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Who is Decepticod?

By #[Hito] October 07, 2013, 14:30:00

Today we come back to present to you the one who has mastered the art of the bubble: Decepticod!




Real Name




Date of arrival at Alkatrool

records are incomplete at this level


Conditions of incarceration

"Decepticod" was arrested for several actions:
  • Destruction of public property within the nations of Bonta, Amakna Brakmar
  • Pick pocketing
  • Blubble Homicide
  • Winner of the ugliest costume of the Sufokia nation


"Decepticod" does not stop going on about imaginary beings who apparently rejected him. He speaks of a casting failure, due to a bad smell, and especially  of a less than "appropriate" costume to bring  justice in the World of Twelve.

Decepticod spends his time in the Weight Room of the prison, "to strengthen himself against the cursed Vigilantes who dared refuse him."

He quickly made ​​a name here, attacking other inmates who did not show him enough respect. We are often forced to separate him from other prisoners, or they often end up in a bubble...

This bubble also is very interesting, it almost never causes deaths here, as we always try to help the weakest to give him a lesson.
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Interesting, so the bubbles "can possibly" cause death?

And assisting the weak in teaching him a lesson, does that mean A.I. assistance or something?

Overall very interesting.
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Hito|2013-10-07 14:30:00

Winner of the ugliest costume of the Sufokia nation.
Oh my god,that is a MAJOR issue.I sure am going to "vist" him and give a piece of my mind to him.

How could he be such horrible?That's tottally unforgivable!!!

AAAAAAAAAAAAargh....Open that island already!!!!!!

*get my whip and wait next to the boat*
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Look fun !!!
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Gee I wonder why he didn't attack my wonderful Sufokia *breaks 4th wall and looks at you*
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So he's Wakfu Caesar?
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such a weird fetish
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How we can obtain decepticod costume?
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You can't even create a new monster do you.
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Ankama is a bunch of thieves that deletes ogrines before the time allotted. Contacting their support is pretty much impossible and they pretty much hide the ticket form. Most terrible customer service ever.
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