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WAKFU Update: Wind of Change

By #[Troyle] November 22, 2012, 16:00:01
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Score : 30642
Rokugatsu|2012-11-28 14:54:06
thursday 28? Today is 28

Oh right, today is wednesday...
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it camed now so get ready for this update biggrin
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they told that the larvas dungeon at astrub was going to be for f2p and p2p...but when i entered the dung ,i was going to fight them and it told it was only for subscribed player why saying that it's for all when it's not ,and why did it let me entered if i can't battle them :/
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No updates for Srams ?
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thanks ankama for fixing larvas dungeon biggrin

hmm.... i preffer the old citical hit animation :/
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And the trapper harvests are not working in Calamar. Maybe it is intended to be so, but some crafts like Starry Shield (Armorer 60) require Crab meat and Starry Tentacle (trapper harvest from dead crabs and dead stars).

Please confirm the bug/not bug status.
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do anyone knows name of the soundtrack in server selection? please tell me i cant find it, its very important
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