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Letter to the Community - October 2013

By #[Azael] October 21, 2013, 14:00:00

Hello everyone! Here is the second Letter to the Community, which will now be a regular announcement that will come soon after a game update.In this letter I will do a review of the latest game update to talk to you about the changes in the communication and organization of our team and what we are currently working on.


The last update had for priority to reduce the number of bugs by focusing primarily on the class bugs.

We were able to correct a large majority of the bugs that you have reported, but as you have seen our goal has not been achieved due to the large number of bugs that appeared after the last game update.

Despite our different maintenances/hotfixes to quickly correct as many issues as possible, we unfortunately have failed our mission which we admit and are fully aware of.

Therefore measures in terms of organization of our game production have been taken to improve this point but I will go into detail a little later.

Going back to bugs , we will remain focused on these three objectives:
  • Continue to fix current present bugs in the game
  • Stay vigilant to avoid the emergence of new bugs
  • Stay reactive for the issues that may appear after a game update

We have also encountered a lot of issues with the transition to Java 6 which we were forced to do technically. Unfortunately these issues were not detected in our internal versions, therefore we weren't able to detect them ahead of time. In this regard we have tried to be as present as possible by offering alternatives and solutions. Our developers are also still working on these issues.

Incarnam and Astrub

First I wanted to thank all of you for the amount of feedback that you have shared with us regarding our revamp of Incarnam and Astrub.

We listened to your feedback and we hope to improve certain points with the next game update.

We are looking into adding the ability to return to Incarnam while enhancing the gameplay of the area among other changes.

For Astrub we will improve the main quest allowing you to get to level 15 by finishing it completely (including stage 1 of Mount Zinit) and adding a little more of RP areas.

You will get to discover these changes shortly.

Experience and Drop Curve

These are the two topics that come up more often and we have planned improvements. First regarding the experience curve with the December Update, we plan to accelerate the beginning of the game to make it more pleasant and smooth out the XP increase for the highest levels (for example: level 110).

As long as the XP curve is not revamped, we will not unlock new caps of levels.

Now regarding drops: we heard your concerns and decided to improve the gaming experience in this regard. I cannot give you more details for now because it's a complex subject and we are still thinking about it. I'd rather wait until we have more concrete elements to give.

In any way, we will get back to you with more details on these two elements with new Devblogs.

Beta Server

Very soon, we would like to open the Beta server to all our subscribers players.

I do not have precise information regarding the exact  date, but I can already tell you that the goal of such server will be to test content revamps such as the "Wild Estate".

Currently we do not have the technical ability to import characters from all servers to the Beta one. As we can only import one of them, we have chosen to import a copy of the characters of the most populated server: Aerafal.

However, anyone subscribed, regardless of community, will be able to connect and create a new character.

This server will allows us to greatly improve the overall quality of WAKFU.

Importing characters from all servers is not so simple to do technically and we will keep you informed of any developments in this regard, which allows me to transition to the following subject ...

Communication and Changelog

Starting today you will be able to discover the changelog of the next game update, something that usually does not happen until a few days before a game update.

We have changed the way we work in this regard so that you can have as much information as soon as possible, allowing you to react quicker, therefore giving us maximum response time to possibly adapt the changelog depending on your feedback.

From now you will be able to discover the changelog of the next game update about 3 weeks before its release and see it evolve regularly.

This means that the changelog will evolve a lot in the future with addition of information, modifications, but also sometimes these may be pushed to a later date or simply modified but we will share with you the reason why.

Our goal is to be as transparent as possible and as early as possible. I hope that this new way of operating will create a more concrete link between the team of developers and players via our Community Managers.

Production Modification

Firstly I would like to announce that my position within the team has changed, I will be now taking the direction of the project.

I have started to work with my colleagues to change some of our production methods.

The internal "build" of the changelog is part of the projects we have started with the production team and the CMs. I hope that it will pay off quickly.

