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Dev Talk #2

By #[Troyle] March 15, 2012, 16:21:22
Before starting this Dev Talk we wanted to bring you a first taste of the upcoming patch, scheduled for March 27th, 2012.

This should answer some of your questions, notably concerning high level content. As a matter of fact, we focused our efforts on this point. Here are some examples of what you will find in this patch:

New concept for high level areas. Non-conquerable islands that can be accessed by all nations will be added. They offer a unique high level bestiary with a surprise that should cause you difficulties, and bring exclusives loots. Despite being a real challenge, this will give you access to brand new high level items.

Wild Gobballs will be made harder, to bring more challenge.

The drop system has been reviewed:

  • Rates are re-balanced
  • Sets and some items become harder to loot, particularly rare unique items.
  • Resources are mainly easier to find when you are in a group, and those of lower quality (ie wool, gobball horn) will abound much more.
  • A minimum prospecting value is now required to drop specific items.
  • In a group, players with lower prospecting are not penalized by those with a higher one.
  • The amount of players in a team increases the amount of items obtained. However, it doesn’t change the quantity of items available.

Pandawa class is being reworked on, notably to bring Dizzy and Merry at the core of its overall mechanic:

  • FIRE spells now interact with Dizzy.
  • EARTHY spells now provide an additional bonus based on the Merry level.
  • Merry, Worn Out and Dizzy switch to 100 levels.
  • Overall re-balancing of specialties spells.

Tools will be removed, to free inventory space. They will no longer be needed to practice a profession. Bonuses provided by “golden” items are replaced with consumable crafted items that will be added soon. This allows accessories equipment slots to be dedicated to cosmetic items.

Iron ore
will be available in bigger quantities. Mining points will be added.

It is only a first look: all of the content of this patch will be unveiled in the changelog that we will publish on the patch day, as we always do.

Let’s now get back to our answers to the most recurring questions.

Will we be able to reset our characters stats and skills?

[size=13]Not quite yet. You request has been heard and it is something that we want to add to the game, but it requires a lot of development and isn’t part of our current priorities.[/size]

Could an infinite bag be added to inventories for quest/cosmetic items?

A quest inventory is being worked on. Items that cannot be deleted or traded will be stored there to free inventory space. It is the case of Moze's Amulet for the Mount Zinit quest.

What’s planed for pets in case of long offline period?

Thanks to Mummifying Candies in the Boutique you can already leave your pet for one week without being fed. However, we are thinking about other possibilities that could use the Haven-Bag as a kennel. We do not plan on adding this type of solution in short-term due to development priorities reasons.
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Rogues? Masqueraiders? Kelba in Amakna? (Crobak/Black Crow Set not available) Any news in regards to what I mentioned?

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Very nice indeed.

Just a few questions from myself:

1) Regarding the tools, what will happen to the advance tools (i.e. the 10% bonus to your profession ones) that we have in inventory?

2) Will current Pandawa players be given a reset on their current skills/stats, since they get a redesign? (I'm not playing one per se, but I'm sure other players would want to know)

3) And speaking of more high level areas, has there been any word regarding when Sadida Kingdom and Kelba will be brought back to their respective nations, as well as one for Brakmar and Sufokia?

Other than that, looking forward to the new patch with anticipation.
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Good read, it's nice to see we'll see new high level content soon, I also have a couple of questions of my own.

- Trading between your characters on your account is very problematic at the moment is there any plans to change this for example an in game mail system.

- Also trading between players from different nations without having to spend a lot on travel is also a problem, may I suggest that friends/guild can enter your haven bag via some sort of option that would be fantastic.

- Inventory space even when removing the tools is still very limited even at high level with max bags, there are so many materials/items in the game it's hard to hold onto them all.

- The amount of items you can list on the market is very limited is there anything been discussed so that we can list more items.

- An option to hide your helmet would be fantastic also, I love this preference in MMO's also even the cape wouldn't be such a bad idea.
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Looks good, but Masqueraiders when??
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I just had a thought. Lower the drop rate but give us tools to destroy items and get back, at least partially, resources. This would give value to even the least wanted items.

