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WAKFU 0.306

By #Zidrune June 22, 2011, 16:56:44


New patch available for WAKFU ! Balancing of all classes, new laws for governors, new trading features...

Find out now the complete patch note of the 0.306 version of WAKFU.


  • Ability and Characteristic points have been split. Your character now gains 5 Ability points and 5 Characteristic points for each level, to be distributed independently.
  • All the costs of Ability and Characteristic points have been revised.
  • Abilities descriptions have been modified.
  • Thus, existing characters will get back their whole Ability points after the patch.



  • Modification of cost and reach of « Jump » (line of sight not necessary).
  • Modification of 'Virility' criterii (appear in % of HP).



  • Ecaflip’s Speed bonus becomes “Rate of Critical Hits +50%”.
  • The passive spell “Sixth Sense” merges with “Hands off”.
  • New specialty spell: “Croupier”. The Ecaflip receives a tarot card that he can give out to his allies or enemies when he wishes to. When he has given it out, he receives another card. The effect of the distributed card lasts for one turn.



  • Increased chances of dropping the “Enutrof Blessing” specialty.
  • Increased damages of “Meteor”. The spell is also more painful for a target in “Bound” state.
  • Increased damages of “Firedamp explosion” when on a mine.
  • Modified costs of “Mass Clumsiness”, “Phorzerker”.



  • Sacriers gain now 7 HP per level instead of 6.
  • “Attraction Range” modified.
  • “Kill” now makes the Angrrr increase.
  • “Punishment” now applies a level 4 Angrrr.
  • “Rocky foot” gives damages 3% bonus depending on used Angrrr.
  • “Burning Blood” now applies a superior “Scalded” state.
  • “Crackrock Hit” now gets a 10% chance of applying the “Nasty” state.
  • “Sacrifice” applies the “Nasty” state to the caster.
  • Increased damages of “Mortal Sling”. The spell also applies the “Incurable” state.
  • Modified costs of “Colonnades” and “Mortal Sling”.



  • Xélor’s Dial: the hour tile correspond to the current server hour, shines and bring more bonuses.



  • Enutrof, Sacrier and Xelor Gostofs’ spells modified, following the changes made on these classes.
  • The “Incurable” state now gives 10% resistance to heals and HP gains instead of 1%.



Combined seeds have been removed. For now on, simple seeds will allow to generate a combined group of monsters, depending on species that live in the area.Fish resources obtained by Fishermen have been amended. Evolution is now similar to the ones of other harvest jobs with a unique level associated to each resource.Gobballs are now in Kara Plain (Bonta), pushing Prespics back to the Cania Plains.A new notorious character comes out in Ugly Pageant marshes: Sweeny Toad!



  • Two new laws come out in the set that is at the disposal of Amakna and Bonta Governments: offence of Major Opposition and crime of Unique Party. According to the Tyrannical Manual, article 1, it is strictly forbidden to stand or vote for an election against the outgoing Governor.
  • The two first Rights actionable by the Governor come out:
    • Charity: +10 CP for citizens who put more than 100 kamas in a nation receptacle.
    • Militancy: + 3 CP for every citizen who votes for the outgoing Governor.
  • Revised international relationships:
    • A foreigner on the territory of a neutral nation becomes a law-breaker when he breaks the local laws for the first time (and not when he first acts on the ecosystem anymore).
    • A foreigner on the territory of an allied nation gains or loses CP with regard to local laws.
  • Every nation role has now got a specific appearance (permanently for Members of the current Government, and distinction between Soldiers and Guardians appearances).


Haven-bag and Commerce

  • You haven-bag is now furnished with a Display Shelf (replacing the Small Jumble Window initially available). It will allow vendors to highlight their flagship products. The Display Shelf is a unique item that can’t be destroyed, swapped or crafted. It is used exactly like a window and has three sales slots. Items present in the Display Shelf are also visible in the tooltip when passing over the Haven-bag (cf. screen).
    For all the characters created before the 0.306 patch, a display shelf will be available in the gift interface.
  • It is possible again to buy a haven-bag content without going into it. The interface of purchase from outside the haven-bag has been updated in order to make the browsing in the present windows easier.
  • You can now choose the outside appearance of your haven-bag from the control console.



