination of specialities to work togather.

As you can see every speciality was viable before and Sadida could choose wich one to level in what order with a goal to one day get all of them to be super effective class. Now the dream is gone as half of specialities just doesnt work well with the other ones.

What we have now is poor design. I hope they change it back, just leave WP refund to dolls as its the only thing that was nice and really important about the revamp.
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Hmm, I'm not sure about other water Sadidas, but mine can, and does, compete with Enis in terms of healing. Without crits, I heal for over 800 HP on the first turn, which raises to over 1400 HP on the fourth turn. The problem is we have to deal with the stupid AI, which should be fixed, and we lack a debuff and/or raise mechanic, which makes us less viable then an Eni in a large number of situations.

The rest of the points I do agree with. Our spells need some serious tweaks. Dolls, while they can be super useful and not worthless, need either a buff, or a reduction in cost for them to be able to compete well.
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Ankama is lazy and should realize that Grou can't balance everything himself alone.
He doesn't understand the class (this is very very true)

You can even look at the french forum and see how much he ignored from their feedback. Why not let the people who play sadidas have a good impact on the changes to sadidas?

Why not let them test the changes in a the beta server?

You need to let people who started a sadida when the server started in 2011/2012 to test the sadida changes that you try to make..

I know it's a class ankama doesn't know what to do with them other than use a totem for black crow, dragon pig but why not let us make them a better class that no one takes except to UBs

There are so many little changes that wouldn't take 2 years..and I've been listing them for a year already hoping troyle or sabi would forward them to grou/azael but since sadidas are not enis and no one really plays them (most play them for UBs) then it doesn't matter.

I'm glad they're going to let us control dolls (when? next april?) but that's not even that important to us (it's not our priority and you know it).

Why not fix air sadida's damage like you did with enis to start with?
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Test server is available to all players of all communities now, but it's only open for small windows of time. You want to test stuff when they make changes? Be their guest.

About Sadida, I don't play the class at all but I'm damn sure I understand how valuable a Sadida can be in high level dungeon play beyond just UBs having seen how they perform in hybridization combinations of all three branches.

That being said they should make the changes based off of everyone's feedback. A support class such as yours should be able to synergize well with other classes. You are not primarily a damage class, you are a class that is known for either heals, poisons, armors, or shoddy summons that need a serious cost re-evaluation.

Air does not need more direct damage. It needs a buff to its status affects to make acting against the poison more detrimental. Perhaps that's what you meant but you definitely did not make it clear. Your class needs to be able to also do something that makes it beyond unique from the other classes, and it deserves to have Insolent Bramble back to debuff good status effects from enemies.

• Mango
Hey, everyone!

Wow, it's been getting quite heated in here! I'd like to take a moment to remind you all to keep cool while posting. Going at each other like that is absolutely not okay. sad

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MODItsade|2013-11-08 02:21:15
Hey, everyone!

Wow, it's been getting quite heated in here! I'd like to take a moment to remind you all to keep cool while posting. Going at each other like that is absolutely not okay. sad

i think a certain post is borderline.... your right people need to cool down... or alternatively keep acting like they are... really eitherway.
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With regards of drops I would suggest the regular set items from any particular dungeons could use a boost since the token system was taken out and sometimes 6 runs won't even drop 1 piece from the set i.e. Lenald/Jelly. Especially Jelly, due to the adds-less nature of this dungeon, there are times that nothing dropped on any of my toons which I thought was abit on the nose :/.

However the legendary and relic drops are suppose to be scarce and thus provide their worth/value/status. Meridia for example requires around one year of actual gaming subscription/life time to collect and exchange. That IMO shouldn't be affected through your change.

- Muku 
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They should just not import any characters too the Beta servers. There's no point for anyone not from Aerafel would join, since all our chars are on the other worlds. This gives them a huge advantage in-game and in testing the Beta.
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