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Dev Diary: Haven Worlds

By #[Troyle] June 14, 2013, 16:00:00

In this Dev Diary, Azael, Fhenris and Troyle tell you about Haven Worlds and all the new experiences you will get to live with them.

Are you ready to build yours?
First Ankama intervention
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Individual, you can have Brakmar, Sufokia and Neutral houses in a same Haven World.
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Will the skins be "one time buy for all your houses" or "individual, one skin per house" ? Will we be able to have Brakmar looking and Sufokian looking houses or just one type?
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Individual, you can have Brakmar, Sufokia and Neutral houses in a same Haven World.
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Troyle you sexy beast :3
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Looks amazing!!

~ Karah
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It's looks so nice, but i'm afraid that guild master and people with high ranks will have more fun with all of that that normal guildie.
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So we finally saw the size of the haven world, and I am curious if we will be able to expand it? Would be cool to have a very expensive expansion option!
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Very nice!
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If you can really put your own dungeons into your haven world then they could almost make a stand alone game out of this. The customization options and ease of use make me want to become a guild leader just for this feature. I would love it if in the future they released a stand alone app that let you design your own haven world, just for fun.
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I wish this came out this week! I can't wait for this anymore!
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Awsome! If i understand correctly we will be able to create our own obstacles for fight vs monsters and therefore also the ability to create our own pvp grounds! This is something i was waiting for! And the ability to relocate the buildings is awsome too! I was at first afraid that i would need to plan in advance where to place each building but it seems i don't have to worry anymore.

Great job! I just hope i will be able to replace all the grass fields with for example sand that we have in Calamar Island. I also hope it will be possible to put single cells of water not just 9x9 cells.

The only problem might be prices. I think Guild hall 1 should be cheap so that every guild with haven world doesn't need to wait long till we build this. I also hope that changing ground type will be very cheap (or even free) so that we can easily terraform. That would be a lot of fun.

10 kama to change 1 selected cell type seems fine.
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If you look pictures at the facebok, you can see signs with "!" mark in front of each building. Is anybody have any idea about that?
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Could you please supply this information in text form too? Reading an article is so much nicer than video/audio.
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Here's a transcript I quickly made for others who prefer text format. Sorry for any mistakes I may have made.

"In WAKFU we always wanted to place the player at the center of the game, and give him the possibility to impact the world around him as much as possible."
"To achieve this we were missing an important feature, and this is why we developed the Haven Worlds."
"The idea behind is to allow you to create a complete region, with its fields, houses, taverns and of course the monsters around."
"This is something that took us a lot of time to design and develop, but I believe this to be the kind of feature that is still quite rare to see in the world of Online Games."

"The main idea about Haven Worlds is to allow players to customize not only the content but also the look of their world."
"We thought it was absolutely necessary to give them the possibility to change the appearance of their buildings."
"This way, if you want to show the colors of Brakmar with pride, you will find directly ingame and in the Boutique, skins packs that can be applied to many buildings."
"Furthermore, we created a blank building entirely customizable, to match the desires of everyone."

"Haven Worlds are entirely customizable, from the ground to the buildings, and including the monsters around you."
"Everyone will get his share. For example, if you like crafting, you can create workshops."
"If you're more interested by combats, you're free to place monsters in there. Or even create an exclusive dungeon in the Haven World."
"On the other hand, if Krosmaster is your thing, you can also create a game room just for it."
"Or again, I don't know, a casino! You can create a casino and place gambling machines."
"Finally, Haven worlds will just look exactly like what you want them to look like."
"The evolution of a Haven World is based on a single building, the Guild hall."
"It's really going to be the heart of your Haven World."
"The idea behind is quite simple, the more it evolves, the more buildings will unlock, and with them more possibilities."
"We want a system that is pretty simple and avoid you the long and annoying steps, in order to quickly reach the part where you can customize your Haven World."

"What we wanted was for players to be able to create a Haven World that matches their desires, but desires can change with time."
"That's why it will of course be possible to move elements after they are built."
"This way you will be able to reorganize your buildings and your resources to better fit your needs."

"We know that many players like to spend time organizing and playing events. By giving them access to the Haven Worlds even if they don't own the Haven World, we made it an incredible and very powerful community-building and role-playing feature. The Haven Worlds are just an amazing community tool."
"The players will get to participate in a project that goes way beyond a simple build project, and also the guilds will get to decide how much they want the other players to participate in their own project."
"So there is no doubt that we will have a lot of projects that will be very original and very surprising, and we just can't wait to see what you guys are going to do with it."

"Constructing and evolving your Haven World will require much dedication from the entire guild, be it with Kamas or resources."
"Any resource of the game will be useful, no matter its level or rarity."
"We wanted to reward your guild for the effort provided. That's why bonuses will be available with the buildings."
"For example, defense or attack bonuses, or even Health Points."
"These bonuses will apply in the Haven World, but some will also be available in the entire World."
"With the Haven Worlds, we really tried to make the players actors of the game."
"And as you noticed, you will be able to do pretty much anything you want with them."
"And this is just the beginning. We hope that your feedback will help us improve this feature."
"And who knows? Maybe the entire world could be impacted by it."
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Uyir|2013-06-15 19:23:41
Here's a transcript I quickly made for others who prefer text format. Sorry for any mistakes I may have made.

Wow, thank you smile 
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I hope I could snag at least one haven world... though kamas will probably be an issue. I got alot of ideas...
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Ok, that's all very nice but what can we do with the landscape?

Can we make sandy Sukofian beaches or Brakmarian ash fields?

Can we raise or lower terrain?

Can we add in interesting landscape features like the Sukofian arches?

Because in the video it all looks like flat grass, and that doesn't leave much room for a custom look to haven worlds.
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From the look in the video, the Haven Worlds will be a 12x12 world of 9x9 squares. So 108x108 individual squares in size if you're trying to plan out your world on grid paper or drawing program. They also gave lists of the size of buildings too in the price thread.

I would also though like to know if we can change the elevation of the ground, or will everything be relatively flat as it looked in the video. I would be amazing if we can change elevation and create valleys and plateaus. This would allow for truly unique worlds instead of the same worlds with just the buildings rearranged in different ways (I say it like this as everyone will of course in the end strive to build all the buildings).

- Kat
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Elevation and different grounds will not be implemented on June 25, but should come later.
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