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Single-Account FAQ: Your Questions Answered

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - October 05, 2023, 16:45:00
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This FAQ (frequently asked questions) page is designed to present and compile, in a very clear way, the ins and outs of the single-account server known as Ogrest. It may be added to over the next few days.

What is Ogrest?

  • Ogrest is an international, single-character and single-account server, where heroes and sidekicks are completely deactivated.
  • There are 5 character slots per server – a cap that can be increased up to 18 with the character slot addition service (if you purchased this service before coming to this server, the extra slots will be automatically included).

Who can access it?

The server is only accessible to players with:

  • a verified account
  • a valid phone number
  • a valid email address

Two accounts can log in from the same IP address only if:

  • the accounts have a confirmed address;
  • they have different confirmed email addresses;
  • they are logged in on different devices;
  • and they have different phone numbers.

How does pre-registration work?

The pre-registration period runs from October 5 (5 p.m. Paris time) to October 24 (11:59 p.m.).

When pre-registering, you have to include your character's gender, class, and nickname.

Important information:

  • Class can be changed as much as you want up to level 30.
  • The character's gender can be (re)set during customization.

Pre-registered players get 2 free regeneration potions when the server opens.

Another important point: Pre-registration numbers will translate to stretch goals.


What's a stretch goal?

This is a tier of pre-registered players to reach in order to unlock prizes. The more of you pre-register, the more free rewards you'll get when the server opens!


What about the single-account packs?

Four packs of varying contents and prices have been designed to meet all players' needs. A pass offering 2-day early access is included starting with the second pack.

Note that you don't need a pack in order to pre-register.

More details in this article

Early access?

Players who purchase pack 1, 2, 3, or 4 will gain access to the single-account server on October 31. For everyone else, the server will become accessible on November 2 (4 2 p.m. Paris time).

The early-access mechanic will also allow our team to manage the influx of players and adjust the server load. Even with pre-registration, we think it's worth being extra cautious with server capacity. A 2-day early access period will therefore be beneficial in breaking up the arrival of players.

Also, since WAKFU is a free-to-play game, these packs and the early-access period will help give us a return on our team's investment in this project.

Will the Booster vary?

The Booster is the same for all three servers. However, it will have a different effect on the single-account server.

What will happen to gifts and other items obtained from the shop before the start of pre-registration for the Ogrest server?

Items purchased from the shop and other gifts and compensation obtained prior to pre-registration for the Ogrest server won't be recoverable on the Ogrest server.

Experience potions, loot potions, and harvest potions obtained after the start of pre-registration won't be recoverable when the Ogrest server launches. You'll be able to retrieve them beginning December 2.

Is the account entity the same?

The following will be retained within Pandora, Rubilax, and Ogrest:

  • number of character slots (not including slots from fusion)
  • number of Haven Bag chest slots
  • number of ability, spell, and equipment pages

The following won't be retained within Pandora, Rubilax, and Ogrest:

  • cosmetics
  • titles
  • emotes
  • profession levels
  • progress
  • kamas, items, etc.

Players' Questions

After the single-account server "Ogrest" was announced, we got several questions from you. Here are the answers!

Will the Starter Pack be available for the Ogrest server? 

  • Yes, if you bought it after October 5! 

What is the minimum configuration required for the new server? 

  • They're the same as for any other server: 
    • OS: Windows 7 / macOS X 10.10 (Yosemite) 
    • Processor: Pentium IV 2.8GHZ or equivalent 
    • Architecture: 64 bits / ARM with 64-bit support 
    • Memory: 2 GB of RAM 
    • Free disk space: 3 GB 
    • Graphics card: GeForce 4Ti or equivalent 
    • Compatibility with OpenGL 2.1 and Java 11 

Can anyone buy kama stones on Pandora and then buy cosmetics on Ogrest? 

  • Kama stones will be deactivated during the first days on Ogrest. We expect this to be potentially confusing for players. We'll keep an eye on the situation and will authorize the kama stone trade once there's a stable economic situation on the server. 

If the limit is 2 people per IP, can we go in a battlefield in pairs? 

  • Unfortunately not; the limit is still 1 account per IP in battlefields. 

What's happening to the frequency of battlefields? 

  • No changes are planned; it'll be the same as on Pandora. 

Can you buy a class change scroll when the server launches, or will this service be restricted? 