  • Characters, monsters and resources tooltips have been standardized (in particular, addition of level information about resources and of a board icon for every type of resource).
  • Notifications of important events (gain of level, nation information…) have been entirely revised in order to not interrupt the game. A right click on the pop-up also allows opening the interface concerned by the notification.
  • The Emotes interface was revised in order to receive more elements (in anticipation of future integrations).
  • States interface (heart) revised.
  • An icon was added in spells descriptions to show if it’s possible to modify its reach.
  • The detailed number of planted/harvested/cut resources and revenues joins the Jobs interface (and thus isn’t displayed on the Passport anymore).
  • The “See linked up recipes” icon in the Jobs interface is shaded if no recipe exists.
  • The shortcut that allows placing an element on the short-cuts bar is now “Alt+click”; no matters if it is for spells, items or emotes.



  • Sound effects for the Xelor and the Sacrier.
  • Battle onomatopoeia for all classes of characters.
  • Mix and improvement on Robbers.
  • Atmospheres and music for Gobball Dungeon basements added.
  • Atmospheres for the Shustuft Dungeons added.
  • Atmospheres in Amakna and Bonta Harbors added.


Bug fixes

  • The Xenophobia law has been revised: it doesn’t make lose CP anymore during the attack of a neutral foreigner or ally if this one is a law-breaker.
  • The tooltip that informs about laws which can apply to an action has been revised. Laws of your own nation are not displayed on it anymore when the player is in a foreign territory.
  • Information about applicable laws has been added to the tooltip of resources actions.
  • Law-breakers in their own nation are now considered as law-breakers on territories of allied nations as well.
  • Untimely feedback about law changes has been removed.
  • Wooly keys are dropped properly in Bonta.
  • The Hammle Mark (Eniripsa) doesn’t give Steps until the end of the battle anymore, but only until the end of the beneficiary’s next turn.
  • “K'mir” stabilizes the target correctly when it is thrown by a doll.
  • Xelor can move more easily from an hour square to another for only 1MP.
  • Xelor can’t teleport thanks to his Dial if he is in a “Stabilized’ state.
  • Xelor can’t teleport thanks to his Dial on the square he already is on.
  • Xelor dies correctly when his HP drop to 0.
  • Withdrawn/gained Steps by Hammhour (Xelor) can’t be accumulated to infinity.
  • Xelor Dial disappears properly without costing any WP if the caster is not located on an hour square.
  • “Mass Clumsiness” and “Prime of Life” (Enutrof) have been revised.
  • “Seismic Shovel” (Enutrof) applies the “Bound” state on the entire line.
  • “Higgledy-piggledy” (Enutrof) steals MPs correctly.
  • “Battle Training” (Enutrof) level 4 gives 25% bonus to resistances correctly.
  • Mines increase the chances of gain/loss of MP and the drop of Enutrof’s purses.
  • Enutrof’s mines are not detectable thanks to the tooltip by other classes anymore.
  • “Death refusal” and “Blood Pact” have been revised.
  • Bug fix of a persisting APS after a battle (especially for the spells “Prime of Life”, “Stabilization” and “Amplification”).
  • Location of some tooltips revised.
  • Haven-bags can now be placed side by side in marketplaces (and thus occupy every site available).
  • “Guardian” and “Soldier” states revised, which couldn’t deactivate if the badge was taken off.
  • Lock system of the haven-bag revised. The lock doesn’t disappear anymore.
  • Sounds of several Robbers have been revised.
  • Characters’ steps sounds are clearly audible during battles.


Update vocabulary note:

  • Rollover: means that the mouse is passing over an element (often interactive).
  • Tooltip: information message that displays when you pass your mouse over an element.
  • RUM: initials of “Radial Universal Menu” that refers to action menus when you right click on an interactive element.
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Reactions 210
Score : 214

Awesome. Thanks Wakfu team

0 0
Score : 610

I wish that ugly 0 timer bug was fixed sad Well, done anyways! smile 

0 0
Score : 2

good work! thanx^^

0 0
Score : 252

Alright so let's start talking about the changes!

If you get 5 points to each parameter (skills and atributes) per level, why do I have 197 on both? I don't think it's mathematically possible D: Unless you get 3/2;2/3 each level and so on.


0 0
Score : 2

i dont know what you guys are thanking wakfu for because i hate this patch skills got reset and are way more expensive now i had a lvl 3 compulsion lvl 2 virility and lvl 3 increase now i cant even get compulsion lvl 2 cuz of it so think im gonna quit playing BTW i am a lvl 22 iop

0 0
Score : 3

Lvl 1 sacrifice... only 80 points... yea... wery good patch... -.-

0 0
Score : 200

Yea, had to give up Blood Pact completely to compensate for the damage I need. No more tanking. At least I got an extra AP.

