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Class Revamp - Eniripsa

By [Sabi] - ADMINISTRATOR - August 06, 2013, 09:00:00
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Seguchi-sama|2013-09-01 05:29:42
Even if I'm hardly trying to adapt and be optimistic, new eni gameplay causes a lot of pain to me. I just don't want to play anymore. Not just as eni, but as any class. Ankama has just broken my heart with this revamp.
If it really hurts to play, then you should probably stop.

For me, My water eni has become a better healer, and I still heal a sizable amount with sadist mark and 400 with Massmark.

I think the only problem I've ever had with my eni is when my rebound "heals" a mechanic instead of an ally. But I can still easily take care of most dungeons, my only issue at the moment is Black Wabbit, because I need more earth resists or i die hard.

HakazabaJub|2013-08-30 06:25:13
From the calculations i've run so far, all of the things added into the game that reduce damage so far (except coagulation and gear resists) Are about half as effective as a heal would be. So generally they are better once past 50% heal resistance. it is very rare it ever gets to that point.

Fights are usually fast enough that buy the time you have 30 propagator you just need to finish the enemies off, and in the fights that do last longer (ubs) why not use 3gangrenes instead?
It depnds on the mosnters you fight, lets use UBs for example.
If I were fighting Moowolf, I wouldn't bother with gangrene, I'd rather save it for damage.
Magmog? probably go for the psychosis flask for -% damage,
Black Crow? Probably Gangrene.
Dragon Pig? Psychosis Flask.
Excarnus? Gangrene or focus on saving stacks for max damage.
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I like the layout of the spells and there changes.
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Why traid mark have 100 base damage lv 200 in game instead of 114?
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Coming in here and reading up *years late* and not going from A to B, but rather starting at B, the only thing I truly miss is zombification. I would be so happy if it would've been added as an effect of Unnatural Remedies when targeting enemies as it is original and adds strategic depth. The possibility of abuse seems to be very low as well, at most monsters would heal themselves to death which could easily be fixed by making them check for zombified before healing themselves.

To sum it up: I miss zombification - It has strategic depth and makes multi-eniripsa teams much more interesting.
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I hated it.

The new method is superior and much easier to work with.
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