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Dev Talk #3

By #[Troyle] March 21, 2012, 15:16:53
Here it is, the third edition of our Dev Talk!

Amakna is the only nation with classical Riktus Bandits, why is that?

In the next patch, these bandits will spread out all over the 4 nations. Watch out when walking in the woods however, you might come across the new inhabitants of the Forest…

Do you have more information concerning the possibilities you want to offer to guilds?

Our team already started working on guilds, and would like to receive your suggestions. This is why we created a thread to gather your feedback and ideas on the forums! You can already go there and share your thoughts on how to improve the guild system.

Won’t the new drop system penalize us?

In the previous Dev Talk, we announced that a new drop system would come with the patch of March 27th. You shared your concerns about this subject. We decided to give you more details on this mechanic to help you understanding it.

First let’s talk about the main features of this change:

  • Rates are re-balanced overall.
  • Sets and some items become harder to get, particularly rare unique items.
  • Resources are globally easier to get when playing in a group, and the lower quality ones (Gobball wool and horns for example) abound much more.
  • A minimum prospecting value is now required to unlock the drop of some items.
  • In group, players with less prospecting are not penalized by those who have more.
  • The amount of players in a group increases the amount of items gained. However it doesn’t change the maximum quantity of items available.

To that, Azael added: “From now on players’ prospecting values (the basic one plus bonus) will add up in group to unlock items. To sum up: The more you are and the more items you will get.

It wasn’t the case in the old system; we wanted to change the drop to have a better handling of items provided in solo and group.

Your personal prospecting will of course increase your chances to drop an item, each monster having a maximum amount of items to drop.

And to reassure you, we didn’t balance this system assuming that an Enutrof or a prospecting specialist was necessary to drop the right items, but more to make it so groups drop more items than solo players.

A little side note on Haven-Bag drops: we noticed that this rate was particularly low; therefore it will be increased on bosses in the next patch, and gems will also be dropped as world drop.

I didn’t understand how Tofukaz works, could we talk about it?

Tofukaz is our new referral program on WAKFU and replaces the Godfather Fortunes on DOFUS. It allows you to help your friends discovering WAKFU while making you win prizes! To use it, you only need to follow these steps:

  1. Invite your friends (via email or on social networks) through the TOFUKAZ game
  2. Your friends answer the call and create an ANKAMA account
  3. When your friends subscribe to WAKFU for the first time, or purchase Ogrines, you receive between 1 and 6 Tofus, depending on the duration of their subscription or the amount of Ogrines.
  4. You then need to throw your Tofus on the gift grid. Each Tofu you throw unlocks a gift: there are no losers!

These gifts include Haven-Bag decorations, candies, a Godfather Set, or even Haven Gems!

Note that the referral only works with a newly created ANKAMA account. Additionally, if an account is already referred on DOFUS, you won’t be able to refer it on WAKFU, and vice-versa. This only works for the first subscription.

However, the Tofus you receive can be used either on the WAKFU or the DOFUS grid, as you prefer.

If you’re lost, you can always find the Tofukaz rules on our official website!

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Perhaps the question has been raised. When will introduce the ability to change the nation game methods or for ogrins? Will this be implemented at all? It is now possible to change the nation the only way - to create a new character. Give your answer to my question please, or give a link to the answer if it has previously been given.
Score : 151
Hi Troyle, I would like to know if the developers' plans something about the reset system. That's a really important issue in my opinion. Wakfu and Dofus can be different, but there's one thing that make this games very close, the class changes. We can see Dofus today, how many class changes it passed till now? Not saying that's a bad thing, it makes the game always 'new' and changing our perception about our favorite class is a form to not get bored.

But, in Wakfu we don't have a reset system to elemental spells. I remember when the Ecaflip's earth spell "Jackpot" was changed in the beta test. It was a really strong spell which deserved to be nerfed, but a lot of players was harmed by that change because their points got stuck in a spell which no longe fitted in their buildings anymore. The same happened with one Xelor's water spell (which I don't remember the name) that was replaced by "Sinistro". In both situations, the players initially over-evolved a spell that they judged to be good, and that spell got a huge change harming their gameplay.