0 0
Score : 22

OMG! At my current level, i used to have a special ability at max level. Not whining but.... Buahhh! lol
Well, let's figure it out how to use wisely those points now. Who can lend me some??? wink 

0 0
Score : 94

Sweet update, lvl 50 char and can't get even 1 spell on max lvl ;] my iop is now useless thanks to no +30%dmg and 140hp from virtility that is now one big joke, also jump that have 2ra? and need W point wtf?
200 points to get spell from 4-5 lvl = 40 lvl of character to get that (if 5 points per lvl?)?

1 0
Score : 2

Why are they turning it more like dofus? Dx I left dofus for wakfu because wakfu didnt need characteristic points!!!!! DX!!!

0 0
Score : 5954

Epick nerf....
Sadida 55 lvl can not UP doll to max LvL. (2 lvl with 320 point max,for 3 lvl-need 350 points,it +6lvl..... 61 lvl....)


0 0
Score : 52

So...the new law is to give ongoing governer advantages by to reduce CP (or even their right to vote) for those who want to change or to 'bribe' citizens to vote for the present governer.

IMO This is not balance update for the politic system. It's too tyranny-inclined.

0 0
Score : 2

U guys suck now all characters are friken useless my lev 26 iop cant kill anything and i can only get compulsion lev 2 thanks for ruining the game!

BTW if you want to make the game better fix this and make more characters

0 0
Score : 18

wow... tell me, u guys lost ur mind isnt it? IOP is not anymore IOP, it is just a piece of junk. Im very impressed on u guys' stupidness thank u that u guys made the game really boring and sucks. u guys jst ignored about how hard we tried before we lvl up hard to master our speciall ability and look at this, Im 49 IOP but i cant even master one special ability, so im telling you guys, Ill quit this damn game unless u guys fix it.

1 0
Score : 974

Extra features:
- Ruined fire sacier build
- Xelors now can run faster away from mobs with lower cost...
- Xelors can still get huge ammount of AP
- Sacier can be tank now or nothing...
- Skills costs too much, If you get two maxed, you are lucky.

0 0
Score : 9


before the patch the one thing that made my ecaflip deal a decent amount of damage is because of crits from lvl 4 meowtbreak. now i can't even get it to lvl 3.

0 0
Score : 2

Yeah great sacrier is also useless and i just lost 9 citiens points even tho in wakfu limit was 120-200 and it said there were 160 on map so something is wrong with that also...

0 0
Score : 1183

Ok so here's my feedback about this +/- patch.
The good parts:
Balancing yay.
Fixing bugs yay.
Xelor and sacrier got sound YAY.
Xelor fixed hammer yay.
Haven bag additions yay.

Bad parts:
Messed up skill system.
I love the part that you separate skills from characteristics but seriously now we can't even max 1 skill?
Dear Ankama you know i love ya, if not i wouldn't have been here since you guys announced wakfu several years ago, but you cannot keep making the same mistakes over and over again :C.
I know you are trying to balance things out but HOW IN THE WORLD YOU DO THIS....

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Score : 723

What confuses me is that the new point costs are not even in proportion to the skill's utility.

Ecaflip's Tarot (a spell that hurts you as often as it helps you, and can't be shut off once raised) costs 60 points just to get it to level 1 and another 90 to get to level 2, but Xelor's Dial (which is nothing but helpful) requires only 10 to level 1 and 30 to level 2?

Before, my Xelor had Master of Time maxed out and was saving points until something interested me, but now I can only raise it to level 2 (and I'll have to gain 15 more levels just to get it to level 3, and who knows how many more after that to max it again), hampering my character's ability to steal AP until then, and forcing me to abandon other skills I wanted to raise. I understand they don't want you to be able to max out all ten skills, but with these new point costs I don't think it'll be possible to max more than two.

This also kills the whole "Getting spells at low-level" idea that the game was based on. Getting Ecaflip's Tarot (to take the most extreme example I've seen so far) at level 6 is pointless, since you have to level to 13 just to use it at all (and you have to use your points on nothing else in the meantime). The same for Sadidas' Dolly Knowledge (which requires 40 points - you get it at level 6, but can't do anything with it until level 9). Level 1 of the skills needs to be low enough that you can drop points into them as soon as they're unlocked, otherwise it makes no sense to give you those skills at low level.

At the very least, they really need to lower the point costs for the first level of the skills, and/or raise the amount of skill points you get per level.

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