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A Fairy Pack for You

By [Shop]#2765 September 14, 2023, 16:00:00
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For fairies to exist, you just have to believe in them. And if you want to look like one, that's simple too: just pick up the Fairy Pack!

Who hasn't wished they could fly? Farfetched as it sounds, some say that thinking happy thoughts will launch you into the sky… That method has yet to be proven – unlike the Fairy Levitation emote, which really will make you lift off the ground! (Only a few inches, but that's better than nothing, right?) The emote is included in the Fairy Pack, which contains:

  • A Fairy Costume
  • A Navigator Fairy pet skin (linked to account)
  • The Fairy Levitation emote (linked to account)

Available in the shop until Thursday, September 28!

Blown away?

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I checked the preview in my Sram, and it seems to massively improve her "charms". tongue Fairy magic, I guess.
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IKR???? I thought it was just me lmao, the breasts look bigger for some reason.
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Really cool how every time I come back to the website to check how Wakfu is doing, 3/4 of the News and Updates are shop items. Really cool guys, really cool.
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