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I'm going to agree with Azurayin and Darbisan.

Masqueraiders? when are they due to be released? i'm holding back from going all out and powerlevelling my character, mainly because i'm really waiting for this class smile forcibly holding myself back and being under leveled then everyone who started same time i did.
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Hard relase ? IS VERY NICE JOKE!!! muhahhaaha

Give me client + serwer ( 0 systems ) i create all 1-2 week ... = now wakfu + bettter ...
France Programist is sux really sux...

but, ok wait. i see 27.03. >_>

panda remake ? so ? Osa no remake ?
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Will we be able to reset our characters stats and skills?Not quite yet. You request has been heard and it is something that we want to add to the game, but it requires a lot of development and isn’t part of our current priorities.

If the Most wanted/asked for feature is not on your priority, what is then ?

i really dont like when a game company come up with the "Requires a lot of development", sounds like "thats too hard, and i wanna postpone that".

Please, that should be a priority on a recent launch game, ppl make mistakes, class changes, and we know thats part of the game, but the frustration of having something changed and your character going to the garbage should not.

In my humble opinion the reset system should be the main priority, do you realize how many options it opens ? You can test several builds with the same character w/o having to lvl all over again, that makes me wanna play it even more than getting new content.
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I'm angry and upset with a specific bullet point here and I'm going to make a lengthy, thought-out post addressing my concerns and issues with the situation and why I think it shouldn't go ahead
  • A minimum prospecting value is now required to drop specific items.
No. Please, no.

Let's look at what this did to Dofus:

-Players started grouping with people that would steal their drops

-The unreliability of strangers in the area, and not wanting to rely on other players, forced people into multiaccounting

-After being forced into multiaccounting, these players started to monopolise the markets, farming things that normal players would take a lot of effort and coordination to pull off

-Items became overfarmed and instead of playing the content, it became a better option for solo players to farm money and buy the items instead of actually playing the game

-This lead to dramatic inflation, making the game harder for players that didn't want to spend their life working to play.

Wakfu is - or, was - a breath of fresh air from this monotony. I'm afforded the ability to choose whether I want to go out on my own, get a group, or just do some mining to buy what I want! It's fast, it's effective, and so far it doesn't invalidate solo players' choices. Going it alone is harder enough as it is, having to face more monsters with no help and you're only getting one roll of the die at the drops available. All this is going to do is force people to make alts, starting us on the same slide Dofus has been on for years now.

Please don't do this to Wakfu. Please. Don't invalidate solo players, and just let us play how we want!

I thought this game was supposed to be about freedom, over the ecosystem and politics and laws, and you can break them, or follow them, or do whatever you want to do, but prospecting locks are going to force players to play a specific way and that's REALLY REALLY BAD.
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2nd FIX Gods of Enutrof blessing
3rd Fix relog in dungeon bug (you get kicked out of dungeon if relog and losing key)
4th Fix proffesion time to gather resource... (it's riddiculous to be a 50lvminer and still waste 10s to get 1 iron..)
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@ Hudski

I completely agree with you. You've expressed all my feelings about this upcoming update. Unfortunately Wakfu already has shown it's destiny about multi accounting, I know and I've seen many players that are actually playing two or three accounts, and the number is getting bigger and bigger. Most have started as solo player just like everyone, but when they faced the boredom and the difficulty of the actual ''end game'' (60's) they just gave up and have chosen to follow the easy way, where money makes you able to do things normal players can't do. This is, unfortunately, just the beginning. Think of when real high level content comes up, it's just going to be a new Dofus.

I am fully against this type of gaming, since it brings a lot of unfairness and, as you said, it has an impact to those who choose to play with only one account. As a matter of fact Ankama does not really care about fair gameplay, this game will become the same Chess Board game as Dofus, where you need actually to pay to play each piece.

I will just deal with it, I can't stand anymore whining about something that cannot be fixed, most players love to multi client and they think they have rights and that it has no impact to other players, it's a pointless war. sad

And then again, I will see myself as many other players giving up because we will end up buying stuff that multi accounters farm.

It's sad but it's the truth.


