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Items Back from the Past…

By [Shop]#2765 September 07, 2023, 16:00:00
AnkaTracker Announcements

They came, you saw them, but you missed them (and you're still missing them). Now they're back! Our head-hunters have tracked down the most popular items in the past and are offering them for sale, individually and permanently!

Remember… Perhaps you were one of the lucky ones who got the item. If you weren't, you might be feeling plagued by regret long about now… Maybe it's even keeping you up at night! Oh! Hey! Relax! Now breathe… The good news is that three items are now back, available for sale individually in your WAKFU store!

The Qilby Costume, the Shinonome Pet Skin, and the Wakfu Arm emote are back for everyone to enjoy! Did you already get them? Or maybe you don't want them… Don't be disappointed – we're planning to bring back other items from previous sales regularly, and they too will be available individually! Whether it's today or another day, happiness is sure to come knocking at your door…

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Score : 258
pls bring back the frog mount!!
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Score : 980
Please bring this mount back !
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Score : 50
Yes, Theowarpriest is right! I've never met this man before but I agree with him completely. Such a nice screenshot too, what a nice suggestion
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Score : 433
bring riktus mount please
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Score : 178
I hope the Nora pack gets brought back!
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