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Never Patsick of it!

By #[Troyle] March 14, 2012, 16:10:00
From Martalo* 16th to 18th, WAKFU turns green for Saint Patsick.

If you like fermented clover and you think that Pandawa customs are wrongly disregarded, it’s now time to gather around a good beer and celebrate Saint Patsick!

Here is what you will get during the event starting on Martalo 16th 3pm GMT and finishing on Martalo 18th 10pm GMT:

  • Four-leaf Clover: can be dropped by monsters level 15 and higher.
  • Clover Root Beer: can be crafted with Four-Leaf Clovers, Wheat Grain and Water (level 0 Chef recipe). It will grant you a Health Points bonus and make clovers appear under your feet!
  • Clover Cookie: can be crafted with Four-Leaf Clovers and Wheat Flour (level 0 Baker recipe). It will grant you a Prospecting bonus.
  • Luckmeister title: can be obtained by completing the challenge asking you to craft 5 Clover Root Beers and 5 Clover Cookies.

A Saint Patsick Hat will also be found in your Gift interface, starting from the first day of the event.

This non-tradable gift will be available on all characters of your account.


*Martalo = March 
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hmm so free gifts? i love it
Quite cool and cute hat
Wouldn't it just be easier to write march instead of Martalo, and add meaning of Martalo end of post?

Nice hat btw~
Nice events they keep us busy for a while ;D
So... um...

Are St. Patsick and St. Potrick two different people who just both happen to have inspired a holiday in mid-Martello that involves leprechauns, clovers, and the color green, or was there a translation hiccup somewhere? biggrin 
wow I've always wanted a green hat @_@
Haha the hat is cute, at the very least.
The hat is okay, but the Luckmeister title is awesome.
how many clovers do you need for 1 root beer

how many clovers do you need for 1 root beer
Anyone know if this is live yet, says 3PM GMT, it's 4PM now but I haven't seen any signs.
Well I've gotten the hat, but not had a chance to fight for the drops yet.

EDIT: Just got a clover, it seems very much up.
Yes, it's up.

Go get your Clovers now!
I can't see where to craft the Clover Root Beer, is it there for anyone else?
Clover root beer is supposed to be Herbalist.
Question is how to make the cookies. Neither Chef nor Baker works.
Any ideas? ^^
It's up indeed but I see no recipe in Herbalist.. smells like another ANKAMA screwup.
Same, I don't see the recipe in herbalist, and as for the cookies, they weren't even mentioned above..
Pretty stupid. The article above claims you need 5 clover root beers for the title. the in-game achievement also mentions clover-shaped cookies.

And you can't actually make either of these items, since the recipe isn't in the game. Am I missing something? It should be in the over/furnace/distillery, or the Astrub pub...But it is not.
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