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The WAKFU Calendar starts tonight

By #[Troyle] November 30, 2012, 14:00:00
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I was so lucky to have joined the day this started, a few hours more and I would have missed the start!
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I don't worry
You know why?
I am nox..
I will collect all world's Wakfu!!!
And I am gonna time-travel for get The 1st dayy

Oh yeaa
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Omg, I missed one >.< 25min too late... ;_;
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in moments like those i thank god i live in europe...
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... why didn't I hear about this until today? The month's barely begun and I've already missed my chance at the big prize. And the one gift I got today was underwhelming.

I was in a bad mood already, and this didn't help any. I feel like there's no point now in doing the rest of this.
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Cant wait for the last present!!!
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ahhhhhh I miss my bag yesterday......let's cry together guy ;-;
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Only 1 week left to get YET another insygnia that will block my inventory space biggrin I am excited! (?)
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Hiihiiii >...< meow^^ :3
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i love it
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Hey let's guess what the 25th will be!

On the 25th day of chrismas calendar,
my dear Ankama sent to me,
5 crossboxes!

And a firework emo-o-ote!
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Almost there biggrin 
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@cody5 at 25th there will be insignia.
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I thought you get insignia if you open all bags, because if you go for insignia you just can wait til 25th
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one more to finish this smile 
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1 day >.<
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Done :]
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