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WAKFU Update: Masqueraider Mystique

By #[Troyle] February 21, 2013, 16:00:00
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Can't wait for profession bugs... oops, I mean bags.
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Love the professions bag, and the new class, and the new ub system and everything else rolleyes 
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This update will bring lots of changes in positive side biggrin
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Velore|2013-02-21 19:04:02

They will be the Krosmoz Vigilantes i guess.

Click here
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GJTora|2013-02-22 16:39:32
Velore|2013-02-21 19:04:02

They will be the Krosmoz Vigilantes i guess.

Click here
It's randomize button aka choose random class.
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Looks amazing!
Fun to see that the long awaited Mask-wearing bandit's are here!
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i will try the bandit when he comes out with lots of other peaple because its popular
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Masqueraders finally! Only took you guys a year.
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Kikuihimonji|2013-02-22 16:43:02
GJTora|2013-02-22 16:39:32
Velore|2013-02-21 19:04:02

They will be the Krosmoz Vigilantes i guess.

Click here
It's randomize button aka choose random class.

Random class on an RPG? It doesn't make sense..
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It means that the computer will chose a class for you...
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Yea, it's the random button on a RPG, if you try to create a char now you will see the button "Random" like the random button in the name create...
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Hmm....krosmaster vigilante, eliatrope,random now I'm confused but it is more possible to be random..but it's true .,.one a mmo?

makes like no sense...
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The randomized class button is nothing new as it's already there [I've used it before], and I've seen randomize buttons in other mmos too... unsure what the disbelief is all about o-o
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What about Arachnoshima Weapons? Are they going to be fixed in this patch? 
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Are the profession bags going to be able to hold seeds/cuttings for their respective profession?

Also, there are 6 profession bags not 7 (Amakna can't count guys).
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C4ssidy|2013-02-22 07:05:28
Nox16|2013-02-22 06:57:47
C4ssidy|2013-02-22 06:49:13
Troyle|2013-02-21 16:02:12
The in- game Gazette, dated Flovor 760, will also say a word or two about this class!
What does that number mean? The respec to kill gazette was "Javian 970".
Alibert picked up Yugo in 969 and the brotherhood of tofu was created in 981. Did we jump back in time to let masqs in on this?
well i mean baby yugo is in the game...
Yeah the timeline checks out just fine with everything except for the upcoming update. Flovor 760 is more than 200 years ago(if those numbers are even years)...which is before a certain something happened. Maybe i should just stop. sleep

This temporal inconsistancy may mean one thing: Xelor has reset the clock! This may mean we are getting a Mea Culpa potion as a compensation gift smile

Mea Culpa Potion

Xelor has reset the divine clock. Who does that dude think he is?!

Another thing, if Eliatropes come out, they may be a combination of Osamodas, Air Sacrier, and Foggernaut.

- Yugo's partner, Adamai (Gobgob), can summon monsters (like a Crackler) and apparently absorb his summons (turning into a rock-like monster)
- When Ruel and Percadal went through Yugo's portal, they suffered from motion sickness (Air Sac), his portals are like Transposition, and Yugo can grow through a series had a such a high speed he becomes a glowing blur (Light Speed).
- I assume Wakfu bypasses elemental resistance (like Stasis). And at the season 2 finale, he casts a spell similar to Fogginator (minus the Explosion lol), he casts spells at a much faster rate (more AP), moved much faster (more MP), and was overflowing with Wakfu (Stasis for Foggernaut).

Comment guys!biggrin
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They've more damage of Yop...
They should arrive in all cell with one or two AP (portal teleport)
Adamai is a Dragon, not his partner... a lot of time adamai's only... he may be dragon class ò.ò
Eliatrope are power as dragon....
oh, the portal rebound spell....

Oh, sorry, the god Dragon and the goddess Eliatrope are more strenght than the actually god
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Hi Guys,

Please make sure to take a few minutes and recheck the new content and changes that are coming up with the next "Wakfu Update: Masqueraider Mystique", as we have updated them today with the "Bugs Fixing & Improvements" section.

You may find some very important information such as:

Gobbsage, Rampart, and Gobbalrog Sets:

If you have the complete set merged before the next update, you will be able to unmerge it after the next update, but you will receive the “new” Gobbsage/Rampart or Gobbalrog set instead, with the cape. This means that the previous piece of the set (if there was one) will be replaced by a cape if you merge the set right before the update.

Character Respec:

Due to the many changes brought with this update, a spell and aptitude respec will be offered to all characters with the quest “Restate of Emergency”. Please note: To all characters that already have a respec quest running, if you are at the last step with the Jonk (“I’m ready to see Master Kano to redistribute my experience!”), completing the new respec quest will also complete your current one. If you want to benefit from your current quest, we invite you to visit the instance before the update tomorrow. This way, you will stay in the instance tomorrow and therefore receive 48 hours to begin a new Respec.
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I download this patch and my wakfu does work why ?
writes "Error:server locked"
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I don't know, maybe... the server is locked? sleep 
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