The production line has also been modified starting with the Wild Estate, with the goal of giving more freedom, autonomy and cohesion while providing the necessary means for the delivery of rich and better content.

We have also taken steps to limit the number of bugs in the release of a new game update by opening the Beta server for example, starting the internal testing much earlier, and also freeze content addition much earlier than before.

The whole "internal revamp" represents a significant change in our production and also changes in our work habits, while also providing benchmarks for the whole team.

The initial internal results are extremely encouraging, everyone is working really hard to make things better.

This internal evolution/revamp should be felt in the coming weeks, although all will not change overnight.

Each new game update should be greatly improved in quality.

Game Update - November 12

No new class revamp will be done with the next game update. We modified the order in which classes will be revamped, and the next one will be the Feca, in December. We will give you a final planning for all the other class revamps with the roadmap of 2014. We will make sure to implement the last revamps as soon as possible.

This decision allows us to have a little more time on the revamp of the Smithmagic, which is scheduled for December, and therefore we wanted to start to talk to you about it early as we had already talked about a few months ago.

The main content of the November game update will be the Wild Estate, Incarnam - Astrub improvement, as well as the arrival of the nations outposts.

Be sure to follow and stay updated on the new game update changelog to see additions and changes that will be made ​​as it evolves.

I wanted to end this community letter by saying goodbye to a person that I had the chance to know since my arrival on WAKFU, who is Alex (you may know him by the nickname of [Moustache]).

This is one of the oldest WAKFU Game Designer and we are sad to see him go to new adventures today. For those who do not know, it is thanks to him that we have the mini-games Pacman and Plants versus Jellies, the Incarnam and Astrub  revamp, Mount Zinit or the unarmed combat style ( a little less known...).

Good luck in your new adventures Alex, we will miss you, and see you soon!
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Azael answered the questions from the FR community in a livestream yesterday. Here's a complete transcript of the discussion:

Following the October update, many bugs still appeared. What are your plans to improve on this?
Azael: Yes, the update was meant to fix many bugs, which it did, but it also brought many new ones. We were already in a transition phase with the new production process so we should start seeing the impact of these changes with the next update. One of the things we will do is try to involve the testing team much earlier, right away actually. Until now the testers were only starting when the content was completed, now they will be here as soon as we start working on it. There’s also the Beta server. We will give access to the new content to our players on short periods. The goal is to get the community to test and give us feedback on the content itself, like the xp rate, quality of the equipment, etc. all the details that the community usually mentions after an update, but now get it before the update and react accordingly. We will implement it with this update, to see how it goes. Finally we changed the production process a bit, I won’t go into details but for example the Dev team now works in taskforces to improve reactivity and add more creativity.

We received positive feedback on the revamp of Incarnam and Astrub, but will you keep improving it?
Azael: I want to thank to community for its feedback on this. We started taking it into account and will be improving Astrub in terms of content, add the possibility to go back to Incarnam since this was asked by a lot of players. We will add these improvements in the next update, but we also saved some time for the last update of the year to keep improving the beginning of the game to make it as perfect as possible.

You said you were going to change the XP curve; can you give us more details?
Azael: Well we had two solutions in that regards, first we could just try to tweak the XP curve to improve it. This is the solution we went for at first but it didn’t bring the expected results, so now we just want to redo it completely. But first, what is the XP curve? It’s the experience needed to reach the next level, the experience earned when killing monsters, etc. it includes many aspects that we will try to take into account and make something more coherent on a basis of 200 levels. The level 110 is a concrete example because it’s when the players realize how hard it is to level up. We want to limit this feeling of huge gap of experience between two levels, which is why we will smooth the curve. We also want to fasten level up for low levels. We realize that leveling up at these levels feels pretty hard, which is not the intended sensation. We want leveling up to be fun. I’ll take a concrete example that we discussed today in the team: if a level 100 character fights 4 monsters of level 25 he won’t gain much xp anymore. You will have to fight monsters of your level.