I am just waiting for Rogues, and yet no official information about when they are coming out. C'mon Ankama, release them first as you did in Dofus!

Note: by the way, I've met you in Dofus, Cuffles smile
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A minimum prospecting value is now required to drop specific items. Add Quote Here
Bad. Simply bad. I, as eni, already need to team up with ppl so i can leach exp against monsters my lvl. Now I will need to team up even to get items? I mean come on.

And how much prospecting will it be? Full set? One ring? Half of my equipment?
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Troyle|2012-03-15 16:21:22
Prospecting locks

Well, this game is dead.
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Nomadsprite|2012-03-15 22:40:02
Troyle|2012-03-15 16:21:22
Prospecting locks

Well, this game is dead.

Well, no more solo runs by cra.

Anyway its MMO...
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Nomadsprite|2012-03-15 22:40:02
Troyle|2012-03-15 16:21:22
Prospecting locks

Well, this game is dead.

Well not dead, but this is the beginning of the end. I'll play this game as long as it's possible to compete with top players without multi-accounting and not even 1 day more.
I'm not going to waste my time on another pseudo-mmo payable single player farmville-type game, like Dofus.

Inb4 2 cras 4 enus multiaccount players, ruining the economy (and pvp in the future).
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First of all it's amazingly stupid to allow multiaccounting to a so-called sandbox game with economy and so on.! Juyst imagine a group of 15-20 peep who have 6 acc each, now it's election time - they will have advance of 120 votes before actually the votes begin! And it's suppose to be a game where the players control their nation!? What which players? Where! I understand that the multiaccounting can't be banned, cause Amakna is too greedy, but hey when it becomes pretty Dofus like, we will just quit!
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Let me ask you a question.

Do you game designers have any idea what you're doing?

I mean, what the *piip* is this game? This, this right here.. is supposed to be the finished product, this qualifies as a beta tested mmorpg?

What the *piip* did players do in the beta testing? How could a game be released like this?

Seriously, what the *piip* is a cra? I can solo dungeons on my freinds level 60 cra. I've made thousands and thousands of money soloing dungeons that only high level parties should manage. So what does that mean? Any cra player is beyond stinking rich, and the rest? Lol..

So the economy is messed up, theres a huge imbalance created through this.

Every class is just either mindless, or imbalanced, or totly broken to the point that it's near useless in pvm and pvp vs the other classes.

What were you thinking with sram? One of the worst designed charcters I've played in any mmorpg ever. It's utterly underpowered and tottaly outclassed.

And the fact that every class needs rebalancing seems to just fly over your head. So this is just basically still beta testing, and the classes will be changed around heavily. Meaning every class that was built a certain way, will now be damned useless. And no reset. No reset. Is this a joke? You level a class to 60 using some awfull build to compensate for the poorly thought out charcter design by the developers. Then they change that charcter around, and theres no reset? What the *piip*, is this a joke?

And now you decide, you need perception to get certain items? So what about those who are already high level, and there rest of their points need to go into "x stat" to complete their build? Like my freinds level 60 cra. Now hes supposed to just... ruin his build for a chance to get items? And no chance of a reset?

And this is supposed to be a strategy game? Every class build is so generic, build one or two stats,. build one skill tree. 5 skills with a few in other trees? Nearly every class is uterly mindless. The ones that require tactics, are useless like sram. And then every class has the same default movement range? What is this... why can an archer move the same distance an assassin can? And why can a tank move the same range as a assassin? Strategy? This is brain dead, mindless, extremely far from strategy.

Have you never played a strategy rpg before? Because this isn't one.

This game is nothing more than beta testing. Where your final build is screwed, because by the time you hit a high level, they will have reworked the class completely. And there is no reset!
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I'm not sure about reseting stats. People (especially multiaccounters on their alts) would just go full wis on every char and reset on high level.
It's really hard to implement any useful changes, because there's a risk that multi-accounters will abuse it.
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I know you guys don't care about Sadida or anything, since we only really have 1 summon damage set (toad set), and water sets in general are just complete trash especially for Sadida. But you know, if you guys ever feel like working on getting rid of bugs rather than adding new content,

Click here

So yeah, just saying.
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