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The WAKFU Calendar starts tonight

By #[Troyle] November 30, 2012, 14:00:00
From November 30th to December 25th, open the Kwismas Haven Bags of the WAKFU Advent Calendar and receive 25 ingame items. The most diligent adventurers will receive a special surprise on December 25th…

WAKFU joins the Kwismas celebration and brings its share of gifts! To receive them, you only need to log on the WAKFU website every day.
Open your Kwismas Haven Bag, click, and discover your gift! You can repeat the process every day, and obtain up to 25 items!

Nothing complicated, right?

To reward your efforts, we will give you a surprise on December 25th. Getting it shouldn’t be too hard since you will only have to open every Kwismas Haven Bag

You know what that means? If you miss just a single day, the Father Whupper Insignia will pass you by!

So even if you’re on holiday at granny’s, or in the mountains skying, you’ll have to find a way to visit the website starting from November 30th 11pm GMT. Don’t miss the first day…

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COOL !!!
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Yay :3 sounds like fun ^^ thanks Ankama
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hahah me likes it very muchaa *-*
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SO AWESOME !!!!!!!!! biggrin

one question ......where is those haven bags?
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neroatsushi|2012-11-30 15:24:24
SO AWESOME !!!!!!!!! biggrin

one question ......where is those haven bags?

click the link in the 1st post by Troyle

I hope we got somethin usefull now tongue
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okay thanks biggrin
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I can already see the grand prize~!!~~ FIREWORKS!!!
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Ryuujikyon|2012-11-30 19:34:26
I can already see the grand prize~!!~~ FIREWORKS!!!
OMG, yes! Is this confirmed?! :O
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OMG that would be so awesome!!!
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NICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Ermegerd firewerks!
But this is cute :3 I love event themed items =] 
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Really looking forward to this! Gotta love this time of the year! biggrin
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Whoa, this will be fun!
Thanks Ankama! ^^
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it is the season to be playing some wakfu fa lalalala lalalala
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i miss the 1st day...bye bye insignia ~ sob sob
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I only heard about this today, A little more warning would have been nicer instead otf the day before, it means I won't be able to get the special item now. This makes me one very sad xelor
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i want throw snowball emote laugh 
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