So does that mean it will be easier to level up?
Azael: Yes, we don’t want difficulty in WAKFU to translate simply into gaming time.

Yes, it’s a critic we’ve seen regularly, the farming aspect.
Azael: Indeed, when we implement new content we want the players to enjoy the content and not just go there to farm 10.000 monsters to level up.

And so you said you won’t increase the level cap as long as you’re not satisfied with the experience curve, right?
Azael: We won’t increase the level cap. We really need to correct this curve because one of the problematic when implementing new islands for example is the mobs xp. Working on new islands based on the old experience curve won’t work out.

What about drops?
Azael: It’s a bit more complicated. At first we wanted to do it for December, but then we realized we wouldn’t have time to do it correctly in such a limited time. Now we want to release it when it will be completed entirely, and not half done like we did in the past. Our idea is to take the highest drop rate possible (Enutrofs) and improve the basic drop rate of everyone to level it up to 75-80% of the highest drop rate (these values are not definitive). In the end this should ease the drop for a majority of players while still saving the specialty of Enutrofs. This might also mean a more direct impact on the class itself, to ensure its stability in terms of drops. This also means that we will have to reevaluate every single item of the game and their drop rate. It’s a huge project and we want to take the time to do it right. First we focus on the experience curve, after that we’ll have other big projects at the end of the year such as smithmagic and another huge feature, so we will focus on these first and prefer to delay this revamp instead of rushing it.

That’s something you want to insist on, not implementing rushed content anymore and make sure it’s ready before releasing it, right?
Azael: Yes, we’re trying to find new solutions in this direction.

Can you tell us more about the Beta server? You said you’d like it to be available for the Update of November 12?
Azael: Yes, it will be done. Let’s be honest, it will be a test of the test server, if I may say. We want to see how to implement it, how to use it the best we can with the players (subscribers only). It will be coming very soon, we should start talking about it in the next days. That’s what the end of the year will be about, finding new ways to work on our content with the team and the community to start the year 2014 as best we can.

This also means new changelogs. As you, the community, may have noticed, we already published a first version of the changelog that will be updated regularly. What was the goal with this new changelog?
Azael: First we should talk about how the changelog works on our side. The production team participates in the writing of the Changelog which is something new. Now the team gives the information directly to the Community Managers, so we have more interaction and participation from the production team in the information that are provided to the players. The other important goal is to communicate the information more quickly. We should publish the changelog about one week after the previous update, and the players will see what we add and remove from the changelog, and maybe sometimes realize that some of these modifications are based on the feedback we get from the Community Managers. We’ve seen it already with the Almanax, we offer something, we receive feedback, and we adapt the update. The players will get to see it evolve directly, and it should be frozen shortly before update day. Something important also is that we will stop working on an update the week before said update, to limit unexpected surprises and therefore, hotfixes.

About the next update, no class revamp?
Azael: Yes. The reason why is that we have many big things to work on for the end of the year, like Smithmagic and the experience curve. The persons working on these are the same as the ones working on classes. Regarding Smithmagic, we’re already working on it and will be talking about it soon, there’s the big “end of the year” feature that also takes a lot of time, the experience curve… We had to make decisions and we chose to postpone classes. Feca is something we’ve been talking about for a while. It’s the class that really needs a revamp since its current state doesn’t match what we would want it to be. So first Feca for the end of the year and then the other class beginning of next year. Then you should keep in mind that what we call revamp is a significant change of the class mechanic, the goal is to stop making revamps after these and then focus on only rebalancing.

That’s something we hear a lot, many players are not satisfied with the revamp of their class, like for example the Sadidas, will you do something?
Azael: One of the issues we have with the Sadida is the dolls and their AI. This is something we’re working on and it should actually come for the end of the year. Changing the AI for the summons was problematic so we’re working on making all summons controllable by the player directly, with specific rules like bosses that will have the ability to stamp over them and destroy them if they are placed in a problematic position. So here it’s not the Sadida class that causes the issue, but a game mechanic. It’s an example of things that can be modified without needing a revamp of the class. Our goal is to give a role to the class in the game. Next year we will implement a PvP feature, we talk a lot about it but this is really something we’ll need to get statistics and rebalance classes.