  • This service won't be restricted; players will be able to buy as many class change scrolls as they like. Also note you can change your class as many times as you want for free, up to level 30, by going to the Island of Rii! 

What's happening to quests that give a sidekick (like Pandora, Chad, and Astrub Knight)? 

  • Sidekick quests won't change. XP and kamas earned from these quests will remain the same, but sidekicks will no longer be usable in the inventory. 

Will kama minting be available on the single-account server? 

  • There won't be kama crafting on the single-account server. 

Will there be more profession resources on the maps? 

  • No such changes are planned. The number of ores and other profession resources won't change for now. That said, we'll be monitoring this issue. 

Is there a purchase limit on packs? 

  • There is no purchase limit on packs. Players can buy as many as they want! Packs are valid up to the release of Patch 1.82. The items are not exclusive, so cosmetics from packs may return to the shop! 

Will all items in the current shop be available for purchase on the Ogrest server? 

  • They will! Any items (except sidekicks) purchased from the store can be obtained on Ogrest. Loot potions and experience potions obtained from packs or as pre-registration rewards can also be collected and consumed. Please note: Loot potions and experience potions from the shop will only be usable starting in December! 

Will Demonic Pacts be active on the server? 

  • Yes, it's wild. 

I participated in the closed beta for WAKFU; will I get the costume and the Survivor title on the new single-account server? 

  • Nope. The purpose of the Ogrest server is to start fresh. 

Will it be playable on Steam? 

  • Yes! We've even released a new version that doesn't require you to install the Ankama Launcher. 

Can the single-account packs be purchased through Steam? 

  • Yes! These can be purchased directly from the in-game shop. 

Won't the increase in drop and XP bonuses hurt the server economy? 

  • This won't hurt the server economy. On the contrary, we think it'll be a good thing. As a reminder, no one will have potions the first month! Also, players looted and enchanted their equipment for over 4 years on Pandora and Rubilax, even if they had already been playing for years; it'll take some time to get Ogrest to that level. 

Is it possible to switch servers for pre-registration rewards? 

  • Once rewards have been sent to a particular server, they cannot be transferred to another.

What else?

Community events will coincide with pre-registration and the single-account server launch (rush achievements, contests on social media, sessions with content creators, etc.); we'll have more details soon!


Are you up for a Mount-Zinit-level challenge?

Register now!
Until October 24 (11:59 p.m. Paris time)

Useful Links

First Ankama intervention
Hello everyone!

If you're experiencing issues with your account's phone number, please feel free to reach out to our Support team here. They will be happy to assist you in checking your account.
See message in context
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Score : 194
So we can't just transfer our characters to the new server? I'll pass.

EDIT: love the mass downvoting and no explanation for it. I wonder why we even have a forum still if it's just people crying from the shadows.
1 -44
Score : 2247
Not a downvoter but I wanted to give my point of view.

If you allow to transfer a char geared thanks to the heroes system in a multiacc server with many years of farm with all the items, professions, spells, resources... wouldn't this defeat the purpose of playing with others? What about trying to achieve a healthier growth from scrach instead of sixboxing and then transfering a char?

21 0
Score : 117
Kind of disappointed that cosmetics purchased previously won't carry over, but otherwise all great news. Hopefully the server stays alive and a good community fosters.
15 -2
Score : 472
I got yelled at and silent-downvoted a lot in the FR forum for saying that, so many people say that we have to restart our purchases because it's a new server...
2 -2
Score : 321
Should have At least let the cosmetics bought through Origines transfer. I Can understand titles and some emotes but come on
12 -4
Score : -32
The wording on the chapter "is the account entity the same" is a bit confusing for me.

I'm assuming it simply means that we won't be able to transfer our progress from Rubilax to Ogrest. But I'm not sure that I'm reading it correctly.
0 -4
Score : 18092
It means that only character slots, Haven-bag chest slots and spell/characteristic pages will be shared across the servers. So if you bought a Character Slot from the Store (increasing the limit from 5 to 6) you will also be able to create an additional character in the Ogrest Server.

On the other hand, cosmetic items, professions, kamas, items and quests won't be transfered. That means, everyone starts from 0.

Nothing is going to be wiped.
5 0
Score : 39997
So it’s current Wakfu ported over 1:1?
No changes to gameplay or dungeons like scaling based on participants etc?
4 0
Score : 18092
Apparently yes.

The only change I saw was that the Booster Pack will now grant 100% more exp and 50% more loot/kamas in the Ogrest server. 

