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By #[Troyle] July 23, 2013, 16:00:01

Bilbiza is our new adventure island that opens its beaches starting with the July 30th update. In this festive new content aimed to Level 85 and above, you will find new families of monsters, quests downright "Jelly", colorful dungeons...

History of Bilbiza

Contrary to what one might think, Bilbiza, isn't all about the Jellies. On WAKFU, it is also about the Bilbyboys.

First we must go back in time to learn more about the origin of the Bilbyboys and their leader: the Bilby King.

Indeed, Bilbiza found its boundaries defined by the violence of Ogrest Chaos. The Jellies and adventurers present at that time were simply isolated from the rest of the world. If archipelagos normally were repopulated, thanks to the intervention of the Clan Members and the residents, this was not the case for Bilbiza.

For a long time, no Clan Member was appointed by the Gods, and Jellies lived as they were already for a long time by partying and feeding on Sweet Gum extracts which was spread out on the island.

This variety of Sweet Gum with diminished effects was the only available resource for adventurers wanting to survive. After trying to make rafts that did not float or shelters that did not stood on their own, they had to resolve to finally eat.

This food consumed over several generations gave them their current characteristics: an addiction to partying and a gelatinous skin, which has brought them closer to the Jellies people, which they are now part of.

To celebrate (again), the Emperor Jellix created a show in which the king of the party could distinguish himself before him and manage the island: the Jellix Show.

Bilby King emerged victorious from the first edition and was never dethroned.

Who is it for?

Bilbiza is aimed towards Level 85 to 105 players. After Frigost, we wanted to focus on the average level players by offering them this content.

To go to Bilbiza simply board a boat from any port of the World of Twelve. You will then be brought directly on South Beach in Bilbiza, where you can explore the island and its history.

But first, it's the festive aspect of the place that will overwhelm you: Jellies have prepared many activities so that you won't get bored!

While in Bilbiza, you will discover the Bilbyboys, former adventurers who, after getting a taste of the Sweet Gum, have dedicated their lives to the party and debauchery. You will have to prove that you are worthy of the greatest partiers to win the trust of King Bilby, to get a chance to participate in the Jellix Show and entertain the Emperor...

What will we find there?

Forget the frozen regions of Frigost, but not its amount of content! Sure, Bilbiza is certain to make you swap your Brrrbli fur coat for a flattering bikini, but do not think that we allowed the contents to melt away ... Instead! Bilbiza will not only be comparable in size to Frigost, but will also offer as much content!

3 families of monsters including the Bilbyboys and Jellies ...

A huge island that you will get to discover starting with the beach ...

3 dungeons (2 of them will unlock on the 6th and 13th of August), the Mussly Hammam, former disused Hammamiza where the Bilbimussel has made its home, that you will have to face ...

1 main quest that will keep you entertained for several hours , with also secondary, daily and environmental quests, but that's not it: new achievements, but also more mini-games integrated into the main quest!

What is at stake?

You will be able to acquire Titles, Haven Bag decorations and new resources.

But also and above all: sixty new equipment items (a third of them will be reserved for craft) for Level 85 +, these are the treasures that Bilbiza will be reserving for you!

And last but not least, you may find among them a legendary item, making its comeback: the Gelano.

The gela... what?

If you are a regular in our universe, or participated in the WAKFU Beta, the sweet word of "Gelano" will speak to your ears!

Otherwise, let us explain...

The Gelano is the first "relic" of the game items.  It is a very powerful item that offers +1AP and that you can get from one of the bosses of the island! As a reminder, the particularity of the relics is that you can only carry one at a time...
We will not tell you more about Bilbiza! As it is time for you to put on your flip-flops and discover the beaches and nightclubs of the island to better understand the mysteries of the Jelly peoples and the Sweet Gum!

As a last advice: do not forget your sunscreen...
First Ankama intervention
Score : 30659
Neneko88|2013-07-24 16:32:35
Troyle in the other topic you called this island "Bilbyza" but in this topic you're calling it "Bilbiza"

Yes, it's Bilbiza in english while the french version is Bilbyza. It was a mistake on my side.
See message in context
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60 new equipment items... that's a lot. blink

Jelly Pet^^ 
Score : 5102
Eeeeeeee!!! Gelano =^.^=

- Kat
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Score : 16365
And what of the Gelature? >_>
Score : 5126
I am pretty sure that is not going to be an AP item. No idea why you think so?
Score : 14028
looks great, can't wait for multi-element pieces.

Are drops going to be as unrewarding as arachneeshima dungeon? chillberg?
feedback from all servers say that we want a drop/prospecting revamp
Score : 2556
WTB 500 more prospecting...
Score : 8476
Shaleigh1|2013-07-23 16:45:12
I am pretty sure that is not going to be an AP item. No idea why you think so?
He might not have read the latest news concerning this issue.
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WANT! Are those insigs in the top pic? o3o
Score : 4782
They look like an npc family, we have fishies, jelly and npc mobs as seen in the picture.

i can't wait for this update biggrin 
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Droprate of Gelano? 0.01 or 0.001?
Score : 13785
Ryuujikyon|2013-07-23 17:46:26
Droprate of Gelano? 0.01 or 0.001?

Score : 8476
Gynrei|2013-07-23 17:50:04
Ryuujikyon|2013-07-23 17:46:26
Droprate of Gelano? 0.01 or 0.001?

^The Gelano probably only drops from normal jellies that are in the dungeon, similar to other items that are normal mob dungeon drops, and not jellies outside the dungeon. Find it weird how the Gelano and jelly pet each have a .1% from Emperor Jellix, but one is a relic and one is just mythic wacko.
Score : 911
I want dat Gelano!
Score : 229
will the gelano be crushable? xD
Score : 20
lusaaa|2013-07-23 18:33:55
will the gelano be crushable? xD

please make a video 4 youtube biggrin 
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looking at the pp lock of the bilbiza items is even possible for an enutrof to get 600 pp? because as i remember at the end of the fight the pp of the players will take in count, then the items are split in a random way and pp test enters again to see if he gets the item or not, so the players actually need to have 600 of pp?!
Score : 5126
PP lock is party based. PP rolls against the probability to actually get an item is individual.
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lusaaa|2013-07-23 18:33:55
will the gelano be crushable? xD
XD yes, but you cant because of Fähigkeit
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