You talked about Smithmagic, can you tell us more?
Azael: It should come in December, but we will start talking about it soon. We want to show it to the players as soon as possible to get their feedback. Overall I’m quite confident that this will be something that will be appreciated, since it’s mostly a huge reduction of the random aspect.

Let’s remind the content of the November update: Foggernauts modifications, and yes, Foggernauts will get a respect, additions to Incarnam and Astrub, possibility to go back to Incarnam, new quests that will help you level up when you begin the quest?
Azael: Yes, we improved the main quest of Astrub that should lead up to level 15. We wanted to add more background to Astrub while also helping the player to level up and discover the game.

Addition of the Headquarters to each Nations
Azael: We revamped Astrub, and then we realized that the beginning of a nation didn’t satisfy us, compared the Astrub. When a player chooses a Nation, it has to be obvious as soon as he steps into it. Also, the player has to realize that all Nations are ready for war. This is the idea with the Outposts, give a military aspect. Astrub is an area where everyone works together to rebuild, but the Nations are more hostile and dangerous. We wanted to give a RPG feeling to the player when arriving in the first “village” of his nation, while still offering him all the main elements. It’s a bit of a preview of what we plan with Capitals. The Outposts will remain, they will always be the first place where the player lands and he will then reach the Capital. This should be a bit more of a “classical” path, but it should be much clearer to the players.

Revamp of the Wild Estate, can you tell us more about this content?
Azael: It’s a bit of a peculiar island. To be really honest with you, when we started the poll, we expected Kelba or Forfut to win… Now, you voted, and in the end it’s a good thing that Wild Estate won, since it’s the first island of the game. When we started working on it, the team had many ideas right away, one of them was the new family of the island, the Bworks. We worked a lot on the Gobballs family as well, since we don’t want the players to have to fight classical gobballs once again. Also, even though the island is only level 50, we wanted to implement a sense of strategy and complexion on the mobs and monsters. It won’t be impossible, you won’t need the perfect equipment, but you will have to learn the mechanics of the monsters to defeat them. We also improved one of the main points of all adventure islands, the gaming time on the main quest. The goal we set was to extend it to one/one and a half hour. This goal was reached. I won’t give much detail because you’ll get to discover it on the Beta server. You’ll find many surprises on the island, a many game, 2 families, the UB will still be there and wasn’t modified, but what needs to be said is that it will no longer be a conquest island, but become an adventure island. We made this decision because we were not happy with the current conquest system and want to make it much better, implying a much more interesting boss fight. In this case, we preferred to spend time on the quest and families rather than just a boss fight.

Addition of 16 Haven Worlds
Azael: Yes, we start adding new ones again, to reach our goal of 150 Haven Worlds for the end of the year. After that we will see if we have to add new ones.

Almanax will be modified, with each month represented by a protector
Azael: It was the case already. I think it wasn’t clear enough, and this is exactly what we’re trying to address. For example the month of December will be under the protection of Djaul, and therefore will focus on the island of Frigost. We’ve seen many concerns about the difficulty of these quests. This is something we heard and will try to make sure that the difficulty remains balanced for everyone.

New challenge system
Azael: We will talk about it soon. smile

Hierarchy system in guilds. This was something that was requested a lot by the players.
Azael: Yes, we received a lot of feedback on this and decided to implement this system. This will push customization even further. We didn’t want to impose this hierarchy on the players but rather allow them to set it as they want.

A new building for Haven Worlds, the Rotcere Academy. Can you tell us the level of the Guild Hall that will be required?
Azael: Yes, level three.