That and no Heroes or Sidekicks.
1 0
Score : -22
Splitting up an already small community. How wonderful..
6 -11
Score : 1360
Newsflash: Returning and New players exist. I paid for 2 multi account server booster for like 2 months in Rubilax and I just couldn't continue, some of us prefer a simpler experience where we get to know people.

You're going to hear about iop legends, foggernaut legends, eniripsa legends in this new single character server; unlike in rubliax.
10 -5
Score : 1360
Very good; loving the value in the booster; that was my biggest question. Thank you for answering these questions.
4 -1
Score : 60
This is gonna be the best Wakfu server of all time!
8 -7
Score : 21429
The server is only accessible to players with:
  • a verified account
  • a valid phone number
  • a valid email address

Not sure if I'll be able to take part or not but, is the phone number thing mandatory? I lost my Discord account to Oblivion for not having one (I regret nothing), and this might deny access to some other players not owning one too.

I hate those thingamabobs to death, in case you are wondering.
5 0
Score : 18092
You can contact the Support to add or change the phone number associated with your account if you are having issues. I sent a request not too long ago and it was a fast process.
2 0
Score : 1
Sadly, I'm not able to add my phone number to my account it always says "The cell phone number is not valid" I tried every possible combination of international prefix + phone number but it just shows the same error. Is there a limitation on some countries?
0 0
Score : 424
Returning player from very first beta. Looking forward to actually grinding through this no matter how fast or slow, as you will actually be able to have fun, chat and help others like the good old days. 6 characters to 1 person just lonely man. Good for getting all the mats and kama but fun is gone. Cant wait for this new server! Its gonna bring the community back!
10 -3
Score : 345
Wait what? no cosmetic transfered? Well i quess ill pass aswell
7 -6
Score : 2247
It surprised me to see no level-cap on this totally new experience for Wakfu as a mmorpg.

Why you'd say? 
Unlocking lvls each X time(weeks-months) so the playerbase has the time to test all the reworked content that has been modified this last years. Being this for new players or returning ones such as myself.
Playerbase more unified since chill players and tryhard ones would be around the same levels which means that more available groups or same-level areas would be populated
Not going just for the end-game content to stomp on low lvl dungeons with the high lvl ALS emblems withouth having to stop at each branch to farm gear. Just focus on high-end ones.
Pacts being interesting since people at the same lvl would fight instead of rushing to 230 and then stomp on the low lvls trying to use the system.
Many Areas will be ignored because the gear they give aren't that attractive if you can just go to higher lvl ones and easier too(like lv215 branch being easier than the lv200 dungeons in term of mechanics but with stronger gear)
25 -2
Score : 2247
Many interactive quests such invasions or Archmonsters are going to be skipped , just to summon the highest level ones ( I wonder if someone still remembers the Moon ones and their fun gameplay-mechanic)
REALLY ,REALLY good quests and crafting recipes that appear each time we lvl up but won't be profitable in terms of stats since no level cap= just use the highest lvl items to rush.(Ex: Nation swords and ring, why even try to get them)
I really hoped to see a more progressive lvl curve and not just a "multi-acc server rules with the monoacc restriction"
19 0
Score : 268
Let us have our old days back!

Make Ogrest a lvl capped server!

Listen to the players , the future is now!
12 0
Score : 1360
Level 50-100 would be optimal. Level 100 in the old days was super fun, kept the community together.
9 0
Score : 100
What about pvp? not only pacts, will be any chance to see kolyseum in this server?
Or equilibrium in pvp classes?
3 0
Score : 194
PhoenixFly#1068|2023-10-06 04:12:16
Not a downvoter but I wanted to give my point of view.

If you allow to transfer a char geared thanks to the heroes system in a multiacc server with many years of farm with all the items, professions, spells, resources... wouldn't this defeat the purpose of playing with others? What about trying to achieve a healthier growth from scrach instead of sixboxing and then transfering a char?


