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Revamping Incarnam and Astrub

By #[Troyle] September 20, 2013, 11:00:00
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Ahhh so cool ! biggrin 
EEEEE *is excited*
Looks good. I will have to go make another character next month.
Should make Incarnates be a playable class that relies on using weapons for dealing damage. Maybe make the skills use the weapon equipped, but apply different effects to the weapon. The cost of the skills could be the ap cost of the weapon + wp and/or mp.
xXRonndoXx|2013-09-20 23:21:18
Reime|2013-09-20 22:49:44i guess instead of being able to be a HUMAN FOGGER, we watch in horror and awe as our incarnates rip off their flesh and reveal metal bones and bodies below.
Jrmint|2013-09-20 22:40:25
FurmentalAlchemy|2013-09-20 19:45:13I thought that players, upon selecting their class when creating their character, were incarnated souls that had begun to follow a given god or goddess / activated a metallic husk

I think "Incarnates" should be non-flesh beings like the wisp/spirit/blue-fire-person in the first chapter of Zinit with the base body model that all classes but Foggernaut use with the entire body being the color between purple (stasis) and blue (wakfu). Giving these "Incarnates" a specific human appearance makes me think of them as their own class instead of a soul finding its way to a body. They look more like Eliatr-

Someone mentioned that one race from the show! Quick, everyone make thousands of threads asking for them to be in the game!
Speaking of changing the topic, will this update include the third chapter of Zinit?

How will the kama farming bots ruin non-subscribers being able to mine, mint, and trade for everyone else?

Tune in next time- same bot-time, same bot-game!
Wew cant wait for this biggrin

wow if this will be release i think more players will come to play again and wakfu will be popular game biggrin
Dat female incarnate. :U

ETA on Incarnate being its own class?

Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)

cough Super Novice
No one draws cartoon chicks better than Ankama, NO ONE!. Besides that, should be a good update, hopefully marketing gets updated tenfold you know new people actually experience this.
Really love the new features non-suscribers get. Maybe my friends will actually play forr awhile before buying a P2P. smile Thanks!
In my opinion, I think this is a very good and fresh revamp for the unsubscribed. It looks very promising and I hope this will give them the incentive to subscribe and have fun smile
Incarnates look like eliatropes just make an eliatrope class
Well, this looks promising, if not least...
Finally!!! Woo i am getting excite about it! I love all of what you have said in this devblog biggrin 

Just a question: what about celestial gobbal in incarnam? Will we still get a chance to fight it and get "Read" emote? Also will it be available for f2p players to get it? Because currently f2p players cannot pick up those celestial leafs that NPC drop, and even then we cannot interact with celestial gobbal summoned, and i find it quite not fair, especialy that its only fight for emote.
hpercent|2013-09-21 06:35:22Incarnates look like eliatropes just make an eliatrope class

The devs have been over this, it's never going to happen because it would majorly contradict the lore.
dont forget about crapy rune system to change it
It's a small but necessary step for a right direction.
Ooooooh~ I'm interested XD
That's actually rather neat yo.
WOhoo nice update!!! Seems Like Noobles will return!! biggrin
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