Mines will also become limited to 3 per type to limit botting and farming. We had a lot of reactions on this point. What happens for those who have more than 3?
Azael: We’re looking into it right now. We have 2 solutions. The first is to remove all the additional ones and refund the Kamas to the Guild. It’s not the easiest for us to implement. The second one would be to leave the additional mines for those who already have them, they could be used normally but if the guild removes one, they won’t be able to place it again.

We’ve also seen many comments and criticism about the fact that we want to limit farming, while encouraging farming to develop a Haven World.
Azael: Yes you need to farm to build your Haven World. But it’s also more about what the game has to offer, and not so much about farming in the Haven World. This limitation is more here for all the flaws that can appear with this system. We want to prevent botting, this is something we’re working on right now. We’re keeping an eye on what happens in the game and Haven Worlds, but we have to find solutions that are 100% correct and don’t allow mistakes. Which is why as soon as we find a system that has a small percentage of error, we don’t implement it. Now about farming, we want to limit it as much as possible in the game, but there will always be features based on the amount of resources you can gather, particularly Haven Worlds. The goal is to have everyone participate, but in the end it generates very high quantities of resources. This is something we’ll try to address.

What about the increase of resources cost of the buildings?
Azael: This is also something we’re working on, based on the feedback from the community. What needs to be understood is that this is not necessarily a problem for a big server like Aerafal, but more for smaller servers like Nox, that need a smaller kama cost. Now the increase of the resource cost was here to counter the decrease of Kamas, since resources also stimulate the economy as players can acquire them by several means. Now, in terms of balancing, we have to take all servers into account, knowing that there is a huge disparity between some of them. In terms of percentage, we’re still balancing it. We may reduce kamas more than we will increase resources. The idea in term of balancing was to take the average cost of all resources from all marketplaces to create a proper rate. We have other alternatives as well, like maybe allowing destruction of other type of items, like equipment. This is something we’re looking into. Our overall goal is to lower the cost, make it coherent for all servers, and reimburse those who spent more. About reimbursement, we’re still thinking of the best way to do it. Just giving kamas mean injecting kamas into the economy, out of nowhere. Also, for some guilds this will be a lot of money. We don’t want to impact the overall economy, but we want to make sure that everyone is properly compensated.

Some suggested machines like the old equipment machines that would provide resources?
Azael: First, dungeon machines will not come back. Now about more general ones, it might be done. We liked the system, so we might bring it back, and allow players to get resources there.

Will you change the cost of Haven World plots from Kamas to resources?
Azael: No, we won’t change it like that. If we rebalance the cost of the buildings, we might rebalance the plots, but they will remain in kamas.

Players are asking for a clear conversion rate of the prices.
Azael: It’s pretty simple, I’ll give you random values, they’re not correct but it should give you an idea. If we decide to apply a 10% reduction, it will be 10% for everything, and not a different percentage for each building. Then we might look in details to specific buildings, but it should be rare.
So in any way, you will compensate the guilds that spent more.
Azael: Yes. We’re still thinking of how we will do it, but it will be done. We will talk with the community about it, and decide what the best option is. Now even if we can’t come up with a good solution when the time comes, I’d rather postpone the change. We want it to be fair to everyone.

That really is the main idea now, take the time to implement things correctly?
Azael: As long as we’re transparent and can explain why we postpone something, yes we won’t hesitate to do it. The goal is to have more quality, maybe less idea going in every direction and improve what we already have.

About machines, if you say you liked this system, why not just bringing them back?
Azael: Because we had to remove it, unfortunately. It was a request to stop generating alternative currencies. What is clear is that we won’t bring back the concept of specific currency for each dungeon but the idea behind the token was to limit the random aspect and reward the time invested by the player. We will think about it, but we want to come up with a good compromise. A token system is good, but it has to offer proper rewards. Each reward has to fulfill a role in the game. There’s no point in adding more items that are just copies of existing ones. We don’t want to break the balance between drops and crafting. We want to secure all equipment modifications for a more global coherence. Right now is really not the time to add a new source of equipment, while we still have not revamped one of the most important one: crafting, which should come out in 2014. Before talking about crafting, we want to make sure that what we have in mind can be done. What we want to do is completely different from what you’ve seen ingame until now, and actually quite different from what you’re used to see in other MMOs. If it turns out that we can do it, we will come back to the community to talk about it, since it’s a big change compared to what they have now. We want to make sure that we’re going in a direction that everyone agrees with.