I was under the impression the purpose of the mono account server was for people to play the game in a way that is closer to how it was pre-2015 before Ankama got greedy and made multiboxing a feature because they saw a way of profiting from it. Why would I throw away 11 years of playtime and start anew, especially when maining a class is such an outdated concept because there is such disparity between classes, and too much content is designed in a way that is very unfun for certain classes. For example, Enus have no push and we are shoehorned into playing as a Drhellzerker, which rids of us our ability to pull and swap (though relying on a summon that plays after you for positioning is terrible anyway). There are like 4 classes that need to be brought up to todays new type of rework, and who knows how long that is going to take. The dev team needs to follow through with their ideas fully instead of releasing 80% of an update over and over again. Anyway, nothing I've said here matters; if people want to start fresh on a server made up of mostly Osas then I hope they enjoy their time there. I just feel like I should be allowed to voice my own opinion, since the devs (allegedly) like to hear how players feel.
3 -10
Score : 406
I mean it sounds like the mono server is just not for you - you seem to want to be able to do everything by yourself and are too attached to your single player progress rather than the experience of playing in an mmo, so I'd stick to the existing servers. The whole reason this server is getting a lot of hype is because returning and new players can get a fresh start on the same footing as everyone else, without an economy dominated with a massive gap between old players and new, as well as free of all the ups and downs its had over a decade of bad updates and quitting waves.

The mono server is obviously not made for everyone, you don't need to feel forced to jump into it because a lot of people are talking about it - most of these people wouldn't be playing much on the normal servers anyways, even if the mono acc server didn't launch.
6 -1
Score : 1824
Raheru4#7839|2023-10-06 00:19:55
I see where you're coming from; but this is something they should do from another angle. They should play Guild Wars 2 where endgame players still come back to level 1 areas to do things like open world events and dungeons. It's all about somewhat forcing high level players to NEED materials or things from level 1, level 20, level 30, level 40 areas, etc.

I really like the thinking behind this post, even though it has so many downvotes. I just don't like the word "NEED" that was used. There should be more motivation to do dungeons over all lvl brackets. Since sublimations are usable on all lvl brackets, I would make them drop in low lvl dungeons aswell as in higher lvl dungeons. They could possibly have a lower drop chance from lower lvls, or there could be new steles in lower lvl dungeons. But if they were droppable sooner, it could be better for a lvl capped monoaccount server.
6 0
Score : 18092
I agree with @PhoenixFly (couldn't quote his message because of some changes made to the forum that makes unable to reply threads sometimes)

I like this idea a capping the levels a lot because it allows players to catch up and make them stay at similar levels. They could progressively increase the level cap based on the levels of the community and make them advance together.

Because yeah, if this is just going to be a Pandora/Rubilax 2.0 but on hard mode I dont see it surviving more than 2 years. The first week, months and even year, sure, everyone will be happy and praise the team, I might also join and have a good time with other players BUT, as the time passes, the most casual and even new players will be left behind, that will happen, it happens in Rubilax and Pandora, why wouldn't in Ogrest? Getting powerleveled or carried through a dungeon in 1m by someone 100 levels above you isn't fun at all, but in Ogrest you won't have Heroes and Sidekicks to help you because even if many hate the system, the truth is that they were added in RESPONSE to the lack of players and to help them to progress.

I am not being negative here, I am happy that over 10k players have registered for the new server ( myself included) but I just dont see how is Ogrest ever manage to survive more than 2 years, I really don't know. I was also expecting, as PhoenixFly says, more modifications and QoL features like better solo experience or rules to help the players to play and stay together, but it seems like this is just going to be a race to level 230. I really don't see a benefit in exploring every single piece of content and upgrading my gear if we will just be rushing through the levels.

The level cap proposed sounds amazing, even if my friends played Ogrest 24/7 and I, as a casual player, can't keep with their levels, it would be such a bliss to know that our levels wouldn't be too far apart and I could catch up in a few days or weeks to do content together along with the rest of the community.

Plus, progressively unlocking the level cap would give players something to look forward to, like in Pokemon Go. If Niantic released all the 1000 pokemons at once we wouldn't have anything to expect, they were able to keep the game alive for more than 7 years by limiting the content and distributing it throughout the time. Just now they are finally, barely, catching up with the current generation. The new Server could (and should, imo) do the same, or add some special rules to make the experience more enjoyable. 

Many of us will be expecting to re-discover the game that we have been playing since, what, 2009 ~ 2010? As Siu said in the stream this is a new era, imo this is the right time to make things right as it should've been from the start.

MAYBE the events that they said they will be running in the server will help to keep it active? The bonuses from events have been heavely nerfed before so idk about that.

7 -3
Score : 37
I'm am super excited to start this series from scratch as I've been playing alone.. I'd like to make friends here and grown with the Wakfu community !! Hail Ogrest server
4 -1
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