I know that class changes will happen, soon or later, the problem is think that "If some important elemental spell of my build get a change, I will not be able to recreate my build and will have to live with that fail".

So, my question is: There's a plan to a reset system for elemental spells? Maybe a Npc that allow you to take back all the spell experience and redistribute between that spells? Or even take back the spell's level and redistribute? Simple limitations (like, spells can't have a level superior than the character level) and the actual rules (like, level the first spell to level 2 before open the second spell and so on) could make that system eficient.
Score : 30657
Hi Vcrazy,

I'd suggest you to read our previous Dev Talk.
Click here

You'll see that this question was addressed. The developers want to add a reset feature to the game, but it will take time to develop.
Score : 68
Dear Troyle could you answer my question? For me it is a matter of life and death, you know?
Score : 30657
Hi RayG,

Although we already did forward this request to our developers, we have yet to hear back from them on this point.

Maybe we can try to get it answered for the next Dev Talk. smile
Score : 68
Thank you for your response. You are there really reason with your developers that are beginners in the game is not played the beta and just need to give the opportunity to change the nation At least one time.
Score : 6103
Hi Troyle. I'd like to know if the players are going to have a basic prospecting value, if yes, what are the concerns about Treasure Tracker? Isn't it going to be way too powerful?
Score : 98
Niddhoggy|2012-03-21 17:49:41
Hi Troyle. I'd like to know if the players are going to have a basic prospecting value, if yes, what are the concerns about Treasure Tracker? Isn't it going to be way too powerful?

Ankama must add some "base PP" other way group with 2 chars or 6 will always have 0 PP
cause base PP is 0 atm..
maybe it won't work on Treasure Tracker skill
Score : 1163
Hi Troyle,

Since we all know next patch will implement some major changes to the Pandawa class, the announcement of such a patch taking effect on the 27th March caused half the Pandawa community to freeze, most players suddenly stopped playing the Fire and Fire/Water builds due to the fact the new changes might (and probably will) make the current builds being outdated by the time of the changes.

I know you can't release informations that haven't been forwarded to you in the first place, although, could you please ask Tot or anyone who's in charge of these modifications to release some more detailed informations about the spells so the Pandawa players can start settings things up to make their character's builds suit the new changes, even some minor informations would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Troyle|2012-03-21 15:16:53
Amakna is the only nation with classical Riktus Bandits, why is that?
In the next patch, these bandits will spread out all over the 4 nations. Watch out when walking in the woods however, you might come across the new inhabitants of the Forest…

So, are the riktus going to transform into something similar to hoodlum, or we will get new areas with hoodlum in all the nations?
And will amakna get some new monster? Cause the riktus being globalized, this country will be left with few unique monser.

Moreover, in this fresh devtalk (made with things we mostly already knew) ther's still no news about the exchange of object betwenn chars of the same account.

Would be reassuring know if the ankama is only even considering the possibility.
Score : 131
Im sure they will create a bank like feature kinda like dofus.. just give it some time.
Score : 2503
Bank would be really bad for leather dealer and handyman professions. High level bags, ikiakits and windows give a lot of space. Imo they could put some device to transfer 5 items between chars on the sam account.
Score : 136
nothing on srams? really? doesn't bother you at all the so many bugs in the sram class, or the lack of gear compatible with srams? and let's not get into comparing srams to other classes.
Score : 633
...And a rebalancing/fixing Sadida class. First of all, Doll's AI.
Score : 369
Im currently playing a summon Osa and a Fire Eca At the moment my osa is level 46 and the only skill im using is the air skill whip to double my summons damage i started out as an earth osa putting my points in strength then later realising that the "Whip" skill kinda makes every other spell useless aside from the fire mp spell. I think Osa's need some slight change unless there is something u can tell me why a double summon damage spell is in the air tree when air is considerd to be used with symbiosa specs.

