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Shape the world! When players take control

By #[Troyle] April 03, 2012, 16:57:44
You probably already heard the sentence “In WAKFU, it’s all up to you”, and thought to yourself “what more can I do than influencing the ecosystem and politics?”Some citizens of the World of Twelve decided to take this idea as far as they could, and use the sandbox properties of the game to shape it, and create services that are not yet implemented in the game.
It took a lot of work, and many bombs, but the result is breathtaking!

The story begins when the governor Captain, noticed that the Sufokia Mine zap (a highly visited spot) was lacking of a real purpose besides traveling. Captain decided to build a tournament arena. After discussion about the best location for the arena, the digging began, all handled by Captain himself (helped by his guild and other players, for the harvesting and crafting of bombs).

Two days and 125 bombs later, a first shape was dug.

But even the best fighters can’t provide much of a show without proper light. It took about one week to gather all the lanterns needed to light this arena up, involving the help of many players from all nations.


In an attempt to show the process and give you an idea of the amount of work this undertaking represents, we decided to produce a small Reenactment of the facts. Note that we can’t get much credit for this video, as getting all the required materials didn’t constitute as big of a challenge as it did to those who created the first ever PvP Arena in WAKFU!

WAKFU really puts players’ imagination and ambition in the spotlight, and there is no doubt that this is only the first of many achievements to shape the world the way you want.
Until then, congratulations to Captain and all those who helped him, leading the way to a world that reflects everyone's desires!
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dear captain unless you want me to blow up your arena pay me 50kamas a week forever~ thanks
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But Captain is a governor of Brakmar mellow
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lul i tot the maker is arcadia team ohmy

lul i tot the maker is arcadia team ohmy
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nice way to show that there is a real need for a pvp tool in the game
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Yeah Captain is Brakmar, but it was also his idea to make this too. He made a thread about it on the forums. The idea spawned from when the zaap was free and everyone was in that mine 20 times a day. smile

Would be nice to see Ankama supporting the playerbase with an official PVP arena of some sort. I'd like to see PVP with different battlefield obstacles, like the pipes from Snaptrap dungeon, in a PVP arena.
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All hail Captain!!

All hail Captain!!
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wow cool XD

i wish i had the power to preserve the arena though :x
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Capitan and his friends from his country do this arena-room and no one from another-speaken community know where is it.

We think dev should make normal arena.
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I think that credits should also go to those who unlocked this zaap as they wasted a lot of time gathering all materials just to find that place where now the arena is.
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Nice Venus. I knew you were doing things but not this. And now your front paged on the website. High five!

And for who ever is trying to get money out of this by "threatening" money out of him or his guild. There are people who would blown the arena up for free. Your reasonings are flawed, yarr harr.
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5 kamas by the end of the week someone (not saying me) will destroy it.
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Proud to be Brakmarian today, cant wait to find it and check it out

*sheads a tear*
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Captain is the best.

Sincerely yours, Bloodtershy.
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Awesome! nice work.. if only there were more people willing to do/help with stuff like this.
You muchly deserve to be "front page news" biggrin
~ bows ~
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You know, "In wakfu, it's up to you!" is a really good slogan!
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who won in the battle?
btw nice music
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Grrrrr.... I hate being a non-subscriber. I can't go anywhere except astrub!!!
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