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Burger, Lettuce and Tomato: That's one tasty costume!

By [Shop]#2765 April 01, 2023, 11:00:00
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Are you a fan of fast food? The kind you can order fast, eat fast, and… well, maybe not digest fast, but you get the point. Now you can show your crunchy and juicy side to the world… share a smoky, savory aroma that's the envy of any Lousy Pig… and fully live your personal flame-broiled truth!

There's nothing like a quick stop at a fast-food inn to fill the hole in your belly after a tough fight. Serving millions of meals every day all around the World of Twelve, these fine dining establishments may be more popular than the Twelve themselves!

Some of you dream of becoming the "King of the Hill". Well, with the Burger, Lettuce and Tomato Costume (or BLT for short), you'll be the "King of the Meal"! Or wait, better yet: "King of the Grill"! Ha ha!

In any case, you'll definitely be the king or queen of something (that requires both hands to eat and that drips all over the place with every bite)…

It contains: 

  • A Sesame Seed Bun-net (headgear) with your choice of meat: gobball, lousy pig or tofu
  • A Fresh Lettuce Necklace
  • A Tomato Slice (belt)
  • An Onion Ring
  • Your choice of Brioche Boots or Bacon Strip Slippers

Finally, a costume for your jumbo-value-super-sized tastes!

Available soon in the shop

Your health is important to us! Please don't eat your costume.

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good joke i guess
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Score : 308
You guys don’t waste time on April fools day,but what if the joke is on us and you make it happen?,I would buy it as a celebration to junk foods.
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Score : 11
among us
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Score : 1110
My fellow vore enthusiasts, seems like we can't stop winning. Can't wait to be literally eaten up.
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Score : 820
fellow what ? ???????
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Score : 820
i wish this was real 
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