My Fire ecaflip is always being kicked out of partys at lvl 29 as people are saying its too weak all my spells are lvl15+ and i have ecaflips die full and on my way to filling Eca precision and it only does 20-50 dmg per turn maby around 70-100 if im lucky with Double or nothing Ecaflip is supposed to be able to rival an iop with or without increase skills and im just feeling so underpowerd just like Srams do.

these are just my concerns on characters i have suggestions for haven bags and guilds too.

Guilds. Guild levels: Provide Guild bonuses lets say max level 30? skill bonus +40 wisdom lasts 1 hour
cooldown 4-5h?
Another example: level 5 guild bonus max hp +25 lasts 1 hour cooldown 4-5 hours?

Haven bags in my head can get pretty awesome make some sort of benificial buff for having a certain sized haven bag lets say a 4 gemmed decor room with at least 7-10 Rare decor items:
A buff could be: increase hp recover rate by +20 while in haven bag?

i hope these suggestions are of some use ive been playing mmo's most my life good little things make a game outragously awesome
Score : 86
Dear Troyle,
Are they planning to add new hoodlums soon? Particularly some of the sram variety. Other classes have build-specific hoodlum drops but the Sram has none. And yes, the Sram need some more equipment in general... "Attack from behind" equipment has become more common, but there is farr from a satisfactory amount available before the arachne set. More power to the backstab! Also in the three pistes dungeon the sacrier brewers still have the old "Motion Sickness" which now has the Sanguine Armor visual effect with the same actual effect... Think y'all need to have a look at that. It's fine with me when enemies have older versions to techniques, such as the Air Ecaflip hoodlums, but not when the visual aspect of it is broken. Is there any news on when the Masqueraiders will be coming in and will their matching hoodlums become available as well as they launch? And as previously asked, what do us Amaknians get from having our Classical Riktus bandits spread about the other nations?
Score : 591
Hey Troyle,

Considering the possibilities for Bounty Hunters, I'm just wondering what the devs' plans are for the Outlaws themselves?

The atmosphere's gotten a little too calm with everyone preferring to level/farm where-ever they please, so the PvP scene seems rather stale at the moment. I was considering willfully becoming an Outlaw (even perhaps starting an Outlaw guild) just to spice things up, but the jail sentences and loss of Citizenship bonuses are keeping me from doing so.

I threw up a thread asking for fellow player contributions and ideas for setting up an all-Outlaw Guild. Many of those players who responded (while supporting the idea and wanting to get involved at some point), are reluctant to join themselves at this moment because there's just no enticement/reward, only a list of punishments and penalties.

Will there ever be a 'plus-side' to becoming an Outlaw? Outlaw bonuses, insignias, challenges etc? Or is the mechanic only designed to punish players breaking the nation laws?
Score : 159
Hi Troyle,
Have a good question.
Are they planning to add new monsters?
Because game now rly boring to lvl up. Why?
You got 35 lvl, after what you search party for Rictus and get from 35 to 100 lvl. Now Rictus the best to get expirience to lvl.
Score : 591
Interio|2012-03-22 21:27:49
Hi Troyle,
Have a good question.
Are they planning to add new monsters?
Because game now rly boring to lvl up. Why?
You got 35 lvl, after what you search party for Rictus and get from 35 to 100 lvl. Now Rictus the best to get expirience to lvl.

In 'Dev Talk #2', Troyle announced that the developers were planning to add a handful of new high-level monsters (with their own exclusive loot drops). I know I'm not Troyle, but I hope this answers your question. smile

Troyle|2012-03-15 16:21:22
Before starting this Dev Talk we wanted to bring you a first taste of the upcoming patch, scheduled for March 27th, 2012.

This should answer some of your questions, notably concerning high level content. As a matter of fact, we focused our efforts on this point. Here are some examples of what you will find in this patch:

New concept for high level areas. Non-conquerable islands that can be accessed by all nations will be added. They offer a unique high level bestiary with a surprise that should cause you difficulties, and bring exclusives loots. Despite being a real challenge, this will give you access to brand new high level items.
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