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Best Wishes for 2023!

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - January 23, 2023, 16:00:00
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GG Ankama team and happiness, success and health for everyone.
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Some food for thought for the devs. In the Livestream, more 3-man dungeons were mentioned to be in the works for all level categories.

Alternatively, the devs can consider these as well. Rather than a 3-man forced adjusted level
  • Dungeon monster stats adjust according to total party level, similar to rift wave (Loot & Exp bonus % increase accordingly, hence QoL improvement, less grind)
  • Bonus player stats for each missing member, similar to rift.
  • 5 heroes / sidekicks party, for those solo sessions. To everyone I've spoken to, they're willing the pay the extra amount if they can avoid alt-tabbing during those solo grinding sessions. (No, people don't box because they're anti-social, there are times where they just want a low stress grind where their accidental mistake doesn't inconvenient someone else, if the run failed, it's whatever, since it's just them)
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Hey, devs. While the personal account concept looks good on paper alongside the other ideas from the roadmap, how about marketing your game for a large player base and undo the server merge so the communities are classed into each category that represents their language? Not to mention that every time I log into this game, I just start to see fewer and fewer players as they leave the game due to pressing problems not being fixed by the devs and programmers, such as Steam wallet payment method not being able to function due to "error 422" and mixed communities in one server, despite Rubilax being an English speaking community. Releasing new content on this game doesn't mean these pressing issues would ever be fixed, and since the server merge, the English server is now Elbor 2.0, meaning there are more Spanish-speaking people than English speakers, and the most common case among these communities is the fact that you even get insulted for speaking English now by the Spanish community. So, the moderation in this game would kind of help these communities to understand that they are speaking a certain language in an English-speaking server while these communities think they own the server just because they are in the majority.
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First I want to say thank you for communicating with us and giving us insight on what the future may hold for Wakfy in 2023.

I do however want to bring up some points that others may have brought up in hopes that the community may be heard:
- I think one of my biggest issues with the game currently is the lack of homogenized translations. Some skills, items, etc, are fairly well stated and easy to understand while others are choppy and hard to understand. I think going back through all text content (Though that's a huge undertaking) and editing it may be valuable.
- Redoing the training zone for new players is a great idea but having something else help new players besides a 'book in the inventory' would be much better.
- There are many items in this game that even with the professions tab are hard to find out where they are obtained or just labeled wrong. Introducing a better system for finding loot locations would be great so I don't have to tab out constantly.
- Reworking classes is fun and it's a great way to make something shiny again. That being said, I think when remaking a class you really have to hunker down on an identity for that class and make sure it's separate from others. Me, and a few friends, think the Xelor is a big case of this.

I look forward to the future of Wakfu! I know it's a small team so make sure the resources are put into the right buckets!
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