Mobile arenas?
Azael: Should we reopen them as they are, or wait until they’re revamped? It’s a discussion we’re having. We haven’t implemented it in the changelog yet because it’s not been approved. But we’ll try to reopen them in this update or the next one. First we have to make sure it’s tested and works properly.

GvG has been postponed as it couldn’t be done for the end of the year, but what about the two features that were supposed to come with: changing equipment in preparation phase and reconnection in combat?
Azael: Reconnection in combat is the toughest subject since it would take a lot and a lot of work. It’s something we’d like to implement but it’s really far from being easy. I would even say, it cannot be considered due to the time it would take. We’re thinking about other solutions, but we really cannot give any date. Now about changing equipment, and other small systems linked to PvP, we will implement the PvP system early next year. The GvG feature also cannot be done before a proper PvP feature is implemented. So first we will try to implement a tournament PvP system.
So this would also be beginning 2014, what about GvG?
Azael: All features linked to PvP will depend on the balancing and results of the tournament feature that should come out around February or March. Here again we want to make sure that we have solid basics before adding more and more features to it.

This is really something you want to do, right? Working on the basics before implementing more?
Azael: Exactly. I think that in WAKFU we have many features that need to be improved, and could be pushed much further than where they are at right now. Some tend to be ignored despite a huge potential.

But that means that some of the things we announced will finally be postponed to be replaced by other things.
Azael: Globally, we want to add more content to the game, maybe smaller, but more interesting. We’re thinking about it for 2014, trying to identify new types of content that could bring something to the game. We also want to keep adding story content. And finally, improve the main features like Politics. This should be a huge project that will keep us busy for the year 2014. We will improve it patch after patch, by working on specific aspects.

Do you have a date for the opening of the Beta server?
Eskarina: Yes, we do, but we won’t give it to you now. If everything goes according to plan, we should tell you more this week.

What about Al Howin?
Eskarina: Yes, there will be Al Howin in game, with new content.
Azael: There will be both old and new content!

There was supposed to be a Justice dungeon exclusive to Haven Worlds. Has this been postponed?
Azael: Yes it has. As announced some staff members have left us, and this can have an impact on the content. We have to go through a restructuration phase. But we’re not giving up on the idea!

Something about secured crafting?
Azael: Well the craft revamp should address this issue directly. Since the system will be completely different, there won’t even be a need for secured crafting.

And shared storage for the account?
Azael: It’s kind of linked to the feature of the end of the year. It’s complicated, but it cannot be done for the end of the year. We will try to get it done for next year. Although I can’t say much, I can tell you that this end of year feature will lead us there…

Sensible question, but what are your plans regarding Wakfu and Stasis?
Azael: I have something to say about this. It’s a subject that comes back regularly. We had to make a final decision on this feature, after taking a deep look into it. Wakfu and Stasis is a feature that right now doesn’t have its place in WAKFU (despite the name) so we are just going to remove it for good for now. The gauge will be removed, not the points. As long as we don’t have time to work on it we will keep it out of the game, and only bring it back if one day we decide to implement it. I know it’s not good news, but I prefer to be honest about it and announce it clearly. Knowing the little impact it has into the game right now, it’s just something confusing for everyone, and especially new players, so better just remove it for now.

So you prefer to prioritize other features like politics, crafting and such?
Azael: We have a lot of content to work on already. Some that I am surprised not to see mentioned yet such as what happens after level 100? We don’t have a proper design after level 100. So this is a core subject of the game that the players use every day. And we want to stabilize this first.

