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Kriss Krass Pack: The Cream of the Crop

By [Shop]#2765 March 09, 2023, 16:00:00
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Do you think you've got a lot in common with the captain of Lamechester United? This is no time to get a cramp, but to crank things up! Run over to the shop while you're open, and get the ball rolling – the Kriss Krass Pack is defenseless!

All gobbowlers in the World of Twelve will tell you the same thing: When he's got a gobbowl ball in his hands, Kriss Krass is a threat.

The first time this child of the sport put his bag down in the locker room and stepped out onto the field, the public, players, and coaches instantly realized he was a champion-to-be.

On top of the cunning and fiery way he plays, this pure Sacrier's mane of hair and facial expressions make him a god of the stadium. So what if he cheats? That's not a crime in Gobbowl!

The Kriss Krass Pack contains:

  • The Kriss Krass Costume
  • The Juggle a Gobbowl Ball emote
  • The Brakmarian Gobbowl Ball pet skin (linked to account)
Kriss Krass Costume
Brakmarian Gobbowl Ball Pet Skin

The Kriss Krass Pack will be available in the shop permanently. But the launch offer only lasts for two weeks, so don't miss out!

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Go Gobbowl, Go Bonta.
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Score : 65
There were yellow, blue and now red colour costumes. Next sale is to be purple for Sufokia? 
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Not a big fan of the shirt on the female costume. Kriss doesn't even wear a shirt after all. 

It is cute to see more references to the anime though. This series has cute characters.
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