About Beta, don’t you think you’re going to split the community between Beta and the public servers?
Azael: No, because the server will not be open constantly. It will be brief and focus tests to maximize the feedback on a given time.

Will you implement something allowing us to go to our Haven World directly, like a Zaap?
Azael: A Zaap, no. We can’t do it with the current Zaap system, in terms of coding. But the possibility to join a Haven World, like a building “Rotcere teleporter”, is something we thought about and we could implement later.

Will you bring back the Factions?
Azael: By working on Astrub, I asked our team to work on the main story, and put the emphasis on groups like the Guild of Hunters. And with these groups, we quickly went back to the story of the Factions. We want to bring them back. I talked earlier about using the month of December to improve Astrub. And the story of the Factions is something we’ll think about. But once again, if we implement them, it has to have an impact on the entire game later.

It’s a bit like the Statues added to Incarnam. Not exactly the same as the old Temples of the first version, but still, a bit of a reminder.
Azael: Well actually temple is something we’re talking about as well. We’re thinking about them for 2014, and we will see if and how we can implement them.

Someone is asking about Generic summons for the Osamodas, any news on that?
Azael: Not really. This is not something we’re considering right now.

You said you removed the Set bonuses to limit the clone effect, but this doesn’t really fix the issue, does it?
Azael: Removing the set bonuses was partially to limit the clone effect, but also to offer more possibilities in regards to the limitation with AP and MP. But where I have to agree with the Community is that in terms of content, it happens that there is only one path accessible. When reaching a specific level the only option for the player is to go to a specific content. Our goal is to give him more content alternatives, and more rewards.

How will you do that?
Azael: By adding more items. For example, for a given level range, thanks to the items revamp, we know exactly that this and that builds are available. Now if we want to add new alternatives, like Arenas, Machines or Craft, we know that something is missing here, so Crafting can fill the whole for example.

Regarding equipment, we say that we want to offer more customization possibilities to the players, but we keep pushing them toward multi element. There are even level ranges where no mono element items are available. Will you do something about it?
Azael: Well it’s mostly due to the fact that when we release new content, we’re limited in time and resources. It’s a common fact in the gaming industry, you always have these limitations. For any content we have to make sure that it will have a direct impact on the game. Multi Element allows us to impact more builds than mono elements. We have to implement more equipment, and we will look into adding more mono element. However, with the new balancing, the potential gain of a mono-element piece will not double the bonus of a bi-element. It will be better, but not that much better.

You limited Lock and Dodge with the last update, will you do the same to other stats like Initiative or Prospecting?
Azael: We may do it for Prospecting. Initiative is not being considered.

It’s something you’ll work on anyway, the initiative and speed bonuses, right?
Azael: It will have to be done for the PvP update.

And what about Perception?
Azael: Well the real issue with Perception is the Sram. I’m as annoyed as any other player about it since I play Sram. It’s the only class that actually uses it. That’s the reason why we removed it. We cannot keep bonuses on equipment that only impact one class. That’s also why we merged Leadership and Mechanisms. We’re more looking into changing the invisibility system of the Sram. This system is far from being easy right now, and it needs to be changed. We don’t want to just rebalance it, we have to change it completely to separate it from a stat. It has to be clear for the player. He has to be able to use it and know the rules correctly. If he is revealed, he has to understand why.

Last question, about rights in the Haven Worlds, we see many Haven Worlds closed because of them, will you change something?
Azael: Without talking too much about it, I think we managed to do something quite interesting with this feature. Now we can build from it, and improve it. This is something that we will do next year, we will improve the system and add a big feature linked to it.

Can we know more?
Azael: I think we already mentioned it, the players should be able to find out what I’m talking about. I remember when I started working on Haven Worlds, some of those who were here for a while said that WAKFU should have been like that to begin with. By pushing this mechanic, we will also have to modify some of the basic rules, one of them being the rights. And this should allow us to improve some aspects of the classical Haven Worlds.
See message in context
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Grats on your promotion Aza, i have plenty of faith it will all work out fine!

its always sad to see someone leave the team but widening your horizon is a pretty good reason, especially when you make adventure and roleplaying games XD
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Aw it's sad to see Mr. Moustache go sad
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Azael|2013-10-21 14:00:00

We were able to correct a large majority of the bugs that you have reported, but as you have seen our goal has not been achieved due to the large number of bugs that appeared after the last game update.
It seems that the code has already achieved critical mass. No team or process reorganizations will help now.
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biggrin Finally Feca !!!
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Ankama, you need to make mono-elemental sets for higher levels. There are none past level 119. Hopefully you do not forget about us that prefer using one element. I am fine with you allowing omni and dual equipment to have the same damage as mono elemental sets, though like you said mono sets will be better in other stats like resistance, health, et cetera. I think many of us would like to see how good the mono sets are at the higher levels equivalent to Wabbit gear. Do not forget about us mono-elemental players.

Hopefully Vigilantes will help correct this dearth.
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Thanks for the letter Azael, much appreciated and I am pretty sure this is the right way.

More transparency and getting the users involved is an important step to improve the very core of your product and much more crucial than fixes on the "surface".
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nice dev blog. Sad to see Moustache go ;o;
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so..... about them haven worlds, whats the status?
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Typo Alert!
In the Sub-Section titled "Beta Server" the word "Server" is misspelled as "Serveur"
Otherwise everything looks good!
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I really appreciate this letter. Thank you.
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Beta Serveur

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Huh, I looked for unarmed combat, a few months after making my first character. I saw nothing but a basic punch. Is there a combo or something?
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Good luck Ankama, loosing one Game designer, because all we need is free MOD's and contests.
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HA! Alex has been laid off XD
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huh... they sure didnt bother saying good bye to other good people they lost.. wont go into detail, but thanks alot ankama "hiring" more free people to do a professionals job and since everyones not being paid that means less maint, less changes that the players actually want, wakfu was supposed to be a game of its own class, its own breed.. free to build how you choose, not restricted, player ran, and yet you ankama are just making another Dofus and like Dofus this game will fall just like Dofus has over the years since its 2.0 release.. lets see what failures you implement in the future.. good luck to you? nah good luck tot he players
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Ankama Logics:


"We are focusing on class balance to implement the GvG"

....Ohh nevermind, lets postpone all the class revamps and work on Incarnum, Wild state...Ah, bte we had to let go a Developer......

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Good luck ankamahappy
we gave you a lot of time to listen to us

Hopefully next year working on classes doesn't take 14 months o.o
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и был двенадцатый месяц тринадцатого года и пришли феки (отревампленные) и начался треш угар и садома (предсказания Ванги-Ренне)

...poor ankama

p/s/ только мне кажется или Анкама и правда просрала все обещания в roadmap2012?
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IvanSouza|2013-10-22 03:28:55
Ankama Logics:


"We are focusing on class balance to implement the GvG"

....Ohh nevermind, lets postpone all the class revamps and work on Incarnum, Wild state...Ah, bte we had to let go a Developer......

Thats a good way to rip a few pieces of information out of context and put them together to a totally suggestive statement that has nothing to do with reality anymore if I ever saw one.

You should probably be a lawyer.

-Ignoring all the base work they did with bug fixing, re-balancing (which has been done on classes too every month), now with a changed development and publishing strategy involving the playerbase a lot more etc etc

- Assuming that the dev had to be let go or that it is in any way related to the state of the game. Maybe he just found another job or something? But that wouldn't fit your hate speech so well, now would it.

- The Wild Estate revamp was a user choice.

- Incarnam revamp is supposed to bring new players into a severely underpopulated game. I don't think that is exactly unimportant.

- Acting like GvG is the big priority when it is really a totally arbitrary feature that can wait and nobody needs right away.
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